David Dein criticises Mikel Arteta for his decision to publicly blast VAR

Former Arsenal vice-chairman David Dein has criticised Mikel Arteta for his post-match outburst following Arsenal’s 1-0 loss to Newcastle United. The controversial goal for Newcastle was awarded after VAR failed to notice a foul on Gabriel and the ball going out of play, causing frustration for Arsenal players and fans.

In the aftermath of the match, Mikel Arteta expressed his dissatisfaction in an extraordinary press conference, criticising the Premier League for the decision. Subsequently, Arteta faced a charge from the FA, despite the club stating their support for their manager.

David Dein believes that Arteta’s rant was entirely out of character for a representative of Arsenal and should not have occurred. Dein’s comments suggest that he views Arteta’s response as inappropriate or uncharacteristic of the club’s standards.

He said, as quoted by the Daily Mail:

 ‘In 101 minutes of football we only had one shot at goal, so you can’t really say that the team deserved to win. It is what it is,

‘There is a process in place for how they deal with these things and I just think it was a little bit unnecessary. I don’t think it did the image of the club any good.’

Just Arsenal Opinion

Dein does not have to be proud of Arteta, but nobody will be happy to feel injustice is being meted out to them.

We did the right thing by supporting our manager publicly, and we hope that the errors do not repeat themselves. 

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  1. What is almost impossible to recreate is the tone of his words
    I’d listened to the latter stages of Dein’s interview with Talksport and it was measured throughout. I therefore, doubt if the interview with the Mail was any different. He just came across really well and not critical. It’s about TONE

    1. Well said Sue.
      Tone is so very important, often quite changing the meaning of actual words said. Tone is so much easier to put over using the spoken word as opposed to the written word.

      One perennial disadvantage we have on JA is the difficulty in getting across TONE accurately.

  2. Perhaps David Dien must add to the “process he put in place”, an elaborate script for Arteta to recite each time he is asked for his view, his opinion on any matter pertaining to refereeing. Given the hypersensitivity plaguing referees to criticism of their blunders from all quarters, it would make a lot of sense to have them do post match analysis and review of their own decisions. How is sport supposed to survive these preposterous gagging orders and the culture of Demi-gods fielded as match officials?

  3. I’m don’t really give a stuff what Dein thinks.
    If he’d had his way we’d have had Usmanov and all the crap that went with him.

    1. I’d have gone with Usmanov at the time, without having the benefit of hindsight. We all knew that the way the Russian oligarchs enriched themselves but did you foresee the future?

  4. The Honourable David Dein should have kept his mouth shut on the subject, after all he’s no Arsne Wenger.

    Surely the gaffer out burst will bear fruits, it will force PGMOL to take a step back and do some sort of self assessment, either rid their self of Howard Webb or make meaningful improvements.

    Improvement such as to the way VAR is operated, maybe video assistants permanently assigned to expanded five or seven person refereeing squads to improve communication and team work on match days, as well as calling for an urgent review of what constitutes a clear and obvious error.
    They should also install hawk eye cameras around the pitch of all premier league grounds.

    Though the gaffer was punished for his out burst , it no doubt will force meaningful changes before the end of the current campaign.
    So i say to David Dein the Arsenal legend, in life some times , someone has to bell the cat

    1. As soon as you start making decisions with a squad, a team, a group, whatever you want to call it, you get differences of opinion. No, just one person should be responsible for the decision, the referee. Yes mistakes will be made but they have since the game of football was invented, but the ref’s decision should be final IMO.

  5. First, the disrespect shown to David Dein by some in the comments is insane. I assure you, the day Dein left Arsenal was the day things began to go downhill, and Edu will never be on the same level. Wenger was so successful because of this man. So, for the Arteta cult and people at the back, kindly put some respect on the man’s name.

    1. The penalty given against young Lewis of England last night was a classic case of the continuing failure of officials administering the dreaded VAR weaponry.Our game is being ruined by the system and the incompetence of officials.

  6. I wonder if, when one is asked a question, one replies?
    If DD had said “I have no comment on this” he would have been criticised for not backing up the club so, as usual, he gave his honest response.
    For once I disagree with him, but as SueP and Jon Fox have said, it’s the tone in which he replies – giving his personal opinion and answering the question truthfully.

    As for Usmanov, David Dein and Arsene Wenger would have ensured that he wouldn’t have dragged us down to Chelsea’s level and can I reminded everyone of the mess Kronkie got us into with the super league fiasco?

    1. A wise and mature response from one of the brightest minds in football. ALL of it too.
      Do I mean Dein or you though, Ken?

      As I agree with your post completely and think Dein was wrong THIS TIME, I reckon you will know who I mean!
      Though I have to say I also firmly agree with the post, above, by gizzle.

  7. I’m really surprised at Dein for this criticism of Arteta, after all, he never did say a word against his very best mate Wenger when he was doing exactly the same.
    The words hypo & crite come to mind here .

    1. I completely disagree. He was merely being honest, as he saw it. That is NOT hypocrisy but the complete opposite of it.

      I do not personally think he was wise to have said it, but I have respected that man for countless decades and simply because in my own MERE opinion, I disagree with him on this, that does not dimimish my respect and admiration for DD by even one iota.

      Standing by ones beliefs is admirable and is NOT hypocrisy.
      BTW, you write as if “standing by your best mate” is not a good thing. I say that is an admirable quality in ANY human being.

  8. Not at all Jon. I loved Dein for his support of Wenger, but find it hypocritical of him to criticise Arteta for doing the same.

    1. Well Jax, my friend, we will simply have to disagree on this.

      Fortunately, we are both helping JA in doing so, as without fan debates and disagrements, this site would struggle to continue and would certinly struggle to attract opinionated fans like we two.

      1. I’m surprised that he’s never had recognition for his stirling work representing England while vice chair of the FA. I would have thought a knighthood, unless he turned one down.

  9. Whatever your views on the Arteta rant, the fact that David Dein chose to criticise him, does not, in any way diminish the respect I have for him and for everything he did in making Arsenal a force to be reckoned with.In terms of having credit in the Bank Arteta has a long way to go before he can surpass David Dein.

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