David Luiz reveals how Chelsea fans have been looking for him to return

David Luiz has opened up on his struggles leaving Chelsea to move to Arsenal

The Brazilian moved from Chelsea to the Emirates in the summer in one of the surprising moves of the window.

He struggled at the start of his time at the Emirates but he has since turned the corner under Mikel Arteta.

The Spanish manager has made Luiz one of the more important members of his team and the Brazilian has repaid that with some fine performances.

However, Luiz has revealed that it wasn’t an easy decision for him to make the move across town.

He claimed that the club staff kept sending him messages and asking for him to return and told a story of a 75 years old Blues fan who he normally had coffee with at the time was asking him to come and have a cup with him again.

“Every text message I was receiving, people were saying: ‘Come back, come back, come back, come back, we are here for you’ he told OTRO as quoted by Football London.

“I give you the example of a gentleman there who is 75 years old. He was taking breakfast with me at the time when he had the opportunity.

“He was texting me: ‘I am still waiting for you here to take the breakfast again’.

“This kind of thing was so difficult for me, because I am someone that sees the heart as the most important thing.”

The Brazilian was a fan favourite at Stamford Bridge and Arsenal fans will be hoping that he can develop a similar reputation here.


  1. “The Brazilian was a fan favourite at Stamford Bridge and Arsenal fans will be hoping that he can develop a similar reputation here.”
    I’m definitely hoping he does that. Will be interesting to see what happens when Saliba arrives. I’m hoping David is there to guide and mentor him, not dropped to make room for him.
    Another option is to move David further forward and force Xhaka to the bench. He can pass at least as well as Xhaka and his shooting and heading are better also.

  2. Louis is definitely improving under Arteta and even when Saliba comes Louis can still play alongside him or when Mustafi or Mari are selected, Louis can move in to defensive midfield. Also his leadership qualities will be an asset off field.

    1. He(Luiz) and Chambers are good Options for DM..
      But the Coach hardly see ’em even as an alternative for the spot.

    2. Agreed that would be a good idea GB and Tony. However I was thinking more on the lines of Torreira playing there and Luiz being pushed even further forward, to whatever Xhaka’s position is now. I also think he’d be better than Guendouzi who doesn’t seem to have improved since last season. Pity, I rated him then.

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