Darren Bent admits Arsenal were “not at their best” against Chelsea

Talksport pundit Darren Bent observed Arsenal’s performance in their match against Chelsea this evening and conceded that they were far from being at their best.

Arsenal found themselves trailing by two goals for most of the game, and Chelsea had opportunities to secure victory if they had capitalised on their chances and expanded their lead.

Nonetheless, the Gunners eventually mounted a comeback and salvaged a draw, maintaining their unbeaten record for the season.

In their previous match against Manchester City, Arsenal displayed such brilliance that many believed they would walk away from Stamford Bridge with a comfortable win

However, the game did not go to plan for the lads and Bent acknowledges that it was not the finest performance by Arsenal that we have witnessed this season.

He tweeted:

“Arsenal not at their best but I’ll take a point after that performance.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Our performance against Chelsea leaves room for improvement, and our players will be aware of this. Fortunately, we didn’t lose the match, so it’s crucial that we put in the effort to deliver a stronger showing in our next game.

If we aspire to win the league, it’s imperative that we commence each game on the right foot and secure as many victories as we can, particularly when facing the top clubs in the league.


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  1. Was telling some guys on here a few days ago that this game will not be as straight forward as they must’ve thought with their “easy win” “five goals without reply” comments. I’ve said it a lot of times before and i’ll say it again, we have not planned to have a fast or dominant start as we would’ve thought. It’s rather a steady approach this time around while we surge at some point later on, i hope it helps us clinch the tittle. So i urge those in meltdown to calm down in order to witness something special come end of the season. I recommend KSI’s “it’s not over yet” song to y’all, perhaps The Arsenal should strike another partnership deal with him by playing it as an entrance song instead of the one’s from those WWE superstars.

    1. What a fortune teller you are Vamos!!
      I can’t remember anyone on JA saying it would be a 5-0 easy win and the fact that you know we planned not to have a fast or dominant start, but we will surge at some point in the season, will be a comfort to all of us who are in a “meltdown”.

      I witnessed “something special” at the end of last season thank you, so I would prefer we don’t do that again and, rather, we play in a consistent way and don’t rely on post match rhetoric and fortune tellers.🍚

      Just my opinion dawg🤔

      1. There were some on here who actually said so. Even in Dan’s prediction league, you’ll find a lot of predictions insinuating just that. and no i’m not a fortune teller, let’s watch out how things turn out come end of season.

      2. There were some making comments predicting an easy win and a 5 goals without reply scorelines, i’m sure you did’nt even check on dan’s prediction league where some did’nt even predicted a narrow win forget about a draw. Anyway believe me or not i’ll post what i think of our club, feel free to take aim at me when i’m proved wrong.

        1. I thought I just did?!
          Meanwhile keep forecasting what the club thinks, we need to know what MA is thinking 🤔👍

            1. Again, I have!!
              Quote “we have not planned to have a fast or dominant start”… your source being what?

              1. I’m no longer going back and forth with you on this. I’ve shared my thoughts on our what i think of our club as this forum is meant. I take the “forcast” or “fortune teller” jibes in peace, all i ask of you is wait till i’m proved wrong. Good night.

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