David Luiz blames contract uncertainty for Man City horror show

To be honest we all thought that David Luiz was a bit lackadaisical in Arsenal’s warm-up game against Brentford when he was partly responsible for their winning goal, but nothing prepared us for the Man City horror show in yesterday’s match.

The Brazilian was only on the pitch for 25 minutes, but gifted City the first goal, and then got sent off and gave away the penalty that made our defeat certain. But Luiz did at least stand up afterwards in front of the Sky cameras and took full responsibility. “It was not the team’s fault, it was my fault. The coach is amazing, all the players did amazing, it was just my fault.”

“I should have taken a different decision in the last two months. It was all about my contract. I don’t want to use that as an alibi or excuse, it’s just my fault and that’s it.”

“I love to be here that is why I continue to train hard and that is why I came today. Nobody asked me to speak, it is up to me to show my face. I want to stay. The coach knows and wants me to stay, we are waiting for the decisions,”

To be honest though, there are very few Arsenal fans this morning that would countenance an extension to his contract this morning, especially if Mari signs and Saliba is coming into the fold. Not to mention the rumours about Upemecano!

so, Luiz says Arteta wants him to stay, but let us see what the boss himself said after the game, he was a little cryptic but this is how Arsenal.com translated it: “I don’t know what will happen with his contract. I know what happened today, I know the way that David reacted. I know him well, not only as a player but as a person as well.

“He can handle these situations and it was a reason why I didn’t select him from the start and he had to play because Pablo got injured. He is always going to try to give you his best with the condition that he’s at and he’s tried again, but it didn’t work out for him or the team. That’s it.”

So, that is as clear as mud obviously, but it’s telling that he said he didn’t pick him from the start, but didn’t really explain why.

What did you make of Luiz’s Man City horror show?

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  1. Yeah whatever 🙄
    Dreadful performance, just when you think he can’t get any worse, he does!!!
    How does he do it??!!
    He has to go!

  2. We don’t have an embarrassment of riches at the back so looking at the subs available after Ceballos came on it wasn’t ideal to have to make another replacement there.
    Luiz must feel humiliated by his performance but to attach this to his contract situation begs more questions than it answers
    Arteta may like him as a man and a leader but that won’t be enough surely to extend his deal?

  3. Emotions aside. The team need a complete overhaul

    Out:Luiz, Socratis, Guendouzi, Aubameyang, Lacazette, Mhkytaryan, Elneny, Mustafi, AMN,

    In: Thomas Partey, Leroy Sane, Asensio, Nabil Fekir, Lewis Dunk.

    A complete midfield overhaul is needed.

    Thanks David Luiz. We need to move on as a team. Enough mediocrity

    1. I can only agree!I can’t understand why we the fans can see that a clear out is needed and that players like Luiz,sokra,mustafi…have to go but MA can’t if he wants to keep Luiz?it would free up a fair amount of wages and to be honest we could easily find cheaper and much better options for sure anyway we could move at least 4 of them and buy 2 good ones and keep holding…is it that difficult?

  4. There’s nothing to be uncertain of anymore. Right? Who buys that bull? A player who says something like this is no Man, no leader either. Sorry, madam, I don’t agree. What a coward. If he’s so sensible he shouldn’t play football. Write poetry, jerk!

  5. This guy is shameless. He has record 4red and a penalty and he still wants to stay. Probably to break that shameful record, right?

  6. Red card or a black flag for Senor Mikel Arteta Amatriain and that is all!
    With Mari out, he could have done a 3 -4 -3
    Bellerin, Mustafi, Tierney
    Nelson Guendozi AMN Saka
    Pepe Auba Gabriel
    Tierney – Saka – Gabreil what a combination!
    We would have scored 1 and maybe conceded 1 goal. A draw would be good to build upon for the next few matches. Feel gutted once again.
    Will always remain a novice and not in the league with Gerard, Lampard or Solskar either as a player or a coach.He became a Gunner due to a panic last minute transfer in 2011. Never in the mold of Ian Wright or Freddie to wear the No8 shirt and not worthy to be our head coach. Always Pep’s deputy and nothing more.

  7. Why is this guy always playing as a central defender anybody who has ever seen him play knows he has a clalamity or 2 in him get rid of him now

  8. As far I am concerned, we are already done for this season. Can’t wait for MA to do his own signings this summer and for next season to commence already…so gutted😞😞

  9. Luiz costs 20M, he wants another 10M. He had an attitude to put pressure as he did to Chelsea.

    He showed to Arteta that he was not happy to play, board probably offering 5M. He wants 10M for hair maintenance and act as a top player he is not anymore, just hype.

    Arteta wants to keep such a player in the team, confirmed Mari signing. We have no coach but an assistant…

    Mari and Luiz out, he is now forced to play Holding and Mustafi. Torreira Xhaka out 3 weeks as Sokratis. Niles, Willock, Gendouzi, Ceballos or Ozil are left…

    Arteta is incapable of putting right team on pitch. Injuries avoids him to pick these players expect Chambers.

    Arteta can’t be blame, doing his best but not yet a coach, but an assistant develolpin.g with a top team!

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