David Moyes praises Wenger but wishes he hadn’t given up before West Ham game

The West Ham boss David Moyes is preparing to face Arsenal at the Emirates this afternoon, and although he is feeling reasonably confident in his own team after three games unbeaten, he thinks that the Gunners could play brilliantly as a sign of support for their departing manager.

Moyes gave a gushing tribute to Wenger, who has been one of his opponents for many many years. He said on the official Hammers site: “I think he’s been a great competitor, he’s been a terrific manager. Over the years I think he’s one of the best managers that has certainly graced the Premier League that’s for sure.

“I think that real football people appreciate what he’s done, I think that he lives and breathes it, he’s dedicated to his job, he’s been dedicated to the sport. I’ve got to know him a little bit at different times, at the Euros and different functions – he’s a real proper football man and he’s worked really hard to obtain what he has done.

“I thought I’d done quite well doing eleven years at one club, so to do 22 years is an incredible achievement as it was for Sir Alex at Manchester United. At Arsenal he created a great team and good players and they had a style, and I think over the years Wenger is one of the coaches who has changed the style of football.

“I probably wish it hadn’t been announced this weekend that’s for sure. I think most people appreciate Arsene Wenger for what he’s done and what he’s achieved in football and I respect him for how good a football man he is and how hard he’s had to work.”

There have been hundreds of tributes to Wenger this week, from former and current players and numerous coaches as well, but Moyes is fully entitled to be highlighted as his West Ham team are preparing to face a buoyed up Arsenal side after this week’s announcement.

He knows he is going to get stuffed!



  1. Arsenal famiy says:

    Let’s hope the focus last all the way to the Europa cup final. I think the timing of the announcement has a lot to do with a wish to fire the team up as well as to say good bye properly

  2. gotanidea says:

    It depends on the players now, whether they want to work harder to stay or slack off and get kicked out next season

    All the signs show that the next manager is a German speaking man, which could be Thomas Tuchel, but Ornstein the oracle has said he is going to PSG

    Another scenario is Lehmann or Mertesacker becomes the next manager, whereas Wenger could go up in Arsenal hierarchy and stays at Arsenal to guide the new manager. Would you like this scenario?

    1. Invincible 88 says:

      Agree with you, however I wish it’s not Mertersacker. he was one who likes bottling and would just make Mustafi and some unserious players to bottle the more

      1. gotanidea says:

        If we paid attention to Mertesacker and Koscielny partnership in the past, it was Koscielny that often broke the offside traps, because he was the more aggressive one like Mustafi

        Mertesacker usually played the offside traps better, because he was usually the last CB in the back. But he always looked like the main culprit, because he is slow and less aggressive than his partner

        After Mertesacker is gone, Koscielny’s mistakes became more apparent, especially he has another partner with similar aggressiveness, Mustafi

        1. Neil says:

          Completely agree… Kos is good but not great.. been saying that for some.time.
          Need 2 Strong new CB ‘ though I think Holding with a full season could come good. Maybe one world class CB next to him to guide him.

    2. AB says:

      This would be disaster.

  3. Ozziegunner says:

    Moyes is correct in that the spotlight now moves from Wenger to the players in the game against West Ham. However will the players turn up for Arsene Wenger and play their hearts out to ensure he finishes the season with a flourish? Will they repay him for the loyalty has shown to them through good and bad and will they put in performances for the remainder of the season to showcase themseves in front of a prospective new manager? If not their future at Arsenal will be limited. The players have a lot to play for!

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