Date set for long term target to finally join Arsenal

The Daily Mail claims that Arsenal will complete the free signing of Willian this weekend after he departed Chelsea.

The Brazilian left Chelsea after they refused to hand him a three-year deal, and Arsenal has now accepted those demands.

He was at Chelsea for seven years and helped them win two Premier League titles and two FA Cups.

The Blues had wanted him to remain with them for another two years, but he made it clear from the start of negotiations that he wanted a three-year deal from them.

They ended negotiations with the attacker when they realised that he wouldn’t change his mind and he is now a free agent.

Several teams have been looking to sign him since it became clear that he might not sign a new deal, but Arsenal appears to have seen off all the competition to win the race for his signature.

The report claims that the final details of the deal are being worked on and his agent Kia Joorabchian confirmed that his new club will be announced soon.

‘He is a free player,’ Joorabchian said to Talk Sport. ‘He had a fantastic seven years at Chelsea, he’s been under various managers, he’s won multiple trophies and he has a fantastic relationship with Frank [Lampard], he respected him a lot.

‘But I think that cycle had come to a moment where it’s a good moment to leave.

‘At the moment, just for now I can’t say where he’s going to go, for sure Arsenal are one of the contenders. But it won’t be long before we announce it. We know where he’s going, so it won’t be long.’ 

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  1. ‘Arsenal appears to have seen off all competition’ well that’s pretty easy when we’re the only club daft enough to offer him a 3 year deal and huge signing on bonus

    1. Seriously. I don’t know who Joorabchian put on spell on ar Arsenal but this must be a joke. He’s getting us to sign his washed up, over the hill, and extremely overpaid clients (Luiz, Cedric, Willian, etc) and for what? So he can take a nice big fat bonus check? This club is being run by absolute fools if we sign 32 year old Willian to a 3 year deal at over $200k a week. Everyone above arteta deserves to be fired.

      1. This Joorabchian Arsenal influence just gets thrown up and everyone runs with it like it’s gospel. Dude says all deals (3) he’s done with arsenal are free transfers. Prior to him, arsenal been spending ridiculous amounts on other sub par deals.

    1. Sue ignore Dailymail, that report is crap. Since when did you start believing Dailymail?
      As usual for a free agent, his signing on fee is huge, but his actual salary is lesser than he was earning. Who are you believing? David Ornstein or The Dailymail?

  2. Willian is good. 200k a week is not a waste compired to what he will offer to the club. We all need him now. Up gunners.

  3. Arsenal is a joke, don’t exclude Arteta he got hand in this too, What baffles me is that, is this the rebuilding project we’re clamouring for, signing an old player with huge wages, when will Arsenal wise up?, I won’t be surprise if Arsenal story didn’t change this coming season again.

    1. please first know the exact details before you start uttering out illogical statement, it is clearly being said that he has taken a pay cut but you chose to believe rumors over truth. Of course as a free agent you should be wise enough to know that the sign on fee will be huge.

  4. You guys are part of what’s wrong with the media.. Tomorrow if I wake up and set up a blog and write nonsense, you guys would swallow it and spread it.
    Since when have you guys started believing the Dailymail’s report? You really think Arsenal would be dumb to pay him 200k?
    Since when have you guys started believing Dailymail over David Ornstein who said he’s taking a paycut but the signing on fee is huge?
    Fickle fans everywhere

    1. Your right Eddie the daily mail is as believable as a marvel comic, every transfer window they come out with their lies about who’s going to arsenal.,telling us we’ve signed players when we haven’t

    2. Can somebody please name me an ex-chelsea player recently to join and improve Arsenal. In their prime,they never considered to play for Arsenal. I can’t understand why, Arsenal continues to be the Dump yard for these old players that have given their best years to our rivals and now arsenal must pay their pension plans. I don’t care how good Willian can be for Arsenal now, but,he is no longer good enough for Chelsea. Arsenal is overstocked with young quality talents like Martinelli, Saka, Pepe and Nelson in the position he plays. These players need game time to develop further and gain experience. Giving Willian a three-year contract at 32, with a weekly salary of 220,000 pounds, mean that Arsenal board have not learned from their past. ,Disaster looms again, with Raul and super agent, Joorabchian,only concerned about their cuts from deals made and not the improvements of Arsenal. The most pressing needs are defense and midfield. Arsenal needs at least 2 centre backs, a defensive midfielder and creative midfielder,and not another Chelsea pensioner, whose resale value will be minimal, when contract expires.

  5. Other than the financial aspect of the deal, I still hope and believe Willian will add quality to the Arsenal attack, at least for another 2 years, like so many players(Ronaldo, Messi, David Silva, etc.), who are all on the other side of 30.

    1. We’ve been told willian is coming for the last 2 weeks, is it ever going to happen, he’s a brilliant player a proven winner so you lot who think we have the same pulling power as real Madrid stop moaning, willian is a stepping stone to better things

  6. Willian has always been a fit and athletic player with a great engine, so I’m not worried about his age. As we have so many young players this signing looks like an effort to mix them with quality experienced players, so I’d be happy if this goes ahead.

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