David Luiz misses Chelsea but has no regrets after joining Arsenal

I must admit that there were very many Arsenal fans that were unhappy that we brought David Luiz in from Chelsea during last summer’s transfer window, but he seems now to have settled into his role and is now considered one of our best defenders.

The Brazilian was also a very popular figure over in West London, and he has admitted that it was a difficult decision to leave Stamford Bridge, where he had won numerous trophies including the Champions League in the seven seasons he spent with the Blues.

Luiz opened up about his shock move to the Emirates when he told Otro on youtube: “I can be honest with you, the first three days or week was not easy to understand all the emotions or how I was feeling, because everybody knows my history with Chelsea.

“I had this connection with everyone at the club. It was so massive and big and I was missing every single one.

“I give you the example of a gentleman there who is 75 years old. He was having breakfast with me at the time when he had the opportunity.

“He was texting me: ‘I am still waiting for you here to have breakfast again’.

“This kind of thing was so difficult for me, because I am someone that sees the heart as the most important thing.

“But then after that, in the professional way, I was saying: ‘It is a new moment for you. It is another big thing for you to do. Maybe if you stay in the comfort zone it is not going to be the best thing for you?'”

Luiz added: “It was a top decision. [Arsenal] are a big club. I want to make this club improve and to shine again. The first days were difficult but after that I started to adapt.

“Now I am so happy and I want to do big, big things with Arsenal.”

Luiz has grown on me too, and I like his brave do-or-die attitude, now I just want to see him win one more big trophy before he leaves Arsenal, but it is unlikely to be happening this season….


  1. You may leave at the earliest Mr. Luiz, no one will miss you and your hair (reports mention that Arsenal are keeping tabs on Marcelo Cucurella). After the invincibles we never had proper defenders, the closest to a semi decent Arsenal standard player was Kos. Looking forward to Saliba next year to partner either Holding / Chambers /Mavro or someone new . 8M grand gifted to CFC on a platter.

  2. Another fan who doesn’t study the facts, I’m afraid.

    With per and ko’s playing together in the heart of the defence, they went over 30 games without being on the losing side.
    We also conceded less than a goal a game, on average, from 1998 until 2018 in all competitions, that can’t be done with no defence!!!

    Once again, don’t underestimate the MA influence on our players – if he can make mustafi our most improved defender, anything is achievable.

    1. Ken, the stats are true and correct, however the good gets undone by the spanking we received from Man Utd., Bayern, etc which makes me forget the stats. Anyways, we did win the FA with Per / Kos, so maybe I’ll call them decent , but the pain remains. Am puzzled by MA actions of benching Martenelli & AMN while playing Laca & Socrates. I will give him the benefit of doubt for starting Ozil as we do not have a decent CAM and am not convinced with Cabellos. Back to the topic I would pick Kos over Luiz if I had to make a choice, so Luiz is not on my player list.

      1. Loose Cannon, thanks for the well constructed reply.
        It is funny how many times the 8-2 and Bayern results are quoted as an example of our non existent defence, while never taking these “humiliations” in context of the broader picture.
        We never discuss the other side of the coin, like the 5-1 humiliation of Inter or the recent masterclass defensive showing against chelsea at Wembley – you at least recognise that achievement!!!

        I also agree with you on the Martinelli/AMN question, but not in exchange for soks and luiz.

        The Ozil point is interesting, as we have Guendozi, Cebs, AMN, ESR, Saka, Willock, Elneny, Myk all listed as current midfield players and we have also seen Lacs and Nelson drop back into that No. 10 role…so if MA really thought Ozil was the weak link, he could play/recall any one of ten players to fill that role – he chooses not too at present.

        The Invincible squad was a once in a lifetime experience that those of us lucky enough to witness, will always remember, but it has also left a legacy of comparisions and until we move away from that, any current player will always be deemed as second best – Henry versus Aubamayang?!?!

  3. Or, as the great man AW once said “If you eat caviar every day, it’s difficult to return to sausages” .

    1. Ken, Or perhaps if you eat mostly just sausages and the like(IF there is any “the like”) every day you never get to taste the ghastly taste of caviar. I have several times eaten it , always OUT OF POLITENESS and not wishing to say how much I DETEST THE TASTE, thus embarrassing the host or other guests.

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