Dare to dream? Should Arsenal make a cheeky bid to sign Mbappe?

It is reported that Kylian Mbappe has clarified that he will not extend his PSG contract past 2024. The Frenchman allegedly sent a letter to PSG management reminding them of that.

The 24-year-old joined the French giants from Monaco in 2017, while he was still 18 years old, for a record-breaking fee of €180 million for a teenager, where he had won the Ligue 1 title with Monaco. During that period, he inked a five-year deal that expired in June 2022.

He further added a two-year contract, which will expire in 2024.

Following his news that he wants to leave the club for nothing next year, it has emerged that PSG president Al-Khelaifi does not wish to do that; hence, the possibility of selling him this summer is high.

Should Arsenal go for him? Could he be the upgrade their attack needs, and could the Frenchman be Arteta’s Erling Haaland? Why not?

Even you will agree that Mbappe would take Arteta’s attack to the next level if he were to join Arsenal. Even with their resurgence and ability to offer Champions football, the Gunners would find it challenging to sign Mbappe. They may struggle due to the many suitors and the hefty price he may be available for. But who knows?

Arteta and Edu should consider offering a cash deal plus maybe Gabriel Jesus for Mbappe. That’s a deal PSG may find hard to reject.

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  1. Not so crazy as it seems – Arsene Wenger talked to him about joining us, but, as usual, money talked and we lost out.

    Can’t see it happen today either, but just imagine if it did 🤔

    1. YES KEN, its good to imagine- or as Iprefer to put it, to FANTASIZE- but as long as we have the intelligence NOT TO take this hilarious and refeshingly funny article seriously, then a good laugh on a hot boring morning is fine by me.

        1. Chris, 900k reasons, whether euro or pounds, why Mbappe will not be playing for the Arsenal.

    1. Arsenal debería firmar a los siguientes jugadores: Declan Rice, Moisés Caicedo, Joao Canceló, Ikan Gundogan, Diaba Mousy y Vlahovic y vender a Granit Xhaka, Kieran Tierney, Eddie Nketiah, Robb Holding, Folagun, Tomiyashu, Jorginho, Lukonga, Tavares, Peppe, Soares y Reiss Nelson, su inversión neta en compras no será mayor de 150 md libras

  2. No thanks. Don’t care how good he is, some people aren’t worth the trouble, and we’re not the sort of club that handles these sorts of characters well.

    Offering jesus is a terrible idea as well – chances of mbappe ending up here are very low, even if psg accepted the offer, and then you end up upsetting one of our best players for nothing. We’d then likely have a situation where we’d be forced to sell him on and try to replace him.

      1. I just think of gallas – something goes wrong, it all blows up, and we win nothing. Unless I’m completely wrong about his character (which is possible, I admit), I don’t think we need to take that risk – it could easily be two steps forward, three steps back.

          1. We might if we get players with the right ability *and* character, and the young players we already have continue to develop in the right way. I don’t think buying one superstar forward is going to turn us into winners – in this case, it could start to undo the progress we have made because it would very likely force arteta to treat one player differently – then any trust and discipline he’s managed to ingrain in the rest of this squad will be compromised, and we’ll be back to the problems we saw at the end of wenger’s tenure. Alternatively, arteta will stick to his principles, and we’ll have another expensive problem child.
            I just can’t see a positive outcome from this kind of signing. We’re not that kind of club.

            1. You look at it wrong though
              Mbappe wouldn’t have frozen in second half at West Ham , Southampton , Brighton , Forest ,etc
              Has proven in big games can handle that pressure
              6 Ligue ones in thinks , a World Cup !
              Hence why he’s not picking a team without a title in two decades

              1. Yes, I understand. The difference between him and someone like Henry, though, is that when *someone else* in the team freezes, Henry would help them one way or another because it was best for the team – I don’t want players who will sulk, down tools or become destructive in those moments, or shortly after, and I’m concerned mbappe is that kind of person. They do more harm than good in the end.

                1. Is that an unfair perception of him though ?
                  World Cup Final he didnt do that
                  To me the good out weighs the bad
                  The good bring that he’s better then anything we have

                  1. It might be unfair – that’s just my view from afar, but i agree, I could be wrong. I wouldn’t want C. Ronaldo for the reasons I’ve mentioned, for example (after the age of about 24, or so).
                    Agree he’s a better footballer than we have. He is one of the top two or three in the world.

                  2. Maybe another way to look at it is how haaland adapted to the way pep wanted to play (it was a two way exchange – both adapted) – my impression of mbappe is that he’d want to play his game, and wouldn’t be interested in changing anything to help the team. (as I said, could be wrong, but that’s my impression)
                    By contrast I would not have been worried about us signing haaland for 100m+, either now or before city bought him, simply because I think his ego is in check.

