David Luiz tipped to never play for Arsenal again

Bookmakers are tipping David Luiz as never to play football for Arsenal again after his disasterclass last night.

The Brazilian came off the bench last night after an injury to Pablo Mari with the scores still level, and left the pitch 25 minutes later with his team now a goal behind, and having given their opponents Manchester City a penalty to put the game out of reach.

This was not the positive return to action as we had hoped for, having won three consecutive league outings prior to the Coronavirus, but without these two key David Luiz moments, the game could very much have turned out differently…

Following the match, the defender came out to talk to the press in an unprecedented manner, and moved to claim that his team-mates had done nothing wrong, and that he was to blame for the loss, but more interestingly, he goes onto blame his contract situation, and almost appears to be pleading with the club to give him an extension.

Nothing about this whole scenario screams ‘give Luiz a new deal’ personally, and Ladbrokes clearly don’t think so either.

The firm have priced up a market on whether the former Chelsea star will ever feature for the Gunners again, and strongly favour that he will not with odds of 8/15 (1.53) that he will not, and 11/8 (2.375) for him to feature for the side again.

I wouldn’t tell anybody to bet on the market of course, but I will list the facts of the matter which should be taken into consideration below:

• Luiz is currently set to become a free agent on July 1
• He is currently banned for the next two matches (with only nine more remaining this term)
• He has zero sell on value should we extend
• He has made it clear that he wants to play elsewhere
• William Saliba is already signed and ready to stake a claim next season
• The Coronavirus pandemic has forced us to be more stringent with our finances

With such a young, vibrant and exciting squad, surely we would be better off letting the liability that is David Luiz leave the club this summer and build a team around the young stars that are already flourishing in and around the team.

Will Arteta ever forgive the 33 year-old for his antics last night? Will the Spaniard really give in and extend his contract?


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  1. Gotta say Mari didn’t look to convincing either ,the way walker went by him reminded me Mert .
    That middle defensive postion as been a big problem for so many years ,not sure how we get it so wrong time and time again ,I would have said Luiz was the best of a bad bunch but last night he proved me wrong .
    So may things wrong last night It was a complete head scratcher,Saka and Eddie ahead of Martinelli and Pepe was the biggest surprise ,playing Auba as a left winger just does not work .
    Matteo and Xhaka in the middle to start was another one ,we need a complete overhaul of this squad but the defence is the first thing we must sort out

    1. I agree with you about Mari and the selections
      Mr Arteta has questions to answer in that regard.
      Opting to play the kids in an away game to a top quality side like City didn’t cut it with me at all.
      As soon as I saw the team lists, I lost interest in the game.
      Nothing just seems to be going right with our team at the moment

      1. Yea I turned it off after 60 mins ,100 days to wait for that ,I wouldn’t mind if they looked like they were actually up for it ,but no the same old Arsenal .
        Arteta needs to be given funds and to let him do his work because I really believe he could do wonders for us , it just depends if the owner and board want to show some ambition.

        1. Who else is going to play back there. There isn’t much to put in the middle. Every single one of our central defenders have big question marks – some have shown signs of good play by times but then been awful. Mari didn’t look very good. I thought Mustafi was okay yesterday. Luis was himself – soon as he comes on you know that bad things will happen.

        2. For as long as the Board is still stingy with the transfer funds, we still have no future. The Kroenkes have no love for the club save for making profits.

  2. Sell him .What has happened to William Saliba?
    He shd be playing for Arsenal.
    After this defeat,the gunners will be lucky to play
    Europa league

  3. Thank god! Never understood the signing in the first place.

    We already had an awful defense, so obviously the logical decision is to sign someone who cannot defend!

    1. David Luiz just joins a long list of poor signings. The money Arsenal has misspent on players, lacking ability, character and physical and mental toughness and/or for the wrong positions is mind boggling. The spine of the team in midfield and defense has been totally mismanaged, starting with the neglect of the DM position since Gilberto Silva left.

