David Ornstein tells Arsenal fans what to expect in the summer transfer window

Gooners would enjoy what David Ornstein has recently revealed about Arsenal’s summer plans. According to the transfer insider, during a Q&A with the Athletic, it is almost inevitable that a winger and a striker will move to the Emirates this summer.

Arsenal’s need to buy a premier striker has been widely documented. Goal-scoring was an issue early in the season. Yes, since the winter break, they appear to have found their form in front of goal. But when they fell 1-0 to FC Porto not long ago, some attributed their inability to register a shot on goal to a lack of a clinical No. 9. Ornstein has stated that a striker signing is expected, as he mentioned some attractive striker targets: “A striker is the main focus and they admire Benjamin Sesko, Viktor Gyokeres, Evan Ferguson and others.”

As for the winger, Arsenal are reportedly interested in Wolves’ Pedro Neto to come and deputize Saka. Though, as per Ornstein, they understand that his deal may be tricky due to his several admirers and that he might be available for as much as £80 million, the Gunners are unwilling to pay that much.

While many believe Neto is the ideal Saka backup, Arsenal is taking no chances and has several transfer options. “Then there is the long-term desire to bring in competition/backup in the wide attacking area. Pedro Neto remains of interest but he is not the only option and it is unlikely Arsenal will pay Wolverhampton Wanderers’ asking price of £80million. He’s a brilliant player but does not have a great injury record,” the journalist added.

“There will also be competition for Neto, with Manchester City, Liverpool, Manchester United, Newcastle United and Tottenham Hotspur all in the mix.”

A winger and striker deal will undoubtedly upgrade Arsenal’s attack. Hopefully Arsenal win the league; our Gunners are two points from the top of the league with 12 games to go. With a clinical striker and a capable Saka deputy signed, defending the league title next season could be easier.

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  1. Interesting that Ornstein omits mentioning Toney and Osimen. Both will be too expensive.

    Same with Neto.
    I see none of those three coming for financial reasons alone.

    1. He said ‘and others’ seen him mention Toney in the recent past too, however I agree he won’t become an Arsenal player in the summer and I doubt he is high up on the list of striker targets anyway.

    2. Agree with you John on those 3 not coming. Not a real fan of Toney and Neto is too expensive. Osimhen looks the best of the lot but he is priced way too high.

  2. We clearly need another DM and upgrade B2B option. Interesting that no midfield additions were mentioned.

    Adding a striker let’s Jesus play on RW and backup striker, like at City. If he’s not interested, then sell this Summer.

    Jesus is likeable and hardworking, but not a striker worth starting; also very very injury prone and unreliable.

    1. He talks about signing a midfielder which depends on outgoings Partey? Elneny, maybe even Jorginho. Afcstuff on twitter has the whole thread.

    1. VAMOS, Presumably by ” Gabi”, you MEAN Jesus!

      We have three players with GABRIEL as their first name, so presuming you do indeed mean JESUS, as it appears, what disrespect has he received on here?
      Durand’s post was accurate and true, so I see no so called “disrespect” at all”.
      It is factual, not opinion, that he is often injured and a well thought through opinion, which I share, that he is not worth starting, simply because his continued fitness is vanishingly unlikely!


      1. I would expect Arsenal fans who prides themselves as “classy” people to have the class to stand by our player whose injury woes and goalscoring form is in NO WAY affecting the teams excellent performances negatively to stand by such player during times like this, not just when things are rosy. it’s not like it’s his fault anyway neither will it last forever, just this class to stand by this “hardworking and likeable player” at times like this, not call for treatments such as Durand’s above. it’s sad really, especially for such a young player.

        1. @Vamos
          It is true that Jesus is an extremely good player but what I presume Durand was trying to say is that he is injury prone and hence the reliability decreases. When you have important matches coming up and your key player is frequently injured, it makes it difficult for the manager to completely rely on him. And of course, Jesus wont be sold, it is only that we will sign a new striker to lead our line and Jesus can rotate with the striker or also rotate with Saka.

        2. Arsenal FC comes first before any player or manager, or should for fans. Reason and logic should lead decision making, not emotion and/or sympathy.

          We have too many players who are injury prone, and hard decisions need to be made.

          We do not have a problem with lack of depth, but rather carrying injury prone players.