                  1. No, I don’t think it’s the same. He would moan at the senior players when they made mistakes, but he was usually encouraging to the younger ones. I saw it as him genuinely trying to bring the best out of his teammates. He was a proper leader imo, not just a great player.

          2. We stopped winning anything major since 2004!
            Some cry when a better MC team beat us but we fail to remember how LC made us look so foolish.

  3. Can’t see why he would choose us ?
    Would take us to another level though
    Miles better then any player we have

      1. Sad thing is mate go back to the world cup and some actually did say they wouldn’t take Mbappe but would prefer Eddie lol

  4. Arsenal debería firmar a los siguientes jugadores: Declan Rice, Moisés Caicedo, Joao Canceló, Ikan Gundogan, Diaba Mousy y Vlahovic y vender a Granit Xhaka, Kieran Tierney, Eddie Nketiah, Robb Holding, Folagun, Tomiyashu, Jorginho, Lukonga, Tavares, Peppe, Soares y Reiss Nelson, su inversión neta en compras no será mayor de 150 md libras

  5. After our experience with Ozil and Aubameyang, you don’t want another “super star” coming in to disrupt a settled and united team.
    No thanks; we are just fine with our stars without the super mentality who would want to dictate to the coach when and how they must be played

  6. Gunners was started by fifteen workers at The Woolwich Arsenal Armament Factory and is a true working class club. KM is a player for Royal Opera House Covent Garden. A star for Turandot or Carmen.

    1. Are you implying then that working class folk cannot like opera? I am in BOTH categories, I promise you.
      That being said however, the idea that we might attract KM is hilarious nonsense, of course.

  7. Mbappe saga will be an interesting one. PSG will be desperate to sell him this summer, rather than losing him on a free, and there can’t be many takers.

    The only clubs that can actually afford him are City, Newcastle, possibly Madrid and any Saudi club.

    I think we can safely say Madrid and City are the realistic options. The next issue is that Mbappe has made it very clear he’s not playing down the middle.

    Real have Vinicious Jr on the left and Grealish for City. I can only see him at Real as they do need another forward to replace Benzema, just not sure how they can work it tactically.

    If Mbappe goes to City, then we’re all doomed!

  8. If Mbappe goes to City, we could get Grealish and Benardo, a win win for us, Grealish to effectively replace Xhaka and Benardo – Odegaard,
    I doubt ,Mbappe is headed to Real Madrid or Bayern.

  9. Guess no one read the Patrick Vieira piece. If this club had ambition it would go for him. But it seems some here would watch this guy go to a team already dominating the PL with that monster goal scorer they have ‘Erling Haaland’ and be quiet happy we didn’t even try making a did and that saddens me. To be the best we have to buy the best, but no let Mbappe go to City and you can forget a title challenge from, us or any other team next season.

    1. As good as Mbappe is, do you not think he could be a disruptive force though?

      He demands to play where it suits him (on the left), and has a monster ego. We’ve made great strides creating a great atmosphere, and culture, and getting rid of “the noise”, from the likes of Ozil, and Auba etc, and Mbappe could just take us back to square one.

      I guess we’d have to find a new position for Martinelli as well, which isn’t ideal given his progression.

      1. Mbappe is world class as we all know and on a world class salary of €72m
        Can’t see it myself
        What if there are clauses in the contracts of the likes of Jesus and Odegaard that give them the equal salary to an incoming Mbappe? The shirt sales would have to go through the roof to finance that

  10. A “cheeky bid”? Yes what a great comedic idea for a laugh. Lets offer them ten pounds, take it or leave it and see HOW “cheeky” they regard that.

    Great article and headline for a laugh , after all we need more light hearted nonsense on JA

    Problem is that many on JA will take this article seriously, more fool them!

  11. Yes, if we want to destroy all the team spirit that MA has worked so hard to build. Would prefer us to go for Caicedo anytime. Don’t get all this talk of Chelsea, they should be concentrating more on selling than buying, otherwise they are in deep trouble with FFP, especially as the time to pay off a contract for a player has been limited to 5yrs now, although a player can be contracted to stay for 8.

  12. Seriously, Seriously

    I would much rather we made a DECISIVE bid for CAICEDO.

    It seems that the Chelsea EGO will beat us to this top Brighton player.

    We need him for the up coming season, much more than we need Havertz

  13. I don’t care how good he is, he’s an arrogant ass-hat, and even if he were for some reason keen to join and didn’t want the GDP of Angola in weekly wages, he would clash horribly with Arteta’s equally arrogant personality. This is a no-go from the start, so on this occasion I have to agree with Jon Fox and chalk this up as fantasy, and not a good one.

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