      1. that is true. We have no money, but you look at what we have bought with the money spent and we did have money…if it had been used even half-judiciously we may have been in a much better place.

        I really fear a long long stay in the wilderness ahead. The only thing that will save us is if we get a stupid rich owner who wants to spend. Sam ain’t that guy. Maybe the Nigerian but with oil crashing I am not sure he still has the cash. Maybe we can talk the Saudis into Arsenal instead of Newcastle.

  4. We top the table in most red cards this season, as well as most yellow cards and are joint top in most penalties conceded…..😳 pants!!!

    1. That Sue is down to ill discipline and poor tackling, which is something that has been in our club for a decade and a bit. Which wont improve by signing players like mustaffi, xhaka or luiz. Who is running this mickey mouse outfit.

  5. People don’t get a head of yourselves every season the media says we will be getting rid of mustafi and he’s still here and I think arteta likes his leadership go figure, all I could think of about the team selection is that some players were fitter than others after the long layoff

  6. What leadership? I’m sure that XXX couldn’t lead his own mother cross the street. David Luiz IS Calamity Jane.

  7. That game was a reality check for those who said Arteta is turning things around at arsenal. What we’ve witnessed is the mere euphoria of change from terribly worse to average. Arteta keeps getting formation wrong time and time again. Same things we blamed emery are what arteta is doing but nobody is saying anything because of the so much hate for emery and rightly so. I said before the break in football that Arteta has just had luck on his side to have won some games that he did because we struggled in most of those games. A great coach would know by now that Aubameyang is not a winger but a top striker,yet Arteta is hell bent on playing him there, and why is saka playing down the right wing instead of his preferred preferred left wing where he was the best player in the squad. Seems like arteta wants to intentionally make him look bad just to freeze him out of the team. And Joe willock? That boy should be nowhere near arsenal first team.
    I won’t even comment on David Luiz, if you saw the post match conference with arteta where he said the mistake of Luiz doesn’t change his opinion about him and that he still wants him at arsenal next season shows you Arteta fans just how clueless arteta is. He just said the right things when he got the job and with luck on his side, u lot fell in love with him. We know our players are crap but at least play the right players in the right positions, get your line ups right, substitute at the right time and with the right players. That is basic coaching 101 that arteta is getting really. Coaching doesn’t only mean for u to motivate the players or get them to like u. Know what to do and when to do it. Period. Jury is still majorly out on arteta, I’ve not been impressed with him so far. Don’t let me even get started on the olympiacos game. I hope we can all be real with ourselves now to stop the Arteta hype. We’ve been and have had mediocre for so long we can’t even distinguish good from average anymore

    1. Yeah, maybe Arteta is the problem. If he can defend a paralysie générale like that we saw against City, something is wrong somewhere. And don’t forget – do never forget – that this Man, this Leader (Luiz) was the man who were leading the brazilian defense on Tuesday the 8th 2014 in Belo Horizonte vs Germany in the World Cup semi. In other words, it can be worse than yesterday. This guy have a potential for catastrophe.

    2. That’s too hard on the manager. I totally disagree with you. Let me analyze what I saw.
      Playing AUBA on the left is same as he playing behind the striker, to me the tactic was to play narrow and hit them on counter attack but our mf was too ordinary to do the job. For me, AUBA isn’t fit in Arteta system, he can’t be lone striker because of his laziness, lacca drop in form makes the manager play Nketia whose work rate is almost same as lacca and way above AUBA.
      Saka choice was mainly to chip in some accros from cut in position which he did once, and Joe choice baffles me too but let’s be realistic we currently lack decent creative mf but personally, I’ll have preferred lacca playing behind Nketia over some Willock

  8. Why oh why do we keep on fooling ourselves? Of course CALAMITYLUIZ. was the one making two disastrous errors but the game was lost the moment Mari got injured and we had to bring in that clown in his stead. Xhaka goingoff was a blessing IMO and though Guendouzi is not everyones cup of tea, he at least can move and is mobile, qualities that statue Xhaka has never shown at all.

