David Luiz gets first Arsenal goal – Great Header (Video)

After all the stick that David Luiz has been getting from Arsenal fans over the last few weeks for his imeptness at the back, he suddenly pops up with his first goal for Arsenal in today’s crucial home against Bournemout, who are breathing down our necks in the Premier League table.

I’m sorry it took so long but I had to search for an official video (as it isn’t shown on many TV Channels!) and lucky we have found Yahoo Sport.

But here it is. Enjoy!


  1. Very, very poor home game. One of the worst games. And Unai Emery say Ozil does not deserve a place, very interesting!

    1. You or I are not at training. We don’t see what Emery sees
      Also we WON and are in 3RD place, 1 point behind Man City

      Anyway, this article is about David Luiz’s goal

  2. Im going to keep banging on about this.I want Emery to explain what on earth he sees in this laborious, poseur Granit Xhaka. Being a dull game I decided to track him during most of the game. His contribution is really quite pathetic! Have you ever seen a midfielder who chooses not to tackle, except if its an easy trip. His timing as a headerer of the ball is equally shocking, more to do with the fact that he doesnt like the contact too much. He lumbers up and down and is only seen when he makes a training field, unpressurised pass. He is the reason that Arsenal are often lacking punch, apart from the fact that we are really only playing with 10 men.

    1. I agree
      It baffles me and irritates me to no end
      Xhaka should not be in the starting lineup

      I don’t see what Wenger and Emery sees in this guy

      He was our weakest link.
      Big mistake by Emery
      Same mistake he made against United

      Emery should play a combination of 3 of these players
      Torreira, Guendouzi, Ceballos and Wilock

      Like he did against Standard Liege
      We won 4-0 and played both Ceballos and Wilock

      Xhaka is useless

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