Darren Bent comes to the defence of underfire Havertz

Kai Havertz has been heavily criticised since he moved to Arsenal this summer, even though he has only played one competitive game for the Gunners and did not exactly put a foot wrong in the fixture.

The German was a surprise signing by Mikel Arteta and had struggled at Chelsea before making the move to the Emirates.

He continues to get some stick after his first match for Arsenal and the latest pundit to slam the German is Andy Goldstein of Talk Sport.

The presenter said he was a rubbish player, but former Tottenham man Darren Bent was not impressed and fired back:

“I mean, he’s not rubbish. He’s a good footballer. How can you say he’s rubbish? Look at the level he’s playing at. Clearly he’s not rubbish. Look at the level he’s playing at.”

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It is shocking how written off Havertz has been in the past few weeks. Almost everyone has forgotten that he scored the only goal in the 2021 Champions League final.

He also bagged some important goals and delivered top performances on the books of the Blues before moving to the Emirates.

He has time to prove his doubters wrong and we trust him to do just that before his spell at the club ends.

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    1. Senseless in what way? Can we please support our players? Arteta knows why he signed him..and I believe he will perform.

    1. I agree that he has not yet had or been given(by some) a chance as yet.

      But Bergkamp was an established top level undoubted world class player even before he came You possibly do not know of or remember Ian Wrights delight and astonishment that we could sign a player of THAT level.

      I cannot in all truth see any comparison at all between what Havertz has done before we signed him and the simply AMAZING BERGKAMP, and I speak of even before he came here
      Aftrer he came, he became our best or second best EVER – depending who you ask from fans old enough to remember him and Henry at their supreme best.

      Havertz is miles away from either of them and your comparison is therefore not a wise or appropriate one at all.

      I stIll think Havertz will prove a good buy and needs a proper chance though from certain far too hasty and rather silly fans on JA.

      1. Is it, Bergkamp struggle a lot in Italy, same with Henry. None if them started their carrier with a boom in Arsenal, but the rest is history. I’m not saying it’s going to happen, but why can’t it?

      2. I’m old enough to remember signing Bergkamp and while he was a great talent he had underachieved at his previous club. I think the comparison with Havertz is valid.

  1. To be sincere, don’t really know what he Kai bring to the table at arsenal, seems like a strange signing, with the current set up of the players and the style of play, to me he look lazy and not fit for the style of arsenal right now, just my opinion..

  2. This guy is going to endure, very difficult burden just like Xhaka because some sections of fans have their own agenda.What is it that he has done wrong so far , just one game he being called names.

    1. I feel most of the articles in JA this season will be about Havertz. How he is not good and how Arteta was silly to buy him…

  3. The little I recall of Kai Havertz at Chelsea is that he was always a thorn in the flesh whenever we played Chelsea. He was no pushover at all. It is unfair to judge Havertz by Chelsea’s last season performance. Since moving to Arsenal, Havertz has been neither outstanding nor poor in the games he has so far played. However he has scored two preseason goals which is a good omen. I believe with Mikel Arteta’s guidance he will greatly improve his goal scoring record.

  4. Havertz was an impulsive signing he was never in the picture, In my opinion the gaffer was stunned to stumbled upon a 24 yrs old international with champions league experience.

    It’s not a panic buy but a gamble nonetheless, it’s the kind of signing if the gaffer is able to breathe life in could leave eggs on Stanford bridge faces.

    At 6’2″ he offers height and a level of Aerial prowess Arsenal do not currently have in position, The German is not a traditional target man, but he has the strength and stature to win duels and brings others into play and offers an aerial threat in the box, we already seing this at play.

  5. @Gunsmoke, no need Sugarcoating anything.
    Chelsea expertly threw Havertz into the transfer market Like a skilled Fisherman’s Bait
    and like a Naive Trout, Arteta Quickly swallowed.😕

    I don’t see how Havertz fits into Arsenal.😒
    He can’t Bench Nketiah as our main Striker
    Can’t Bench Odegaard as the main Attacking midfielder.
    Can’t Bench Saka or Martinelli on the wings.
    So WHERE is he Playing?😏🤷

    1. VinnyBaba
      His best position is to rotate with Odegaard in that # 10 role or playing just behind the striker.

      The problem is integrating him and at the same time not allowing ring rust to develop.

  6. He has the attributes and ability to do very well at Arsenal. Just a matter of if he fits and if it clicks, so fingers crossed, because if it does it could be fantastic.

  7. You guys are not seeing what is about to happen.
    HAVERT is to take over from Xhaka,
    RICE is for Party.
    ARTETE is going to play a mid field of RICE (DM)
    HAVERT and OD two attacking mid.
    It will work as party is aging and can’t hold on the (DM) for long.

  8. Oh, the enigma that is Kai Havertz.

    Although, I was quite vocal on my doubts about this transfer, I’m gonna give the boy a chance so he can prove us doubters wrong.

    Unfortunately, my patience is very short lived. So he has until Christmas to show us where and how he fits in. 👍🏻

  9. I believe Havertz was signed esp for the teams who like to sit very deep with two banks of defenders and looking to hit us on the break. Zinny will be a hybrid midfielder as usual and it will push Havertz higher up to mingle with our forwards.

    But give him a little time there’s no point in repeatedly writing him off you already said so. Our support is the best it’s ever been at the Emirates so I’d love to see what Havertz would be like if supporters are fully behind him, it would make him graft more would be my guess, and I want to see him applying more pressure, and linking well up top. Supporters along with Arteta can bring out his best

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