David Raya? – Of course Arsenal need two top players for every position

Arsenal and Raya – Is it really going to happen?

With the new additions in the team setting in quite well, we are not quite where we need to be in terms of recruitment just yet and I believe we need a couple more players to say we are ready to compete this season.

One of those positions I believe we needed strengthening this season is in the goalkeeping position.

And The Athletics David Ornstein reported yesterday that Arsenal are interested in signing a new goalkeeper, David Raya of Brentford.

And I say why not?

After all Aaron Ramsdale was seemingly getting a little too comfortable in between the sticks and we all know Matt Turner was not quite good enough for our team.

So why not? A little healthy competition does everyone the world of good doesn’t it? And just because we are interested in him doesn’t mean that Ramsdale is going to lose his place, but all top teams need more than one great player in each position.

So, if we do go out and successfully buy him it will for sure be a good signing for our team and for the competition.

He will definitely provide us with good competition for Ramsdale, but he would also strengthen the backbone of the team even more.

But Raya is good enough to be Arsenal’s number one, not just a backup to Ramsdale, and I for one hope we do succeed in the signing of him, although Brentford won’t roll over for a cheap fee.

But Raya was sought after by Bayern Munich too and he said ‘no’ as his preference is Arsenal. So if he is good enough for Bayern then he’s good enough for Arsenal – and he has Premier League experience which is a bonus.

And we all know Arsenal can be just as good a team as Bayern, and with the team Arteta is building why can’t we go for good strong players to make us one of the best teams in the world!

Here’s hoping hey Gooners?

Shenel Osman

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  1. Ramsdale needs competition.
    There should be competition in all positions to get the best out of players

    1. Agree 100%.
      Emi wasn’t guaranteed starts and rightfully so, no one should; competition and form should be major factors.

      Ramsdale was favored and never challenged, this decision led to his complacency and unsurprising drop in form at the end of the season.

      Even against Utd in preseason we saw Ramsdale beaten too easily by Bruno. He needs competition and to be dropped when underperforming.

      Love to get Raya for a good price, and get picked early to start to wake Ramsdale up. Been far too comfortable and sloppy lately

  2. David Raya is a fine GK and for the way Arteta wants to play, probably better than Ramsdale. Aaron seems like a popular lad, he wears his heart on his sleeve and is one of the finest shot-stoppers in the league. However, David Raya is arguably just as good as Ramsdale at the basics of preventing goals but his distribution and decision-making are superior at this stage of their respective careers. Would signing Raya be harsh on Ramsdale? Yes. Would he be an improvement on Ramsdale? Also yes. Would it be such an improvement though that the money could’ve be better spent elsewhere on the team remains to be seen and is probably one that will divide opinion.

  3. Why do I feel the only reason you actually wants Raya is bcos of his link to Bayern Munich. You keep mentioning Bayern like the german club are the standard lol.

    Arsenal are not Bayern and we currently better than Bayern so stop undermining Arsenal. Bcos a player is good for Bayern dosent automatically mean mean he’s out standard. However, Raya is a good GK and he’ll give Ramsdale solid competition. My Ishh is the price tag attach to him.

  4. This will certainly drag out to deadline day as neither Arsenal nor anyone else will pay £40 million. If we can get him for around £25m and sell Turner for £15m then it is a good move. Even if we just keep this in the news for a few weeks it provides Ramsdale with a sharp reminder that he cannot take his place for granted.

  5. Don’t agree
    This idea that you rotate keepers , it rarely happens
    It’s money that can be used elsewhere
    When we went unbeaten , who was out back up keeper

  6. This is all a farce, to suggest ramsdale isn’t good enough after the season he had… With the odd error like Alison and ederson which is not debated to the hills.

    He had a fine season and is still developing, as did partay but non football people think he should leave as well… Absolutely crazy and deluded from people with no idea. FIFA couch surfers!

  7. Its a challenge to keep two good goal keepers, virtually impossible to keep the two shot stoppers happy representing one team.

    Two bulls just cannot rule in the same pen, one will eventually leaves.

    But it is clean and healthy competition that could keep each on their toes effectively, if one can get both to stay.

    1. Completely agree. Both are of first choice quality, so you can only realistically get one season with the pair of them before one leaves. Hard enough keeping your bog standard back-up keeper happy like Turner, let alone someone if Raya’s quality.

      Yes we need quality cover in all positions, but goalkeepers are the one position where you can only have one top drawer shot stopper.

      1. I have to disagree on that one..
        Bayern Munich have
        Manuel Nueur
        Yann Sommer
        And they are rumored to be signing De Gea

        1. I can see where you and the gaffer is coming from, just looking around in the premier league, teams don’t really have two top keepers.

          If you look at the mighty Citizens, Liverpool, Man United, teams don’t really have two top keepers, I understand what the gaffer is trying to do, it no doubt will put pressure on Ramsdale, somthing tells me it already has.

          Just happen to think it’s not sustainable, neither of them is going to accept playing in the Carabao cup for instance and playing the odd premier league game when one is getting rotated.

          I do like Raya he’s fantastic with the ball at his feet but I don’t think Ramsdale needs to be replace, its very interesting, think I may sit on the fence for this one.

  8. Arteta had better remember about David Ospina, who was another ball-playing GK with great reflexes, yet too small to deal with long crosses and towering opponents in set-pieces

    Raya’s distribution and other stats might be higher than Ramsdale’s, but I’d prefer a much bigger GK like Robert Sanchez

    Robert Sanchez is also used to play for a high ball-possession and press-resistant team, although Ramsdale, Raya, Pickford and Navas may be better with their feet

  9. Trusty played almost every match last season and was Birminghams best player. We was also one of the best CBs in the Championship and part of the US national team.

    How is that we can only negotiate a measly 5 million for him and that coming from a frigging new promoted PL team?! Chelsea and Liverpool REGULARLY get 15-20 million for their fringe players who play in the Championship (Wilson, Williams, Brewster, Guehi etc).

    To put it in context, Sheffields #1 CB Ahmedhodzic cost them 4 million pounds when they bought him from the SWEDISH top league.

    We have someone very incompetent employee in charge of the sales.

  10. This must be a first for me,but I agree with GAI! Joking apart I think Sanchez is a terrific keeper but if anything, Brighton will be more difficult to deal with than Brentford.I understand that Sanchez has fallen out with his Manager and that Chelsea are interested in him.

  11. If that’s the case I think we should go for him and let him be a backup for ramsdale and I hope he is not going to take the number one position from ramsdale because in the year season of 2022 to 23 ramsdale really do well for the club and I think he deserves the best ever 😀

  12. As much as I agree that Ramsdale needs to be pushed because of the flashes of complacency he has been showing of late, I think Raya is too good to play back up keeper. With Raya’s skillset and premier league experience,it will be a step down for him to be a second choice keeper. Raya’s willingness to come to Arsenal is to be #1 and not back up. If Arteta chooses Raya as first choice, it would disrupt the development of Ramsdale. If either Ramsdale or Raya starts and maintains a good run, that means the other will most likely be on the bench for a prolonged period which will inevitably lead to dissatisfaction. Arteta will struggle to keep both keepers happy and one of them will want to leave eventually.
    Arsenal should just go for a younger, talented and promising goalkeeper to serve as Ramsdale’s understudy if Turner is sold. Alternatively, Karl Hein can be promoted to second choice goalkeeper.

  13. Yeh, sure, but White and Kiwior playing wing back, for example are not top players in those positions but rather are gap gillers whose contributions to winning big games will be as gap fillers.

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