    But my real point is that we were always going to lose in any case against a rusty but formidable side fullof world class or near world class players where not a single player in our side would get in a joint team made of players from both sides.

    I am always ruthlesly honest and do not self fool . But so many do and until they stop doing so we will never get a decent side. When some still persist in thinking the likes of Ozil, the three CB clowns and such as Xhaka( plus several others) are remotely Arsenal standard, we are continually refusing to see where the problem lies. Just my HONEST thoughts!

    1. Thank you fox, this is what I don’t get that people don’t understand. You can’t win games with 4 Xhakas in your squad, plus Mesut. And to that it was against Citeh, who are easily 20 points better than us. A quarantine wasn’t suddenly going to close that gap.

  9. Not sure arteta can be blamed for us having 4 Xhakas – Swiss Xhaka, Greek Xhaka, Brazilian Xhaka, and German Xhaka – and Mesut.

    People forget that we are still in the same season we were in, with the same limited and uncertain roster, and need the summer to get folks out/in.

    As for Mesut being left home tactically, I think that’s Arteta just rotating the side during “preseason” as any coach would. We all knew we weren’t going to beat Citeh, so did Arteta, so no need to tire out the guys we need on saturday for 3 points that we have a chance at. He for damn sure knew we weren’t going to have the ball, no reason to bring mesut to a game we’re just going to chase. Mesut is no longer the gamechanger he once was, so having him or not having him doesn’t matter, but for what it’s worth, this is why i believe he didn’t make the trip.

          1. “ my idol”
            Grow up mate ,we saw what happened last night without him ,could we have done better with him ?i don’t know ,I trust Arteta to make these decisions ,I don’t want to get into another argument about Ozil but the dude did t play ,let’s leave it at that

      1. Dan He never wrote that Ozil played, only that he is at our club. Odd rebutal of yours then , I thought.

        1. Nothing Odd at all ,he mentions Ozils name 3 times ,no need we are talking about last nights game and Luiz as the main subject ,that defeat had nothing to do with Ozil or is wages as you put it ,if he had played fair enough,but he don’t so absolutely no need to bring him surely .

    1. I think that you have an interesting explanation about Ozil not making the team. I didn’t think that we could beat City either and certainly not with him playing.

      1. RSH @
        Because Sokratis does not get bought up 20 times a day on here ,hope that answered your question 👍

  10. Arteta’s strategy of playing an Arsenal team mixed of experience senior team players and youth players some of whom Auba and-Saka were deliberately played out of position had failed to produce the desired result to beat Man City at the Etihad in the PL this season which I had hoped for or at least see the Gunners collect a point from the match. Okay, given David Luiz committed 2 defensive errors that gave Man City 2 huge goals advantage in the game. But Foden added a 3rd for Man City to win 3 nil at final whistle. But where were the Arsenal youths on the field? Mere average player on the field of play running up and down? No hunger to score no class just so so average.

  11. Totally agree with you, we so fond of fooling ourselves because of the love for the team and thus we deviate from reality. Arsenal does not have players…that bunch cannot cut it at all!!! Only Leno and Auba maybe. The rest are just sub-everage to average. The sad part is that Arteta refuses to fault or diagnose the insanity of Luiz, chose to sign Mari who has been a tractor so far in fast games. Its sad that arsenal is owned by clowns.

  12. I know it sounds cliche but we really need a proper clear out(in the double digits),we need new players,new mentality ,new everything and MA to start from “scratch” I would even be ready to write off next season if it were to happen,that’s how desperate I am!!

