David Luiz signs up for MTV Cribs special

MTV have agreed a special lockdown version of their Cribs TV show, and will be showing the homes of a number of football stars homes in their upcoming series.

Arsenal star David Luiz is the most high-profile name to have agreed to take part in the series, while Manchester United midfielders Jesse Lingard and Andreas Pereira, BVB’s Axel Witsel and FC Barcelona Femení superstar Lieke Martens.

The lockdown special will be filmed by the players themselves on a special I-Phone camera rig, using the latest technologies in order to avoid breaching quarantine rules, with the usual commentary from producers and the hosts as if they were with the players in their homes.

David Luiz will likely relish the chance to show off his swanky London home, and will no doubt be showing off his luxury cars also, and you catch the show which will be airing from June 1 on MTV.

The Arsenal midfielder will have to fit the show around his training however, with the Premier League having voted to return to training this week.

Clubs are preparing to increase their training workload in the upcoming weeks as they look to try and return to action in around four weeks time, although doubts have been raised on the timeline set-out for the commence of the Premier League.

Teams haven’t played competitive action in over two months, and haven’t been allowed to train properly in that time either, while Troy Deeney of Watford has refused to return to training in any sense.

Will you be tuning into Cribs to check out Luiz’s home?


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  1. Sue says:

    I love MTV Cribs, so I will defo be tuning in!

  2. jon fox says:

    No wonder so many older fans like me have nothing at all, apart from the game,in common wth youngsters and players today. I find them an alien species at times and I LIVE IN A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT WORLD, SAD TO SAY.

    I don’t mean this as criticism in ANY WAY, merely as a sadness at how I , personally, have long fallen out of love with modern players lifestyles and pretty much ALL else that surrounds the game, save only the love of club and love of the actual 90 mins.

    On the other hand, I fully realise the world has changed utterly from those days, in so very MANY WAYS for the much better. Prejudice, racism, class, snobbery, bigotry and so many other non libertarian human matters were disgustingly rife when I was growing up and are so much lessened now and in many folk, thankfully, absent altogether.
    I find THAT thrilling, but the love of gaming, phones, technology used for personal entertainment rather than saving lives and learning, I DO find a waste of human time and human talents . Not to mention the wonderful opportunity young people have today to actually learn and self educate.
    All THESE I find very sad and wasteful,esp of young and precious lives. Each to their own, I do realise but I will always loathe time wasting. And HERE IS THE HYPOCRITICAL THING , as I am NOW wasting time, ,just by being on here.

    1. Darthballz says:

      Times change jon but just so you know not all young people are like this but most sadly .

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