David Luiz gets vote of confidence from Arsenal legend

Former Arsenal star Per Mertesacker has been in the news lately, mainly because of his autobiography being serialised in the national press and he has taken the opportunity, following the publicity of the book, to give his opinion on the latest goings-on at Arsenal.

Being a defender himself it is only natural that the German would be asked about David Luiz and his mixed start to his Arsenal career, in particular, the Brazilians huge errors.

“I think he will learn from his mistakes on the pitch, but he is very comfortable being at Arsenal,” Mertesacker told Sky Sports as cited by Goal.com.

“That’s what I have been seeing. So we are happy to have him.

“He brings something different to the table right now. So I think he is able to learn and excel his level of being an Arsenal player.”

Well, Mertesacker has far more confidence in Luiz than what I do and it does take some doing to claim that a player of 32 years of age will all of a sudden learn from his mistakes, I mean, it is not as if he has not been doing them for years now.

Luiz will not be changing, he is what he is, Arsenal knew that when they signed him and for the most part, the fans accept that is part of how he plays football.

As sure as night follows day Luiz will make errors, they will never be eradicated from his game and I hate to say this, he will cost us points this season.

I respect Mertesacker immensely and generally trust his judgement but on this occasion, I feel he has called it wrong.


  1. Simon says:

    luiz is still better than Socrates, mustafi and chambers…so people should atop making noise,he is a one-eyed man in the city of the blind…arsenal have terrible defenders!

  2. Naghar says:

    Since when he become a legend

    1. Innit says:

      Maybe not to you but to this Author and myself he is
      3 FA Cups
      Best PL CB pairing with Koscielny two years in a row
      World Cup winner

      We all dont have the same standards. Relax dude

  3. Pco says:

    Agreed! Luiz will make mistakes 80million Harry McGuire will make mistakes especially when you have wingbacks out of position and a midfield that make mistakes and allow attacker to go at our defence. Koulibaliy is a wonderful defender but his own goal the other day was unfortunate.

  4. Diogenes says:

    Good enough, but the wrong player for our current situation unless we play with 3 at the back which seems unlikely this year.

    Luiz just likes to push forward too frequently.

  5. Grandad says:

    On the subject of centre backs,Chambers played 90 mins against Newcastle and was excellent in a game where we won and kept a clean sheet.For reasons which escape me, he has been left out in favour of two experienced players who have proceeded to mess up.Sokratis and Luiz are not an answer to our defensive problems and unless Emery realises this quickly another disappointing season lies ahead for us I’m afraid..

  6. paddy says:

    the legend that is per has spoken. from the most laughted at centre back of ours in the past number of seasons to legend. paper never refuses ink i do think.

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