David Luiz reveals one change he has to make before he can become a manager

David Luiz is one player that has experienced the highs and lows of being a professional footballer, and as he nears the end of his playing career, the Brazilian has talked about his next career move.

He has suggested that he might become a manager and talked about the changes that he would make if he decides to get into management.

Apart from his proficiency on the field of play, the Brazilian is also known for his trademark hair and he has revealed that cutting it would be one of the changes that he will have to make if he ever became a football manager.

Luiz insisted that no player would respect him with that hair before adding that he would also manage with a suit and tie.

Luiz told Esquire: ‘I’d put a suit on and cut my hair. I can’t be a coach with this hair, nobody’s going to respect me!’.

His teammates at Arsenal aren’t so convinced that he would cut his hair or if he would look better without his trademark hair anyways.

Sead Kolasinac said: ‘I don’t think David would actually go through with that haircut. He can’t, it’s David! I think he’d look better with his hair.’

Bellerin said: ‘No way. He wouldn’t be David Luiz anymore. He’d be someone else.’

What do you think? Should Luiz cut his hair if he becomes a manager? Would the players he manages really care?

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