David Luiz is in the mood to win more trophies at Arsenal

David Luiz is in the mood to win trophies and the Brazilian has told his Arsenal teammates that they are a big club and they have to be thinking about winning trophies.

Luiz moved to Arsenal from Chelsea last year after he had helped the Blues to win the Europa League by beating Arsenal in the final.

The Brazilian was signed to use his experience to help Arsenal become a better team defensively.

It is arguable whether he has lived up to that expectation, but the club has won the FA Cup and the Community Shield this year with him on their books.

Mikel Arteta’s side still has the chance to win four trophies in this campaign including the Premier League and the former Benfica man has called on his teammates to think about winning trophies.

He called Arsenal a big club and since winning silverware is part of being a top club, he has told the Gunners to try and win every competition.

‘I think when you’re a big club you have to think about winning every competition,’ he said via Mail Sports.

‘This competition is no different, we want to do our best and our best is getting to the final and winning.’

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  1. A player who gets stick off his own fans (sometimes rightly so)but his last 4 games he as been on point ,the only defender who will play forward as the Leicester game proved until he went off injured.
    I get he isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but his past knowledge of the game and the teams he as played for makes his experience absolutely vital for the season ahead .
    For me he is the partner to play along side Gabriel until his contract is up .
    I saw Gotanidea talk about him going into management after he finishes and I completely agree ,he has played for the best managers and teams in the world and that kind of a life journey is something that most players will never gain .

    1. Well said Dan kit. With his influence, we could soon be the preferred location for young Brazilian players looking for a home overseas.

    2. Agreed Dan. His age might finally be catching up with him, but I hope Arsenal would offer him some coaching job or he could work as one of Arteta’s assistants

      1. It was interesting that he got so worried that his contract was not going to be extended ( he was awful in the City game). A different man since. I wonder if he will be an Arsenal man when his playing days are over?

        1. Is head wasnt in the game, he didnt want to play with so much going on in his head, he obviously loves the club and his interview after that City game i will always remember.

          He is honest and you could see how much it hurt him with his performance.

    3. Don’t get me wrong, he isnt the player he once was but he does still perform quite well and I do think he is a big asset to the club.

      He has a big personality and is obviously a great role model for the younger lads.

      I really do hope he has a good season and we can achieve some success in the form of trophies.

      I do hope that he stays with the club in some capacity, whether thats an extra year contract or move him to the coaching side as I do believe he would be a great coach one day.

      The young lads love him and that for me says it all

  2. He makes a decent partner to Gabriel, so does holding but he plays forward better while holding have different qualities.

  3. Luiz has talent in some ways but has many holes in his game and CB is not his true best suited position. He has never been a CONSISTENTLY reliable CB, despite some odd superb games. He will only feature for us in the short term and I SEE HIM GONE BY NEXT SEASON, AT LEAST AS A PLAYER.

    He does have charisma and internal maturity though and I would not be surprised to see him go onto management.

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