David Luiz is reported to be making a ridiculous contract demand of Arsenal

Arsenal has had some problems with contract negotiations in recent seasons. It seems as though the club has one contract issue to solve every single summer.

Last season we had to lose Aaron Ramsey to Juventus and now we’re struggling to keep hold of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

Another player whose contract is also up in the air this summer is David Luiz.

The Brazilian only joined the Gunners last summer and he has been far from spectacular. He had done well under Mikel Arteta and seemed to have made a case for himself before the suspension of the Premier League season.

However, his horror show against Manchester City on Wednesday will have given the club reasons to worry.

A new report via the Sun is claiming that ahead of talks to hand him a new deal or an extension this week, the Brazilian is demanding a two-year deal.

This is one of the most ridiculous demands ever made in the history of football, as far as I am concerned.

How can a player who is constantly under the spotlight for the wrong reason be making such a demand on the club?

The good news from this is that Arsenal is insisting on giving him a one-year deal and the club is even considering a new deal with reduced terms after his below-par showing so far, according to Mail Sport.

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  1. The only thing i would give him is a ticket to any destination as far away from the Emerites as possible.

  2. Asn’l is the BIG Humbug Team if they sign this clown. Sell the XXX to Ringling Brothers. He’s 33 years old and have no future. The argument “he’s really popular too” is totally grotesque. Of course, the clown use to be popular in a circus, among kids, everybody laughs at the fool, but a football team shouldn’t be a funny farm. I prefer a player who is hated by all as long as he’s best on the pitch. If Mikel Arteta spend any money on clown Luiz (Calamity Jane) he’s incompetent for the job.

    1. Robert
      I love your passion
      Unless Arteta is a weakling and trying to appease an ageing player, he must have seen something in his character that he wants. It won’t be his prowess on the pitch but possibly a galvanising force within the squad.
      The idea that an extension should or could mean a further two years to me would be absurd- and so would anything less than a reduced contract in financial terms. I just don’t think we know/ understand the dynamics of a football team

      1. If he (Arteta) like this ex-player that much, why not propose to him. Marry the guy! I’m sure Mrs Arteta wouldn’t mind, and bigamy… what the H… Who cares? They would be lovely together. What a Menage a troi! Don’t you think that Clown Luiz can do lovely muffins?

        1. I can’t imagine why Robert but something tells me – call it intuition if you like – that you are not Clown Luiz’s greatest fan! But we both support a club that has been regularly collecting clown CB’s , with the sole exception of Koscielny, ever since Sol Campbell left. In fact under Wengers last decade and ever since, ALMOST all our whole outfield defenders have been either full blown clowns or apprentice clowns. Currently, only Tierney is neither, with the jury still being out on Mari!

        2. I hate your comments, Robert!
          You have obviously been under a rock for the part four years about David Luiz. He is an Arsenal miracle.

          And “Mrs. Arteta?” You’ve got to be kidding me. Chauvinism. On top of all this?! Not cool, dude.

  3. Can you blame him? With our track record on signings we might just bite! Here is the thought process

    1. Remove all memories of ludicrous defending decisions made by Luiz
    2. Play really old videos, maybe even on VHS, of Luiz playing well
    3. Consider the fact that this experienced player is asking such a high price
    4. Come to “obvious” conclusion that the two year extension demand means that the player is really good.
    5. Remember that he shows up at the stadium and can walk (but stick with #1 otherwise)
    6. Easy decision, throw in an extra year for good measure.

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