David Ospina to return to Arsenal as backup to Leno next season?

As we are all well aware, Petr Cech has announced that he is retiring at the end of the season, but now it seems that the man who was his perpetual backup for all these years is now going to return as backup to Bernd Leno.

David Ospina believed that he would keep a first team place at Napoli this season and therefore earn a permanent move in the summer, but it now looks like his dreams are in shatters after just starting 17 games this campaign and he is now expecting to return to the Emirates next season.

‘My current situation is that I am on loan for this season and there’s a clause based on the number of games, so if I play regularly, it’ll become an automatic purchase,’ Ospina was quoted as saying.

‘When the situation doesn’t depend on me, all I can do is wait for the decisions to be made by Napoli.

‘The club had just spent a lot of money on Meret, a young goalkeeper with a great future ahead of him, so I knew that when he came back from injury, this might happen’.

I don’t about you, but I certainly wouldn’t object to having him back. In fact Emery may test him out in the summer and find he is a bit more reliable than Leno and start him more regularly.

What do you think?



  1. John0711 says:

    I feel better now ? CL here we come

  2. JimBeam says:

    I think Leno is our goalkeeper, he has shown a lot this year. Is he perfect? No absolutely not, but he is still young for a goalkeeper and he will get better. Ospina would be a good back up, but if we can get even a few million for him we should sell him as Martinez is up to the job as well.

  3. ken1945 says:

    Agree with you JimBean, plus I think Ospina desereves more than just a “back up” role.
    He’s never let us down, been a perfect professional and just got on with the job he was being payed to do.

    Maybe our club should do the decent thing, change the loan terms, let Ospina battle it out with however at his new club and negotiate a fair transfer price?

    1. Mwsupporter says:

      I have been extremely disappointed in Leno, his shot stopping and distribution is what you would expect of a premier league keeper, but his continual flapping at most balls coming across the box is extremely poor, he also needs to improve considerably in relation to commanding his area. I’m not saying he won’t make it but there’s a lot to work on, at the moment Ospina May be a better option.

      1. gotanidea says:

        I still trust Leno

        No GK can keep a clean sheet if his team do not work well. Not even the pricey Arrizabalaga and De Gea

        Ospina had his chances, hence I’d prefer Arsenal to give the chances to Martinez or Macey

        1. John Ibrahim says:

          even Courtois is playing badly at Real at every given chance

        2. Dan says:

          Not even the best goalkeeper in the world would be able to keep a clean sheet with this current defence in front of him!!?

  4. Tissiam says:

    I hope for ospina that the othet GK gets injured pretty soon long enough for him to play enough games to trigger the clause in his contract!I know it’s bad but he is still young and could learn few things,do you agree??

  5. Declan says:

    We don’t need Ospina as a backup and I mean no disrespect in saying that. We already have enough keepers so I think if he does come back he will be sold on or loaned again.

    1. ForeverGooner says:

      It’s not about quantity but Quality

  6. Midkemma says:

    I think part of the problem with Ospina, when he was with us, we had a poor coaching setup. Peyton GK coaching was a hindrance and I do feel some of the errors he made was due to poor preparation.

    I do not know if he will be an upgrade to Leno, I am not convinced by Leno but I wasn’t convinced by Ospina either, I’d be happy to see Martinez given a chance in all honesty. Sell Leno and Ospina and put that funds into the best promising GK we can and ensure we have the coaching staff to get that prospect hitting his potential. One example could be the young 19 year old from Liga Warsaw that we have been linked to, the two previous GK we got from them wasn’t bad at all… It was our coaching that ruined them while they was with us. Third time lucky?

  7. King Henry says:

    I believe Leno is our future yes he has made a few mistake but let’s remember he started the season as back up to Cech.. he has his place at 1st choice but can’t keep a clean sheet to save his life.. but with the defence in front of him not performing and being slated every week it must put a new gk under pressure more so.. let’s remember Cech kept countless clean sheets for Chelsea but look at the defence in front of him.. ivanovic, Terry, carvahlo, Cole..
    Our defence has to be 1st in regards of summer transfer.. city spent well in peps 2nd season on defenders.. Liverpool did the same last summer improved their defence.. worse case scenario here.. we don’t make top four not win Europa league and finish 6th.. is kroneke then gonna plough some big injection of cash into the club? NO he ain’t!! I mean wot sort of players are we going to be in for? the way the club is being run from top to bottom is a mess.. it’s embarrassing.. how long do these yanks think they can get away with it for? If we don’t invest we will fall behind.. we have been stagnating for years because of our owners.. who hid behind Wenger then gazidis.. now they gone blame lays with emery and raul sullieh as the puppets.. we are only seen as a business brand rather than our beloved football club.. we are used for leverage in business deals for kroneke in U.S. and a cash cow.. with a b.s. self-sustaining business model that doesn’t adjust will only stagnate.. they are basically gambling with our club to have as little investment but hope we maybe make top four.. I mean talking for years and years about competing financially with the big boys saying we can sign anyone bar a few players.. winning leagues and champions league with minimal investment just ain’t gonna happen.. If we don’t make top 4 this season.. I expect the club to invest heavily in our defence and wingers in the summer to challenge for title not top 4.. because isn’t that the reason why we moved to the Emirates? To win titles.. to have the best players.. Well the stadium is paid off, Wenger gazidis sven of the wages yet we are skint.. don’t add up to me? With kronekes in charge fck knows where we will end up.. could be 5 more years of pain before anything changes..
    I think emery is undicided on his starting 11 and wot formation to play.. we seem to be playing not to lose rather than winning the game and playing on the front foot.. and all the b.s. with Ozil.. he is staying so play him.. cant be any worse than wot he plays at the moment

