Dare to dream? Could Arsenal really win the League this season?

Arsenal are now entering the Brave New World of the Unai Emery era and could he have as big an impact as Arsene Wenger did when he arrived at Highbury? Le Prof finished third in hs first season at the club and did the Double in his second campaign, but could Emery go one better and win the League in his first year?

According to the Gunners legend Robert Pires, who still has close ties to the club, doesn’t think it is so far-fetched. He even thinks that he could start well by beating Man City and Chelsea and then go all the way. He told bwin when asked if Emery could just get back into the Top Four: “Emery will be aiming to win the Premier League with Arsenal immediately.” Pires said confidently. “The club have changed everything this summer by hiring a new manager and bringing in some new names. It was a good decision to hire Emery and now it’s important for him to build a new team, but keep the Arsenal philosophy of playing good football. Emery will take the club in that direction and I’m confident for next season.

“I think that Arsenal will want a long-term impact from Emery. He can be a success at Arsenal and he has the experience of being a proven winner. It was a good appointment from Arsenal, he has a good squad and there is a lot of potential for Arsenal to win the Premier League.”

And what did Pires think about Arsenal’s two opening games, which will be crucial for the confidence of the team, as well as taking a few points of a couple of our biggest rivals! Pires said: “Emery will be looking to beat Man City and Chelsea in their opening fixtures. It will be very important for Emery to start well because it is important to prove himself, and for the new players to do the same. Pre-season is now so important to having a good start and Emery will definitely want to have a quick impact, starting with City on the opening day of the season.”

Could Pires be right? Could we win both games and use that as a springboard to go on and win the title?


Updated: July 26, 2018 — 7:07 pm


  1. What I like about Emery is he is aiming at the top straight away.He is right.Why not believe we are capable of winning the league?We have the majority of last years squad which let themselves down with that pathetic away record.We have defensive reinforcements that can only be an improvement on last season.We have Aubameyang from the off and a fit and rested Lacazette.We have Ozil with everything to prove.And most important a manager and COACH who seems very unlikely to wish to make up the numbers.

    1. 👍it’s a long season and anything is possible. Emery and his staff have started off the right vein, by pushing fitness. A flying start against strong opposition will build team confidence.

  2. What if Wenger becomes the new CEO if and wen Ivan Gazidis leaves.. Lol just imagining stuffs tho

  3. NO
    We may not even finish in the Top 4

    We need more signings

  4. Although its not inconceivable fact is those playing in champions league have merited their place by performances over the season – its been an absolute necessity that our manager and personnel underwent changes or else we stood to backslide even further than we had.

    although there are lots of variables to winning the league the more sober-thinking among fans must agree that the clubs that lay out the most do tend to attract the more outstanding players in the market and provided they succeed in assembling a squad of proven quality the result will be a team likely to take the epl title.

    …to pose a threat to the sides from the north-west of england we need emery to have the best backing and resources necessary to make high-end purchases. until that day arrives most fans will except the bar at arsenal is set at achieving 3rd or 4th.

  5. There’s three key elements that does give us a chance of league success, however far fetched it may be.

    We have the element of surprise. Emery is new to this league Every other manager knew exactly how to set up against Wenger, and now they’ll be starting from scratch. Of course Emery needs to learn about his opponents as well, but I still think this is more an advantage for us as it’s his first season.

    Secondly, the Europa League will allow Emery to rest his first team for the majority of our European campaign, leaving them fresher for the league. This was also the case last season, yet it backfired, but we all know that Wenger had hit rock bottom, resulting in shocking league performances. The Europa WILL benefit us this season, there’s no doubt.

    We FINALLY have balance in the team. Competition for places, weaknesses finally have been addressed (DM role being the most important of all). I honestly cannot remember the last time we had a balanced side?

