David Seaman shows why Arsenal should not always listen to former players

You would think that former players have that little bit more insight than the average fan but time after time they show that is not always the case and former Arsenal legend David Seaman is a classic example of that.

Seaman is of the opinion that Arsenal should make a move for Burnley reject and former England number one Joe Hart as a back up to Bernd Leno.

Speaking to Football London the former Gunner said this,

‘I think they should be trying to get a more experienced keeper in as [Bernd] Leno’s number two,’ Seaman said.

‘I know they’ve got some really talented young keepers in Emi Martinez, Deyan Iliev, Matt Macey and Arthur Okonkwo, but I just think they could do with an older number two. Those lads are real talents but they’ve not got an awful lot of experience at the top, top level.

‘It would be a big step for them to come in and be Leno’s number two in the Premier League after being on loan or playing for the U23s.

‘I don’t think they need someone like Schubert as Leno’s number two either – why not look at Joe Hart or Jack Butland as a number two? ‘They have loads of experience. That’s the sort of quality they should be looking at as the club’s number two at the moment.’

Absolutely not, Hart is exactly the sort of keeper that Unai Emery should not be looking at.

The main reason that Pep Guardiola offloaded Hart when he took over at Man City is that he is basically useless at playing out from the back, the exact type of football that Emery has introduced at Arsenal.

You would have thought that Seaman would have known this but clearly, he does not.

Also, what sort of message does that send to our other keepers? If Seaman got his way when would our back-up keepers ever be given an opportunity to shine?

It makes no sense to keep on buying experienced back-up keepers regardless of their competence and totally ignore your own stable of keepers.

Seaman was a legend for us but on this occasion, he is very wrong. Joe Hart should never be an Arsenal player, he is simply not good enough and cannot play to our style and I would have far more confidence in Martinez or Macey.


  1. Grandad says:

    He may have been a great goalkeeper, but as a pundit he is a person I never listen to.I believe he is knowledgeable as far as fishing is concerned.

    1. Jdawg says:

      From this comment I know you listen to talksport regularly : )

    2. Ernie says:

      That’s the reason why most former English players do not make good coaches, they always try to recommend players based on nationality but not quality the same thing goes to Tony Adams he wants to manage Arsenal which I see it as a big comedy he failed everywhere he went same as Lampard he will be very lucky to be there for two month.

    3. Ebuca says:

      Its of the obvious,sell mustafi,koscielny,jenkinson,monreal,elneny,either of miki n ozil..bring in bielik,nelson,willock,EMR,amaechi…get a few experience players

  2. gotanidea says:

    Agree. I also prefer Martinez to push Leno

    OT: Juventus have made an offer worth 58.3 M for De Ligt, according to Sky in Italy. Go get him Arsenal!

    1. aMoistMuffin says:

      why would he pick us over Juventus? They will offer more in wages as well as Champions League football, not to mention they are pretty certain to win trophies.

      1. gotanidea says:

        – Arsenal can offer him more salary
        – London jetset lifestyle
        – Easier adaptation due to English language
        – Winning Serie A with Juventus is not special anymore due to their domination and their Calciopoli history

  3. Diogenes says:

    This really is a foolish suggestion.

    Can’t play from the back, can’t stop shots with his left, but he’s been failing for a long time so he’s experienced. LOL

    Nothing personal against Joe, but you’re right Martin, this really is an absolutely daft suggestion on David’s part.

    1. 350oz says:

      Spot on, there was an article that confirmed your statement about his main two weaknesses. I don’t know why Seaman suggesting him, of all Gks in the world.

  4. Pablo says:

    There are available funds at Arsenal for a signings but they are very cautious of the backlash from fans due to the reported transfer budget of 45 mill so in order to get forward, a statement rumor surfaced that the board are on plans to speak with the owner. This is the plan. They want to make it seem like the owner released some funds for transfers.

  5. aMoistMuffin says:

    spot on Martin ?

  6. jon fox says:

    You equate Hart with the far better Butland but why? Butland is top quality; Hart yesterdays man. I would take Butland like a shot but not Hart.

    1. Atid says:

      Hart is finished as a top keeper, discarded by Man City and West Ham and now Burnley.

      I would give Martinez “midweek duty” Keeping Leno fresh for the Premier League at weekends.

      Iliev for me should be no. 3 he is a far better keeper than Macey, who basically failed at Plymouth. Iliev can play with the ball at his feet for a start. I would sell Macey if we can get anything? We have some great young keepers too Okonkwo, Hillson, Hein, Smith not to mention the new scholars. A pathway to the first team needs to be highlighted for these boys, that is where Sal Bibbo will come in this season. He is going to be working with Freddie, Bouldy, Gillard and Mertesacker in the new youth and loanee development team. I think this is an excellent idea and will give our youngsters a better use of the loan system and a better chance of developing to first team level, hopefully at The Arsenal.

  7. Durand says:

    Not exactly what fans mean by “bolster the defense”

    Maybe in context of improving backup GK, but certainly not in context of transfer business this window.

    Daft suggestion to mention Hart, what has he done to garner attention? Butland is different matter.

    If we could bring in LB, 2 CB, CM, 2 wingers, backup RB, and still had money and wages, then Butland would be great grab.

    Otherwise backup GK is far down the list, and we have several on the shelf already.

  8. Tommogun58 says:

    Yeah I’m afraid greatest keeper that you may be wrong on this one, Martinez has been at the club for as long as i can remember and he has bided his time without complaint,he had a good season last term with reading and earned good praise,he deserves his chance. Stick to fishing mate.

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