David Seaman warns Szczesny about leaving Arsenal

The great Arsenal goalkeeping legend David Seaman has been discussing the battle for the permanent Number One spot between David Ospina and Wojciech Szczesny, and the 51 year-old believes that it is up to the Pole to fight to regain his place in the Gunners Starting XI.

“Wojciech has a big choice now, but he has still got loads of time, I did not join Arsenal until I was 26,” said Seaman in the Independent.

“It is about how he reacts, and what does the player want – does he want to play as a number one? Or is he happy being at a big club as a number two?

“It is all about his ambition. If he wants to be a number one somewhere, then how long is he going to have to wait?

“But if he leaves Arsenal, then it won’t be the same level, because it is not until after they go, that all these guys realise how good Arsenal is.”

There has been much talk about Petr Cech coming to the Emirates next season, and if he does then I can’t see any future for Szczesny at Arsenal, but we also have to remember that Wenger has sent Emiliano Martinez out to Rotherham on loan, perhaps to get him ready to be understudy to Ospina during the next campaign?

The youngster has always performed admirably when called to the first team and I wouldn’t be surprised if Wenger promoted him if Szczesny leaves, but it would seem that is up to the young Pole to decide whether he wants to stay and fight for his place or not….

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  1. Ospina has been excellent and deserves to start the next season as number 1

    Szczesny is a good back up and I hope he stays and fights for his place, but I will totally understand if he feels that he would be more comfortable leaving to be number 1 somewhere else. It’s no good for him and no good for us to have Szczesny unhappy.

    I think competition between Szczesny and Ospina could improve both players. But if Szczesny decides to leave, we should get a quality alternative

    1. 1 entire season makes a big diff…he could be playing regularly in another club and improve further….

      thats 38 games 1 season if he dont get injured

      1. wait, wait, wait….
        so of all the players you deem not good enough who are having fantastic seasons (Giroud, Coquelin and Ramsey spring to mind) you’re actually in Szcezny’s corner!?!?

  2. Ospina has bring back our safety hand who lost since Lehmann era. He really does so far. His reaction and anticipation combine with calmness in right composure. At this standard, even Peter Cech will need to afford his best, in other word things is just bit different if he leave Chelsea and joint Arsenal. Shezo have a lot time to learn from Ospina. Arsene will keep him as long as the Pole doesn’t shout for number 1 goalie too often. I agreed it’ll be up to him.
    Meanwhile, Ooooooooooooooooooooospina…..

  3. Going for cech will b a waste of time as mourinho simply wudnt allow his departure to a direct rival even at a huge price. I think we hav 2 very good goalkeepers and shud stick by dem. Remeber sceszny had a great season last year wen he played behind a solid back four.

  4. Decision making and command of his area are his biggest areas in need of improvement.
    This is the first season he’s had his position under threat for quite some time and for a young player that’s never a good thing.
    24 is still young.. I like to use other players as examples. Koscielny had similar issues in that his decision making was borderline insane at times but always had exceptional moments that few defenders are capable of… But his errors cost us games, and it was those errors which usually hung around when evaluating him as a player. His game has been fine-tuned and mentally he is a lot stronger and a more complete player because of it.

    I personally think it will be a similar story with Szczes. His bad games in which he has cost us points stick around a lot more than the games he’s saved us.. There are some flaws in his game, but his talent is clearly evident. If he can mature and iron out those flaws he will be an exceptional keeper in time. But for now, he’s still a great keeper to have as a second option…

    1. ***
      when i said for a young player’s position not being under threat as never a good thing i was referring to the fact that they can clearly get too comfortable. he needed higher competition

    2. that’s the point ain’t it? Is he willing to stay and fight for his place by working hard to eradicate those flaws? In my opinion, if he leaves then he’s a coward who is taking the easy way out. Does he expect to not have competition at a big club such as Arsenal?

  5. I’ve seen, heard & read so many things (right & wrong, justifiable & unjustifiable, best & worst) about Wojciech which I share the same thought with some and disagree with others. I do support Seaman of this, I believe he should stay and bring out the best he can be rather than become a coward and left the club. He had found himself in this mess(es) almost every season but he bounced back beautifully but I think he reached too far this time because I dont think Ospina would love another life on bench (unless you are Sagna, sorry to rub it in.. Love him though). We should just remember how we all complemented Wojciech seasons back and I believe he is still the “beast inbetween the goal post” we still know. He can and will improve better only if he put his head in the game and avoids all these school boys error he is prone to. Wenger hardly turns on his player unless the gravity of his offence is immense, I believe he is teaching Szczsney lesson of his life and how it works and his chance will surely come because it only takes a second before story changes for everyone. If that happens I hope he will be ready. But no matter whom we have between the post, surely merits it. For now Ospina fits the bill and we are winning games which sounds wonderful to me… God bless Arsenal

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