David Seaman insists Arsenal is getting better under Mikel Arteta

David Seaman says Arsenal is getting better under Mikel Arteta even if not everyone can spot the improvements.

The Gunners have been in fine form recently after losing their first three league games of the season.

They have now hit top form and ahead of Crystal Palace’s visit today, they are one of the most improved sides in the league.

Their last match before the international break ended goalless against Brighton.

The Seagulls were in control of most aspects of the game and probably deserved to win.

However, former Arsenal goalkeeper, Seaman says Arsenal deserves more credit than we gave them for the draw in that match.

He reminded us that it rained that day and it was certainly not good weather to play football, yet the Gunners got a point from the match by competing very well against their opponents.

He said on his Seaman Says podcast as quoted by Transfermarketweb: “With Arsenal, though, coming off the back of the game against Brighton… for me that result was a better result than what they got credit for with that weather. Because it was absolutely torrential rain all the way through.

“I know Brighton had a lot of chances but normally under those sort of conditions and being as physical and as good as they are, Arsenal would have lost that game but I think we’ve turned a corner now in terms of what Arteta is doing. And I think the fans are getting on board with that.”

Arsenal faces Patrick Vieira’s Palace today and they will hope to get all the points and remain unbeaten.

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  1. I thought that David Seaman understands the game better. Where’s the improvement? I really cannot understand his logic. Guys like Seaman would rather protect the interests of Arteta than those of Arsenal

    1. So someone who has been connected with Arsenal for decades and is a real expert on the game knows less than a TV fan in South Africa?
      So please explain why he is wrong?

  2. “Arsenal is getting better under Mikel Arteta even if not everyone can spot the improvements.”

    A lot easier than listing the “improvements” Arteta made, like facts to reinforce a statement that is a topic header.

    Are we better defensively? Yes, and credit to Arteta for that.

    Are we worse offensively? yes, his tactics designed to reinforce the defense.

    we still lack any identifiable style of play, no mention of milestones to gauge progress, and players continue to wind down contracts before being sold.

    It would be helpful to actual give examples of where Arsenal is better, rather than just saying they are, many people just don’t see it.

    Where? How?

    1. Spot on Durand. The team have regressed in almost all the areas except for the defense. The table doesn’t lie, the style of play is worse than of any modern Arsenal side, most of the players have regressed, and don’t even mention the stupid tactics we see every game. The result is one thing, but we don’t see any improvements in other areas of the game.

  3. Appreciate that you may disagree with Seaman, many do. I’m more keen do understand why you think he’s more interested in protecting the interests of Arteta over the interests of Arsenal.

  4. I think it’s easy to get too close to things and not see the wood for the trees. As somebody who identifies with style and attractive football more closely than with results and league placings, I can’t see much improvement. Advances in some areas are made at the expense of others. It’s no coincidence that our defence improves as the attack grinds to a halt.

    I applaud the new signings, recent recruitment policy and Academy set-up improvements, as well as the efforts to move on the free-loaders, but these are secondary in importance to the elephant in the room – playing performance.

    Compared with say a year to 18 months ago we are in a better place, and team structure and pattern are marginally better. But that’s from a watershed – short of being relegated we couldn’t get worse.

    Don’t compare us to last season as that’s comparing Arteta with himself, and don’t compare us with Wenger primetime, as that was utopia.

    Compare us with 2016-17 and 2017-18 – Wengers worst days. We were pretty dire and many stated at the time we were at our lowest ebb. But most games were still way more exciting than we see now. We at least tried to play football, we encouraged flair rather than playing by numbers.
    And we were higher in the league than we have been since.

    So yes – as Seaman states – in important peripheral matters we are improving, but for the most important of all – how we play the game, we have either simply trodden water or arguably even declined under Arteta so far. Whilst I accept that we had to go backwards to go forward, I didn’t expect to wait two years without any noticable improvements on the pitch.
    It can still happen for Arteta, but quite honestly a multitude of other managers could be successful with the time, investment and squad given to Arteta.

    1. Well put. Results and style of plays matters. The rest comes 2nd and I don’t believe Arteta was hired to sort the peripheral matters.

  5. Dear Mr Seaman, may u remind you that the rain didn’t only fall on Arsenal players but also on bright players too. You give us credit for only a draw as though the odds were only against us. You have no point

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