          Jesus, Zinchenko, ESR, Partey, Tomiyasu to name a few. Quality players in their own right, but unreliable.

          What is best for the club comes first, we are not a charitable out patient center for injury prone players.

          Team has played well without him, as we sit in 3rd place. Perhaps an upgrade in striker would have us in first? No guarantee, but a better striker is certainly better for the team.

          1. How blissful total realism is Durand. Well said!
            I have never understood the so called “thinking” of some fans who appear, to all intents and purposes , to put the welfare of their favourite player, AHEAD of the success of tthe team.

            It is factual, not an opinion, that serially injured players are draining any club, whereas regularly fit players are a boon.
            Incredibly though, certain fans lack the basic intellect to recognise that fact.!

            1. I agree Durand and JF, but how can we be sure that ANY signing will remain fit?
              Take Partey – he was always available for Atletico Madrid, but it seems the PL style of play didn’t suit his body.

              1. Answer KEN is that when first buying, we CANNOT BE SURE.

                But when a player has been with us sometime yet hardly ever been fit, – Partey, Jesus etc- THEN we DO know and it is THEN that we need to let him go, as best we can !

                No guarantees in life but those who use their head best usually achieve most success. True? Or false?

            2. Jon
              I try to remain consistent in my views, and a foundation of reason and logic help to remain consistent. Emotional responses are not logical and oftentimes are temporary in nature.

              I actually like Jesus, but don’t see him as a reliable starter to play a major role in winning a title. I feel the same towards ESR, Partey, and Tomiyasu (one of my favorite players on our team).

              It’s not reasonable to suggest we are “better” by keeping injury prone players in favor of replacing with more reliable ones.

              To Ken’s point, there are no guarantees a player will stay fit.

              However, the matches missed add up, and a logical decision can be made. For example, Partey has had numerous injuries since joining us, and over several years, so it is time to part ways.

              Jesus continues to suffer setbacks from that knee injury, and has been out multiple times this year as well as last year. Time to at least prepare for other options.

              The same for Zinchenko, Tomiyasu, and ESR. Multiple injuries every year over consecutive years, a pattern starts to emerge. It is not a tough year, but occurring over several years,

              1. More blissful REALISM, Durand!

                Just taking serially injured players wages into account for litlle return on the pitch is quite a shock to the non realists among our fanbase. But NOT to we realists!

  3. A few areas need addressed in the summer. 1st Area is GK with Ramsdale who isn’t going to sit about as No2 and we are about to pay the £27m for Raya.

    Next would be the CDM, Thomas Partey Role and what is happening with him is he going or staying and must be replaced. Onana from Everton would be ideal for Arsenal imo.

    Next is the ST department as Eddie isn’t going to cut it as what we need and needs to be moved on plus Jesus isn’t the goalscorer we need but is a great all round player to fill in across all front 3 positions instead of wasting money for someone like Neto. We need a Oshmien, Vhalovic or a Toney etc… a strong no9 that scores from all angles in the 18yard box, won’t be bullied and will give us another missing option up front.

    Those 3 positions need sorted and possibly the LB position which needs looked at

  4. Indeed it will be a very busy summer transfer window for the club with a lot of outgoings expected to make space for 4-5 new signings.
    -backup GK to replace Ramsdale should he depart.
    -cover for Saliba.
    -midfielder to add depth and quality in that department.
    -winger to provide help for Saka.
    -the long awaited striker who will further evaluate our attack.

    -Frankie de Jong

    -backup GK
    -Nico Williams

  5. There are possibilities of all our DM’s leaving this summer apart from Rice. Jesus has been so instrumental for the team when is fit. He might not have scored many goals but he has contributed to many as well as confidence in the team.
    We shall therefore need the following positions to be filled:
    Back up gk. Hein
    LB. Gutieres from Girona
    DM. Zubimendi and Onana
    Striker. Toney and Santiago Gimenes

    For wingers, we have good Academy players like Nwanieri who will fit in well.

  6. In addition to a striker and a winger, I hope Arsenal also sign a central midfielder in Zibimendi/Palhinha and preferably also a left back. We can sell some of our fringe players to make the finance and space available.

  7. the first signing we should make is extending Jorginho’s contract, what is going on?

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