David Ospina confirms he is leaving Arsenal…

I know all Arsenal fans are excited about the arrival of Petr Cech, but as Bob pointed out earlier, David Ospina must be the unluckiest Arsenal player ever.

But then again it is only fair that the Colombian moves to get first team football as he is far too good to be a unplayed backup, whereas Wojciech Szczesny will probably be happy to spend his whole career on the Arsenal bench, so he can sneak into the showers for a fag when Wenger’s not looking! And as I pointed out earlier, the Pole will help Arsenal in the quota for home grown players whereas Ospina simply has to go.

The best-performing Premier League keeper since Christmas now has to face a possible future in the madhouse of the Turkish SuperLiga, as Ospina confirmed himself today. He was quoted as saying: “They [Fenerbahce] are dealing with my agent.

“At the moment the only thoughts I have are for Colombia. I will not betray my team.”

I am at a loss to understand why there are no top teams chasing Ospina after his performances this year. It is totally baffling that he should be reduced to considering Fenerbahce, and another thing I can’t fathom is why John Terry thinks that Cech would gain Arsenal 12-15 points a season. Has anyone worked out exactly how many points Arsenal LOST with Ospina playing? I bet we didn’t lose 15 points IN TOTAL in his 18 League games last season. Yes I agree Cech is 15 points better than Szczesny, but is he really that much better than Ospina?

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  1. It will be very sad to see david ospina leave! The guy did no wrong! Its unfair to him the way he is being treated by some of the arsenal fans, this is so unfair and not justify!

    1. TBH. One side I am happy that we are signing Cech other side feeling sad for Ospina. I love Ospiiiiiiiiinna chant.
      If he is really leaving then I wish him luck and hope wherever he goes he plays well and win trophies.
      Will remember him as gooner. He is good and calm guy with no nonsense attitude.

    2. I think Terry was referring to our gap between them last season, 12points behind remember?? Which means he is scared that CECH alone can close that gap for us (12p), or. Even become champions with (13-15p) addition. Did I make sense??

  2. Although he’s only been in the teamfor 6 months It’s crazy how sad i’ll be to see him leave. It does make a lot of sense for him to leave though, cech is the superior keeper and will be for another 4-5 years and ospina is way too good to be a backup. I can’t see him going to turkey though. As soon as cech retires szez should finally have that experience to take over so it looks like we shouldn’t have a keeper dilemma for about 15 years

  3. Now if this does not awake our sometimes stupid, cocky, childish and unprofessional excuse of a goal keeper (Szny) then I don’t know what will…..Wenger keeps getting out of his way just to give him every chance to become an Arsenal goal keeper.. Better fix up and reward your manager. He has gotten rid of Ospina who did not put a foot wrong just because he has a lot if faith in you..

    1. @Goonster, I think Szczesny is not staying due to faith. He is homegrown and he has that advantage over Ospina. Also, when Ospina has better chance to play as first choice keeper then why will he stuck here only for FA cup matches.

  4. I’m happy we seem to have Cech but I appreciate Ospina’s fine performances this past season. He deserved to be number 1 and did nothing wrong. He helped us avoid 4th place and get 3rd. I’m sure if Cech wasn’t coming that he would have been excellent next season for us. He is honestly a better keeper (at the moment) then Szczesny. Hopefully, Szczesny will improve

    I hope wherever he goes he plays #1 keeper and that all Gooners remember him and 2014-2015 with fondness. Good luck Ospina wherever you end up.

  5. gutted to see ospina leave, grew on me in such a short time. guess he grew on the supporters instead of growing a neck. jokes a side, unlucky, top bloke, gave his best and was always humble. I didn’t think I’d be this sad about it.

    on the other hand, that s what being competitive is about. we must be a bit ruthless to push and getting wc is at any cost is the right way. also we re pulling players from rivals now, welbeck too, ,not just having tjem snapped from us. mixed feelings about this all. but one thing is certain: I will personally beat the heck out of shez with a teaspoom if he doesn t man up. if he toys with wih this and ospina and arsene practically served this next opportunity to him on a silver platter, I will be inconsoleble. ospina is a midel pro, I would have lost my sh*t at a situation like this, shez learn from him, his head is miles ahead of.urs. amazing tjings are happening at afc.

    1. We must get the very best players to win the big trophies. As good as Ospina is for Arsenal,
      Cech is top quality keeper. Now lets sign a top class striker Lewandowski/Benzema.

  6. People should stop being so sentimental here. For years our top players left us to join rivals and win trophies and we all cried about it like hell. We kept fringe players like diaby ryo etc when they should have been sold long time back. We have many a times considered the well being of the players ahead of the club so I don’t care if we sell one this time for the betterment of the club. Ospina has been great but he’s no cech.

  7. He’s an above average keeper that Arsenal fans seems to slightly overrate. He will never be World Class. Would have been a great backup. But too good to play backup. One has to feel sorry for him though. But that is the nature of the business. If he was in any other position, there would be less stability and the chance to ride the bench an any point. At least he knows and has a chance to do something about it.

    I personally don’t like the obnoxious Pole, maybe Cech will help his brain grow. If he had focus, there is potential.

    1. Who the hell are you to say he will “never” be world class? He is only 26, came to the most physical and competitive league in the world without knowing the language and was exceptional in his first year. Seriously where do you people come up with this smh

  8. We love Ospina, but deep down, we all know he is not a world class keeper. To be the best club, we have to be brave enough to let our weakest players go. If Wenger releases Ospina after one season and kept Diaby for 5-7 years (not sure the years), it says alot about what he sees in a player.

    Good luck Ospina!

  9. For me, Cech is worth the money at 11 million and better than Ospina. STEP IT UP SCHEZ b/c Ospina made you look like an amateur.

  10. The best way we can pay tributr to Ospina is by giving him a good severance package and some bonus.

  11. Fk that homegrown BS
    Wenger should keep Ospina and I am sure Ospina D have no issues being #2 to Cech.
    Homegrown? ?? Prmote one I don’t know but don’t get rid of the day best keeper the of the 2nd half of the season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am so sad.
    If we truly get Cech excellent but I D be reeeeeeallly sad to see Ospina leave….really

  12. Never thought Jose would do Arsenal a favour and I still can`t fathom it out. Not knowing much about goalkeepers I would have thought we`re better off letting Szczesny go and blooding a new guy to back Ospina. Goalkeepers and captains seem to confuse Wenger. Fabianski must have been in his delight when Swansea put Arsenal away.

  13. I still rate Szczesny as a better keeper than Ospina. He has better reflexes and better physical attributes. The only thing Ospina has ahead of him is a calm head. People easily forget that Szczesny won the golden glove with Cech 2 seasons ago but would immediately point out Ospina’s better stats this season while ignoring the fact that Arsenal had a better defence and overall squad in the second half of the season when Ospina was in goal.

  14. It now looks increasingly likely that our best goalkeeper, Ospina, is going to leave and what for? A thirty three year old who has seen better days and for a ridiculous amount of money plus, we are also left with the world’s biggest tosser and worst EPL goalkeeper in Szczesny. If things turn out the way they seem to be heading, then we will have gone backwards. I heard the legend that is Bob Wilson singing the praises of Cech but Bob also assured us that Szczesny was our future!
    Unfortunately for Cech, his significant head injury has had a big impact on his goalkeeping prowess and some are getting carried away with his ability these days. He is a back up ‘keeper now and at the price, I think it is bad business, not to mention that Szczesny will end up being number one again. Poor Arsenal!!!

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