    Come on u gooners!!

    1. JayJulius08 says:

      I get what you’re saying but even if Kroenke wanted to he cannot plough his own money in. FFP rules don’t allow this. Money coming in directly from an owner isn’t seen as revenue.

      This is why in recent years chelsea haven’t been splashing stupid amounts of cash as they did before and City have been finding loopholes to work around e.g. the Etihad deal. I think relatives of their owner own that business and they are pumping money that way so its seen as revenue. This is why they’re being investigated again they have continued to do this through a few other methods.

      I do think Liverpool have done particularly good business with selling players and replacing them with better quality. Also another club to look up to is Juventus. They do not spend monstrous amounts of money either. They get so many good quality players on free transfers. They pretty much pick off the players that are dropping out from elite level teams for free or a very low transfer fee. I can imagine that they’re probably looking at the Isco situation with keen interest.

      This is what we should be doing but we let contracts run down so we hardly brought any money in and when we have splashed money its been on the wrong players. Mustafi and Xhaka for 35m each is ridiculous. I mean we couldn’t gotten Kante the season we bought Xhaka for £5m less. This is where we have failed in the past and I think now that is slowly being fixed but it’ll take some time.

  8. Grandad says:

    Pope of Burnley would be a good acquisition and would provide real competition for Leno who has had a decent season without being entirely convoncing.

  9. jon fox says:

    I can’t honestly believe some on here would gladly have Ospina back. Is your ambition for our club really that limited? OSPINA IS TOO SMALL IN TODAYS GAME AND JUST NOT GOOD ENOUGH. HE HAD SOME GOOD GAMES, SOME POOR GAMES AND HAD A GOOD INNINGS TO SHOW THAT OVERALL HE IS JUST NOT GOOD ENOUGH. I would be after Pope or Heaton were I in charge. But Leno is fine and I do not see him being replaced.

    1. Mwsupporter says:

      If we have ambition we should seek better than Leno, I guess you will probably say we need to improve many positions but the keeper is a good start point and I’m afraid he is ok but not good enough for us, very average being generous. Ospina I agree also not good enough but with the budget we have we are obviously limited, to be honest I thing Martinez May be worth a go.

      1. Mwsupporter says:

        Forgot to mention Heaton is just coming up for his 33rd birthday, great call, that will take us forward nicely.

    2. John Ibrahim says:

      not many world class goalkeeper willing to sit lengthy time on the bench apart from Courtois….

      not many big name and big tag goalkeeper is for sale

  10. Tom says:

    Cech has been good enough to help us win a few fa cups. His other work is probably noted. No top team in the league has a top second keeper. I can’t recalls cities off the top of my head.

    Ospina is better then any other top teams no.2

    But we need to also consider what else we will do to strengthen our back line

  11. ForeverGooner says:

    We should have kept Szczesny
    He got the Premier League Golden Glove for Arsenal. It wasn’t a fluke
    He is fantastic at Juventus

  12. Saudi prince, Mohammed Bin Salman Man utd take over rumours are backagen! Hope it’s nothing.

  13. Kieron says:

    Harsh in Martinez who before going on loan was told he be #2 next year and get more game time.

  14. Break-on-through says:

    I don’t want him to come back, much too error prone and he cant even judge the flight of a ball. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a worse keeper at judging the flight of a ball, he must need glasses or be near or far sighted or something, because he’s terrible at it. He rarely ever catches the ball, he’s always knocking it back into play or punching it out. He can be decent in one on one situations, and sometimes his saves look better than they are as he dives most times rather than positioning himself to catch the ball. His cons are just too big for a goalkeeper, everyone loved Seaman, he was called safe hands, what would Ospina be called?

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