David Raya insists the ball was out of play for Newcastle’s goal

David Raya insists the ball had crossed the line and was out of play in the build-up to Newcastle United’s goal against Arsenal yesterday.

The Spaniard is under fire again as he failed in his attempt to punch or catch the cross, having miscalculated it.

However, much of the outcry from Arsenal’s supporters is about the decision to award the goal even though the ball seemed to have crossed the line.

The Spanish goalie has remained the Gunners’ first choice despite making several mistakes, but this will go down as a poor decision from VAR.

After the game, he voiced his opinion on the contentious strike and insisted the ball had crossed the line before the goal was scored.

Raya said, as quoted by the Daily Mail:

‘What I could see was the ball went out of play, and then after going to the dressing room, looking back at the goal, it’s a big foul on Gabi. He’s pushing him with two hands on his back when he’s about to clear the ball.’ 

Just Arsenal Opinion

We cannot change the VAR decision or stop them from making mistakes, but we can change our goalkeeper.

If Raya had caught that cross, we wouldn’t be talking about the goal post-match and he simply has to do better.

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  1. If Raya saw the ball out would that not affect his positioning and therefore his ability to catch the cross

        1. Yes bad decision has VAR improved Football No…but still all kids were taught in junior school play to the whistle !

  2. A person with two functioning eyes can see the picture above that the ball was out of play. Not sure what “evidence” they needed to make the right call. Complete idiots!!!

    1. Same goes for the other incident, only for someone on here to claim “Gabriel was already falling” and he was “only touched”. what nonsense!!!

    2. The eyes may be functioning but is the brain?

      You do know that the camera sits on the half way line right? And you do know that the image is taken from that angle? And you do know that the ball needs to be viewed from a birds eye view to determine if really out or not?

      If you are claiming it’s out based on the image above, which you are, you really needs to learn a bit about camera angles.

      The whole ball needs to be over the whole line from a birds eye view. If it’s touching the line or not its irrelevant, even if it’s just 1mm of the tip of the ball “overhanging”

      The reality is it’s an extremely close call either way. The push was definitely a foul though….but again let’s not get too distracted with he fact that we were rubbish in general, too easy to the facts behind a bad VAR call.

      1. PJ-SA
        I didn’t actually think we were rubbish. I thought our possession was generally pretty good but unfortunately when your main scorer, play maker and top quality defensive midfielder are out then the job becomes much harder especially when the replacements don’t make their opportunity to play count.
        What Arteta has to address is the lack of quality outside the first 11. There are a handful that are good enough but too many who aren’t. Injuries are part of the game but when critical positions are not covered adequately then the task becomes harder which was our undoing as certainly in the first half Newcastle were weak and we should have taken advantage.

        1. As a unit in general we were poor. There were 1 or 2 decent performances we weren’t good enough at all!

          Some people are saying we weren’t that bad, everyone’s entitled to their opinion but I ask this question:

          “Would you be happy seeing us play like that every week?” If you answered no then we were poor.

          1. That’s not the same thing
            Important players were injured and the others couldn’t step up to the mark. If the 11 picked on the day were first choice players you would have a point

          2. Such a simplistic question and viewpoint from someone who’s post I always read.
            We played to the strengths we had available against one of the most physical sides in the PL and gave as good as we got.

            That doesn’t mean I would expect and want to see it in every game, but a little bit realism should be applied and the interview with the Newcastle players after the game did just that.

      2. The fact is this very angle showed the ball was out of play. The fact is we were up against one of the most well organized defence on their home ground and breaking it takes our usual patient and effective approach to break them down. A process we’ve been carefully executing just like we did against other top sides like City and Sevilla up until VAR and referee cock ups which change the mood entirely in an already hostile football enviroment which in turn gave us a huge mountain to climb. anyway, you made out your point of the game then so be it but that won’t stop us doing what we do best by bouncing back and shutting detractors.

      3. Is “bird’s eye view” now the new “technicality.” The premier league is now awarding goals on those. No different from the sort of reasons some courts in Africa use to award electoral victories.
        Anyway too much weight is being given to “the curvature” of the ball. I would rather the geometry is looked at in a holistic way. To wit the radius of the ball is used to extrapolate from it’s centre towards the line. That, I think gives the best perspective – akin to the lines they show when checking for offside.

        1. Or just concentrate on the two handed push by Joelington, as that is indesputable… unless your the referee and VAR officials.

  3. Another interesting FACT has appeared on the Internet – how many times did Newcastle players put their hands on the referee?

    Now THAT should be a straight red… no argument whatsoever!!!

    Perhaps this referee is making up his own rules, by ignoring the rules and making up a new one as per Joelington on Gabriel…. it doesn’t really matter!!!

    If this gormless official is not demoted for his officiating of the game, we all might as well pack up and go home.

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