David Luiz talks a good game, shame he cannot do it on the pitch

David Luiz has revealed his desire to help Arsenal become a great team again.

The Gunners have suffered in mediocrity for the past few years and they have been struggling to get their best form this season.

David Luiz was signed from Chelsea last summer to try and help the Arsenal defence become a better unit, but the Brazilian is perceived to be part of the problem by a section of the fanbase.

He remains one of the first names on the team sheet under Mikel Arteta and the Spaniard has challenged him to use his winning experience to good effect in the Arsenal dressing room.

The Brazilian has come out to claim that he still has the hunger to lead this arsenal side to greater days.

He claims that he wants to help Arsenal return to the glory days and ask the players to dream and believe in their dream as the season progresses.

David Luiz spoke to the Evening Standard saying: “I still have the hunger to win trophies. I want to win trophies with Arsenal”

“I want to make this club shine again. This is my goal and I’m not going to stop until I’m doing that. It’s up to me to continue to have this hunger every single day.

“For me, the first thing behind a title-winning team is belief. If you don’t believe and you don’t dream, or believe in that dream, it’s impossible to do it.

“The first thing is you have to dream and then after that you have to study how to do it. Then you need to understand that during this process, you’re going to have some good moments and some difficult moments, but you can never change your mind.

“That’s why I think we can achieve titles this season. We have the opportunity in the Europa League and the FA Cup, and then we want to fight until the end for the top four. We want to start to create an identity for this club.

“Everybody’s going to understand that it’s going to be hard to play against us. After all, if you don’t believe, you will never achieve anything in your life.

“The result of people when they are happy is 10 times better than when they are sad. For me, you have to have fun not just in football, but in life.

“That’s the most important thing – and Mikel Arteta has brought that back.”

On a personal note, if Luiz is really serious that he wants to help Arsenal to succeed then it would help greatly if he put in a transfer request and sought a move elsewhere.

That he cannot see that he is one of the biggest problems with the team borders on being delusional. He talks a good game, such a shame for Arsenal that he rarely plays a good game.


  1. He’s been our best defender ever since Arteta took over imo. I believe he’s also important for Arteta because if the younger players see an experienced and decorated veteran like Luis buying into Arteta and his ideas they’ll also follow suit. I’d like him to stay

    1. In the kingom of the blind , the one eyed man is King, But that does NOT mean you should prefer a man with “one eye only” to someone with two eyes. I hope you understand my analogy!

      1. Yes I do Jon. Let me rephrase. I’d like Luis to stay until we can get better players in his position.

        1. Not so Pat, except technically. Those who know what is correct and know how to do it, as Luiz does not, do indeed have both eyes, metaphorically speaking. The many one eyed comments on this and all fan sites,in other words so biased towards our own team that they care nothing for truth andreality, constantly depresses me, as a searcher for the real truth. The truth MUST be spoken whether it it favours us or not. If you kid yourself, or are “one eyed, ” you never get at the actual problem and unless you do that , you can never cure it. Too profound for some clearly, even perhaps you, eh Pat, to judge by your flippant comment above? And to be strictly accurate of course, technically what you say is true. But it adds nothing, except flippancy, to my important point, searching for truth.

  2. Shrewd comments Admin Martin. It sounds to me that Luiz is trying to convince HIMSELF, as much as us lot by his eloquent but wasted comments. We all know he is not Arsenal standard and is only here for this season. I would be amazed if he is still here next August.

    And I suspect, down down but not publicly admitted , so would he! Nowt wrong with positive thinking of course, IF you even believe it yourself. I suspect, since he knows he is mistake ridden – and how could he NOT possibly know it, since it is blindingly obvious and has been all his career- that he is whistling in the dark!

    Proper Gooner fans do not wish to keep players who are “mistakes on legs” and as we all know, or should know, we currently have at least three ,all CB’s, like that.

  3. With all due respect Jon, I really think you’re being harsh on the guy. He has not been as bad as your comments make him. Yes, he may have a mistake or two in him, but I don’t agree that he should be made to look like a useless player.

    The final verdict rests with Mikel Arteta. What he decides to do with him, or any player in the summer, will give an indication of how misplaced your vote of no confidence is.

    Meanwhile, I will support every player that wears the red and white with the Arsenal badge on it. At least till the season’s end. Nothing we can do about their stay at the moment.

    We will be doing ourselves a lot of good if we do. Let’s leave the judgemental criticism and tearing down to the detractors. Let’s stop joining them to destabilize our club from within.

