David Luiz gives his opinion on the impact of VAR on football

David Luiz claims that football has to remain a contact sport in the wake of several cards being shown or not being shown to players who make dangerous tackles.

VAR has made it easier for players to get sent off for the slightest of contacts, while some fans and observers have been angered by VAR missing fouls like the one on Virgil van Dijk by Jordan Pickford.

Luiz admits that sometimes a foul can be too much and when players deliberately foul the other, they have to apologise, however, the Brazilian is of the opinion that the game has to remain a contact sport and he even claims that it means protecting the game.

He admitted that sometimes players can be unlucky and get injured while playing, but that doesn’t mean things need to be changed in the game.

‘It’s a game with contact,’ he said via Mail Online. ‘This is football and it’s always going to be like that.’

‘When a player goes to try to make someone bad, or do something bad, we can see. It’s part of our job and sometimes we are unlucky with some balls and you can get injured ourselves or hurt someone but you must say “I’m sorry”, be humble, and keep going. If you really mean that, everybody will see.

‘But the most important thing is we have to protect football. Football is made to make people happy, to play football like that, but also to understand some contact exists and that it’s part of the game.’

His comments came in the wake of a red card being shown to Lucas Digne in Everton’s Premier League game against Southampton.

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  1. imo the system is flawed by human errors

    there is no consistency from game to game.

    the handball rule is still stupid, i mean i know it was a spud but Dier couldnt anything about his handball and yet after the recent change that will still be a handball.

    its screwed over the flow of games aswel.

    Offsides are stupidly long in calling them, that also goes with this late flag BS.

    The excitement from goals being scored is all but gone .

    I for one can’t stand VAR and I hope they F**k it off ASAP

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