David Luiz puts a positive spin on Arsenal’s season so far

David Luiz urges Arsenal to keep faith in their philosophy.

Arsenal centre back, David Luiz, believes the Gunners should maintain their belief in their current system after it came under renewed attacks.

Arsenal lost their last league game at Sheffield United and almost got beaten in the very next game against Vitoria Guimares at home in the Europa League.

This has made a number of fans and observers to call for a change of tactics and manager, but Luiz believes it’s too early to panic.

The former Chelsea defender who joined Arsenal this season was quick to point out that they have lost just two games this season despite many claiming they have their tactics all wrong.

He is also of the belief that it isn’t how a team starts a season that counts but how they end it. So he encouraged everyone to keep faith in their philosophy and see how good it will be for them at the end of the season.

Arsenal have to be honest

“We have to be honest about what went wrong, but we also have to be calm,” the 32-year-old told Soccer Saturday.

“It’s only our second defeat this season. We are doing many things well.

“We have to keep believing in our philosophy, we have to keep believing in our team, which is the best way for us to improve.

“Football is about the end, not the beginning, so let’s see how we finish at the end of the season in May.”

Arsenal missed the chance to go third on Monday but remain within the region that challenges for the Champions League spots.

They will host Crystal Palace tomorrow afternoon. It was this Palace side who defeated them at the Emirates last season and all but ended their hopes of qualifying for the Champions League.

Palace has already beaten Manchester United this season and will be looking to get back to winning ways after losing 0-2 at home to Manchester City last time out.


  1. Luiz missed the key point regarding “keeping the philosophy.”

    Arsenal DNA is ATTACKING philosophy, slick passing, play that gets you out of your seat, our style was the envy of most clubs.

    Not the cowardly, hesitant, dull, lifeless play that leaves our “captain” scared and outplayed by lesser clubs.

    Luiz should keep quiet until he learns about what it means to be “an Arsenal player” and what the badge stands for, rather than attempting to defend a floundering coach in his death throes before getting sacked at years end.

    Emery is killing off everything Arsenal, slick passing, beautiful football, and the togetherness that is victory through harmony.

    1. IMHO the reason Emery is struggling 18 months later is our DNA is so embedded in our club and culture, that his brand of football cannot take root and grow.

      It’s not the players, we have definite talent, it’s his “tactics.” He’s trying to turn thoroughbreds into plow horses, by not playing to our strengths.

      What happened to his preference for 5-4 rather than 1-0? My gripe is feeling mislead by the coach who interviewed for the job and the coach we have.

      He described himself as a cross between Wenger and Graham, but we got Tony Pulis instead. Petty, boring, lifeless football that’s more about his ego than rebuilding a fading powerhouse.

  2. Okay Jon Fox, I just saw the senseless and disrespectful response you left on my comment on the Ozil article.
    Trust me, like I said I don’t take anything Ozil serious anymore.
    My life’s bigger than that, I won’t spend my life bashing on a man everyday, come on get a life!
    How many years have we been discussing about Ozil it’s been up to four years.
    You’re plainly obsessed and I’m sorry I let go of everything regarding the man.
    What he does now is none of my problem and none of my concern.
    You say I have no self respect or dignity for saying there’s nothing wrong in him sitting and earning his wage.
    I’ve seem you quote your age so many times and I’ve never said a thing about that but you clearly showed you’re a kid upstairs even though you have grey hair.
    You question my dignity as a man just because I said I don’t take another man serious anymore.
    You’re really losing all sense of thinking you have.
    I’m sorry I gave up talking about one single man for over four years.
    Get a life!! You ain’t no kid!
    You’re a bloooody hypocrite and big one at that because you couldn’t even give a plain response without making generating to insult.
    You try to sound mature, but the more you grow, the more you sound like a kid who threw away the candy and ate the wrapper.
    Ozil is none of my business anymore, I said I’ve realized he’s going nowhere, he’s happy where he is. I have no right to judge him or question him as he worked to get to the position he is today.
    Whatever he chose to do with his career is none of my business, I’ve realized he’s only a player and like others a worker for the club.
    If the club refuses to play him, is he meant to reject his salary because they said no each time he said he wants to play?

    Once again, life’s bigger than that.
    You always call people names when they have different views from you.
    Life’s bigger than football and Arsenal. Stop obsessing about Ozil or what be chooses to do with his life or how he chooses to earn his wages.
    Whatever you choose to do tomorrow is none of my business, become a footballer yourself and earn as much or as little as you want, I won’t judge you for that.
    I’ve never been the type to judge people or players by what they earn.
    For every time you obsess about his salary and how he earns it, you sound like a bitter lonely man full of regrets envying someone else.
    GTF outta my comment

    1. The truth does hurt when all you want is to think of yourself. That is why I put you right and no other reason. As for Ozil, I wish him no harm and am sorry for the hold up he and Kolas suffered recently. But he is made of straw, physically and mentally and is bleeding Arsenal dry.

    1. Lol..No bro, just go back to the Ozil article and look at what the grandpa wrote under my comment. I said I don’t take Ozil and whichever way he chooses to earn serious anymore. He’s happy where he is and I don’t think k he’s robbing the club and the pained grown áss man questioned my dignity and respect as a man. Wtf! All cause of football?
      Do we have anything in common to make him say crap to me if not Arsenal?

      1. Don’t engage with keyboard bullies Eddie, ignore them and deny them the oxygen they waste with their diatribes.

  3. Good news Ian Wright has gone against Emery so the gaffer will be gone before we know it. Now our fan base is divided sad a manager is supposed to bring us all together.

  4. If luiz could tell me exactly what I am supposed to keep faith in, I might be able to do just that!!!

    I challenge ANYONE on here to explain what it is, EXACTLY, I need to keep the faith in under UE ???

    1. A whimsy then Ken: How about faith that one day many years from now, any of us might even remotely understand a single word he says in English. A manager who clearly can’t communicate his methods and thoughts is no use at all. Wenger spoke good English right from the start, by important contrast. I have had it with Emery and now see I WAS WRONG TO BACK HIM UP. His teams play like they have never met each other before and as bad as Wengers last period was, Emerys is even worse and FAR MORE BORING and all over the place. He has overseen a number of good young buys plus some of those there under WENGER WHO ARE FAST IMPROVING IN TALENT. And yet, as a team they are as shapeless as a bean bag.

      1. jon, in all honesty, Emery is improving from a base of English being his fourth language. His English communication skills are a concern, but he does have multi lingual squad. From what I remember Ponchettino used an interpreter for all his media interviews for the first two seasons in the EPL. He was more proficient in English communication by the time he became manager of Spurs.

  5. The most important and productive for us Gooners to discuss at this juncture in the day is to discuss on how the Gunners of Arsenal playing at the Ems tomorrow should attack the Eagles of Crystal Palace in the game with steel, timber and caliber to strike them down out of the match completely with immerse authority clipping their wings to place on their backs load of baskets full of goals scored against them in the match to carry them as they fly back to Shelhurst Park. But not for us to be discussing and quarreling with ourselves over Ozil who could be laughing at us and may even not make the Arsenal 18 man matchday squad for the match.

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