    1. Won’t happen though ,I would imagine probably 3 in 3 out ,it’s going to be a slow process.

  13. Instead of the club to sign pacy central defenders, we are always looking for tall and slow ones. We need to go back to the Fabrgas days of flair, technique, creativity and pace with a pacy central defense this time to ever see the limelight again and make top 4. We need at least three David Silva type of players across the midfield to be able to create chances and dominate games. I mean how can you go a whole match without a single shot on target and not for the first time with Arsenal. It is an absolute fraud. This is the new life in top 10 position for Arsenal, no more, no less.

    1. Top comment about the defenders mate ,pace is a must these days ,Kos was our last good defender and he worked well with Mert ,one with abit of pace and one with great awareness,
      What we could give for a Sol Campbell right now ,he could probably do 2 of our defenders jobs on his own .

  14. The issue begins from top and percolates down to the bottom. Player wages week on week vs Chelsea Arsenal goes higher. Average age is higher as well. So speed factor is nullified out. Roman is hungry for trophies and wont stop sacking anyone unless he gets the job done. Arsenal is pure opposite

  15. Were it not for the fact that Mari is badly hurt and out for quite a while I would have given long odds on CALAMITY LUIZ NEVER AGAIN WEARING OUR SHIRT. I MUCH DOUBT HE WILL BE FIRST CHOICE EVER AGAIN AND HOPEFULLY WILL BE GONE BY JULY. That will be a champagne day made even more drinkable if both the other CB clowns, the Wrestler and Mustafi, leave with him. HERES TO ALL THREE LEAVING NEXT MONTH CHEERS!

    1. Stop ur hype of mari,do u even watch football @,all? Mari is a very slow and clumsy defender with poor positioning,,terribly opened against west ham, walked over by walker as if he doesn’t exist no where near the quality that will take us up the ladder,, luiz was poor against city buh he has bn one of our best since arreta came on board,fighting with heart same time offering long passes that some of our offensive players have benefited from,its even madness to compare xhaka to ghendouzi , what does ghebdouzi bring to the table? Absolutely nothing, weak in tackles,poor positioning , holds on to the ball without purpose, what r u even talking about? Xhaka offers a lot to this team, one of our better players under arteta, ur hate on ozil is ridiculous ,the only 2 occasions we v lost in the league under arteta had ozil not on the pitch,subbed against Chelsea before the 2 quick fire goals conceded, not available against city and we had zeor creativity up top yet u Blane him,pity, at ur age I expect u to be fair in assessment not to be utterly biased,I wish u can take a leaf from ken on how an elder should be talking,u really have to be more honest with ur assessment!

  16. OT
    Hbd to one of the best strikers in the league,Auba
    And to the one who has potential to be the talent of the century,Martinelli

  17. Chambers and Rob Holding are by far much better CBs than Luiz,Sokratis and Mari.
    Why they are being played is anyone’s guess

  18. I’m not convinced about Arteta yet, he kept doing the wrong thing over and over again.

    Arsenal squad is not good enough definitely but not bad to the extent that arsenal could not even hold possession for 20 secs in second half…

    Wrong formation, tactics, players selection and even wrong sub is something Arteta needs to fix asap..

    Giving him funds won’t solve arsenal issues if he can’t manage his players well.

  19. David Luiz just joins a long list of poor signings. The money Arsenal has misspent on players, lacking ability, character and physical and mental toughness and/or for the wrong positions is mind boggling. The spine of the team in midfield and defense has been totally mismanaged, starting with the neglect of the DM position since Gilberto Silva left.

  20. How is Luiz “set to be a free agent in July”? He signed a 2 year deal when he joined last year, August 2019, we are stuck with him for at least one more season!

    1. Contrary to reports Luis only signed a 1 year contract with an option for a 2nd year which arsenal didn’t take up and now Luiz wants a 2 years contract!

      1. Really? That’s excellent news! Financially, it doesn’t make sense that we paid £8M for a 1 year contract but given how much damage Luiz has inflicted on this club in less than a year, I say let’s bite the bullet and throw him out. £8M down the drain.

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