Dan’s World Cup Predictions – The Semi Final stage

Dan’s World Cup Predictions Semi Finals

Argentina 1-0 Croatia (after extra time)

I wrote from Day 1 of this World CUP that if it can’t be England, I would love Messi to lift this trophy.

Maybe outside of Brazil, I think most neutrals agree?

I obviously didn’t need to witness anything in Qatar to believe the Argentine to be the greatest to ever live, yet it’s been an honour to watch him this month.

I have seen previous tournaments where understandably the expectation of his country has been too heavy on his shoulders, the fear of failure almost crippling him.

Once Saudi Arabia equalised in their opening game, Argentina went in their shell, decent players not able to do the most basic things.

The way Messi has handled the pressure, essentially in fixtures that have felt like home matches, is amazing.

The mentality it takes to calmly come deep and control everything, like his a composure, I don’t know where he finds that inner strength? (Cue comments that Messi’s not a better option then Nketiah?)

The lesson of the last month is how crucial it is to have experience who know how to manage games.

Croatia, like their opponents, are not a world class team who are unbeatable. They simply have a group of players who have the knowledge of how to stay in matches, do the ugly things well, every individual knowing their role.

Against Brazil, it was so smart how the Croatians conditioned themselves and regained fitness levels.

Like that tie, they will again face South Americans with such a large following, it will feel like an away match.

Either side winning would shock me, and I expect extra time, something Croatia have force in 5 of their last 6 WC knockout occasions.

Messi at 35 acquiring the one medal that has alluded him in most likely his final attempt, seems like the perfect ending to the greatest movie.

Almost too perfect? Like Shakespeare has written the last chapter?

I’m very aware that life isn’t like that.

But we can cross that bridge on Sunday because Argentina will be in the final…

France 1-0 Morocco

Being English my focus since Saturday has been on grieving for the Three Lions.

We went out having gone toe to toe with the Champions and having maybe even been the better team? I can’t remember too many tournaments where I have said that?

Yet there is an art to winning a quarter final without playing well and the French deserve credit for that, especially considering the injuries they have had to confront.

As Deschamps graciously pointed out, England are in the middle of a cycle with youngsters while he has a spine who know how to get over the line.

It feels like a chance missed for England when you consider you would be beating Morocco from a final.You would take that for a semi-final.

I’m the last to disrespect the Moroccans, they were my dark horses before a ball was kicked.

They are underdogs in terms of zero African Nation has ever reached the last 4 of the WC but, make no mistake, they have good players who can beat France.

Since Walid Regragui took the job, he’s seen his team concede just one goal….an own goal!!!!!

So, if they keep can clean sheets against Croatia, Belgium, Spain and Portugal, they can against France.

Throw in the fact that 90 percent of the stadium will be Moroccan and that all the pressure is on France, an upset is not out of the question…..


Simply predict the semi Finals……1 point for correct result, 3 if you get score line (after extra time)

If you think penalties, pick a draw.

Joint points will be separated by following criteria …..

a) Most correct scores in whole tournament

b) Highest points in group stages

c) Who finished higher in last season’s table

(if you don’t want your opponent to know your picks, get admin to email me)

Good luck

Again, thank you everyone for playing

Good luck to the final 4



  1. It’s a Morocco vs Argentina final! Don’t see the french ousting this Morocco team with the “we don’t concede attitude” and a goalie in the form of his life. We’ll have an underdog in a word cup final.

  2. I am interested to see how Mbappe performs against Hakimi, who has impressed me more than any other RB in the tournament.As someone who backed, Brazil, England, Portugal and Holland in the quarter finals Morroco and Argentina will be delighted to hear that I fancy France and Croatia to make the final.My forecasting may not be entirely hopeless, as I did think the winner of the England ,France clash would lift the Trophy.

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