    1. Well said pal. The likes of Jon and his ilk are PERFECT. They are the only ones who can be right. Their opinion is the standard of rightness, anything different is dumb. Including Martin, they criticize players in every turn. Meanwhile, if I were to find faults about how this blog is run, I’ll definitely find a lot more than that of the Arsenal players they love criticize. Why not let the coach decide which player he wants and how he wants to use them. Luiz, Xhaka, Ozil, Mustafi, etc may not be the best, but they’re what we’ve got atm. In the circumstances, why not allow the coach to see how best he can utilize them, pending when a decision can be made in the summer.

      1. So do they not conform to your vision of “rightness” ?
        Are they not allowed their opinion like you are?

    2. Well , much depends on your own standards or expectations , I ‘d suggest in all truth. If you demand high stanDards as Arsenal has historically then Luiz is way below ouR level. If you are content with mediocrity and 10th place then you will be right. MATTER OF STANDARDS THEN I’D SAY!

  4. He talks about Dreaming and to believe in it. He just talk shit, sun & cocktails in vacation do that but he’s a BS artist; making the money, enjoying life….

    1. Chelsea got rid of him; probably can’t believe he got a 2 years contract and actually start in our team! Takes the money offered and happy. Can’t blame him, benched in Chelsea, boss at Arsenal defense!

      1. Chelsea did NOT get rid of him. In fact they were not happy he left at all.
        Check the facts please….

  5. We all knew what he was like, with regards to mistakes, after watching him at Chelsea. Let’s be honest, he was only going to be a stop gap for us.
    Yes, he’s made mistakes for us… but he’s also had some good games. He has leadership qualities…. and I don’t think he’d make a bad captain.
    He was the only player I ever liked at Chelsea…. so like Gunnerphilic, while he has our shirt on his back, I’m behind him!

  6. When saliba and chambers return and hopefully Mari comes good and holding gets over his injury. The 3 seniors will be so far down the pecking order they won’t stay, for now luiz looks to be the best fit for arteta ball.

    I honestly do remember luiz’s best games for Chelsea were in midfield, same at psg. At least if he cocked up he had a defender behind him.

  7. Luis, Mustafi and Socratis are of the same calibre.Unfortunately in the eyes of most ex professionals, and rational ,unbiased fans, they are not of the quality needed to improve the fortunes of our Club.I have nothing against them personally, indeed they all seem to be dedicated players who give their best for the team.As well paid professional they should of course give 100% and in this regard I cannot fault them.However time and time again they have proved to be liabilities ,letting the team down with basic errors and unable to cope with top quality forwards,particularly from Liverpool and Man city.I wish them all very well but I do hope they are not in our squad next season.

    1. How many defenders are able to cope against quality forwards from Liverpool and City?

      Teams that are able to do it, do it as a team, not cos one particular defender is good

  8. FACT: David Luiz has performed on higher level under Arteta. With better defenders around him he will be better than ever.

  9. He’s just a hype with long hair; Sue, that’s why girls & you actually love him Running around hair flying!

    Or you won’t notice him but indeed all goals he causes us! With a Baldhead, he be in serious trouble; chased outa town!

  10. Luiz has been awful, and it’s not exactly a surprise. He’s never been considered a good CB. I guess he’s the best of a bad bunch, in regards to our CBs.

    I don’t blame him though. Why did our decision makers feel it was a good idea to sign him when our defence was already so bad? The equivalent would be buying a striker that hardly ever scores, to help improve an attack that hardly ever scores! Bizarre!

  11. Who of you commentators saw his performance for Brazil against Germany in the WC? He sometimes just completely loses it. BUT, he is the only CB we have that sees a 30-50m pass from the back and can actually execute it accurately. That is probaby mainly why he is in the team, not because of his defensive capabilities only, frail as they sometimes are. And he does have leadership qualities.

  12. I never rated Luiz until last couple of games I think he has had his best game in years last couple of weeks,

    In my opinion It is always central midfield that is letting defense down, if you watch all our games prior to Arteta our central midfield always allowed the opposition free run in to our box from counter attacks with no hustle or any attempt to try to hustle the player with the ball

  13. Tas nails it.
    Whilst not a Great defender David Luiz has qualities You dont win the trophies he has with Chelski & PSG if you are crap.
    On a limited budget Thought we did well getting an experienced CB after LK left.

  14. David Luiz both talks and plays a good game. I also think he’s improving. Said weeks ago he was the only one in the present team fit to be captain especially when compared to Xhaka, who he also more than matches for long passes out of defence – shame our strikers have so far been useless at converting them.

    If MA hands him the captaincy I would be delighted. Would then like to watch the responses of Admart and Jon Fox. Would they still come on here with their highly biased and self righteous views telling us all that they are right and Arteta is wrong? If so then maybe they, to use admin’s word, would be classed as the delusional ones.

  15. Joseph, your generalization is nonsense.I admire many current Arsenal players but Luis, Mustafi and Socratis are not among them.We are all entitled to our opinion in this Country, unlike some others.

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