  6. I don’t think we will win it this year, and top 4will probably be a realistic aim, then that should give us the funds to spend more next year and get 2/3 elite players in. Plus I think emery is going to use the season as a trial to see which players he keeps and which ones go, then build on it next seaso

    The rest of this window will probably be mainly outgoings but I do think we are going to have a last minute big signing come in

  7. I told you guys Emery will win us the premier league title and the Europa league this season..I’m still 1000000% sure he would deliver this titles this season..remember i said this first….Emery’s luck will shine this season..he would shock the premier league….believe in Emery..believe in arsenal

  8. If we sign a CB then I don’t see why we can’t challenge

    1. Vida/Soyunco/Mina would be a nice CB signing.

  9. Arsenal fans please keep a close track on the bailey rumours…it would start rushing out more by next week…my sources tell me that there is a concrete interest from. Arsenal….and there’s alot cooking up around these parties…ARSENAL are slowly giving up on dembele and are turning to Leon bailey..but leverkusen are trying to play hard ball.. They are looking for a bidding war between arsenal and Chelsea….i pray our three musketeers play their cards perfectly..i really hope we get bailey.. He is a big talent… We really need a left winger.. With Bailey,emile smith-rowe, Maitland Niles, torriera,mavrapanos,nketiah and torriera,our future looks very bright………if we can get bailey.. I promise you arsenal fans in years to come we would have Emile smith Rowe and Bailey competing for the ballon dor..by 2024 bailey and Emile smith Rowe would have gotten the ballon dor on more than once.. .the future is great arsenal fans..believe in it… Let’s get Bailey

  10. WE know the style of football from a pep or klopp team. Even sarri is expected to bring fast active football. But with Unai I don’t know yet.

    He will be procession, pass and move and pressing football. But does he have the ingredients to get us playing untouchable football?
    If he can, we win the league.

    But to do so, we need more of the players we invest in to come to the party now, and the senior ones to be the top 5 best players in the league.

    Last year, over the season you had Kane, De Bruyne, Salal, Kante, Silva.

    No question Ozil, , Auba and Ramsay have that potential. But along way short to be told.

    Unai needs a collective performance. We are short of a few top signings sure, but buying them now might now help when we have so many to gel in already. So it’s progress for me. Not dream high.

    IF arsenal are to win the league. Torierra will need to be immense, Auba scoring for fun, laca chipping in, ozil passing his heart out, Ramsay playing and influencing, Leno commanding.
    Some of the young kids will need to have a promising season while our centre backs solid and consistent.

    The high press is what everyone’s doing now. So it’s about what you do with it that counts.

  11. Reading these comments made me chuckle a player has a good game in a friendly and he becomes a double ballon winner lol…. top 4 is what we aiming for I’m not convinced in slightest Ramsey will sign and as per usual we will have injuries to our biggest players. Top 4 domestic cup and euro is what we aiming for. Let’s not set ourselves up for negativity next year by expecting emery to deliver all this year…. I’m sure he is capable of winning the league just not today

    1. Victoria Concordia Crescit

      I’ve always followed him before the friendlies .Emile is class

      1. How many of our youngsters had shown such early promise in d past….yet nothing to show for it…
        Its predictions like urs dat puts dem under pressure…..all d hype and all…
        I remember a certain wilshere, Zelalem, Eisfield, even d departed Adelaide…
        Lets jst hope for the best development for d current lot….and not put them under unnecessary pressure of balon d’or or titles

    2. I guess, like me, that the wildly over the top Chiza on here has made you “chuckle.” He is like a four year old and never sees any fault in his love for Arsenal. Touching in a way but naive beyond belief. Perhaps he IS only four but can already write.

  12. Guendouzi should be taken note of he is a talented player and will play in the first team this season

  13. Can emery get more out of squad than wenger … I think so …. Problem is that starting 11 will look like last year except for torreira and possibly sokratis replacing kos .. Is that enough to win the league no … Back to top 4 is realistic and acceptable for first season … but not beyond that

  14. I would love nothing more than for us to lift that trophy come May!
    Anything is possible…… COYG

  15. fans talk the talk but its our entire squad that must have a mindset and skill-set to outwit the opposition and be able to walk the walk.

    to talk the talk – if we’re to be taken seriously – we have to, in football terms, succeed in being the pride of london. we have to be above every london side in epl competotion. it stands to reason this is among our primary tasks. what’s the point in all this blah blah blah if we’re yet to establish bragging rights gainst our immediate rivals here in london? reality is a tough pill to swallow but we have no match (yet) for man city, man utd, chelski or for liverpool.

    we even allow players to slip our net, kante, de broyne, van dijk, mane, even harry maguire to name more recent ones.

    luckily we have a decent enough manager in unai emery but iv no doubt the work ahead of putting us on par with man city isn’t going to be an easy road by any fans stretch of the imagination.

  16. Ya ya ya ya, the potential is surely there, but this are early days

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