DC United and Mesut Ozil agent have met in Washington to discuss transfer

It is being reported in the USA that DC United representatives have met with the agent of Arsenal midfielder Mesut Ozil over a possible transfer.

The Washington Post is claiming that the German’s agent Erkut Sögüt met with DC executives Jason Levien and Sam Porter. The reason I am saying claiming is that they are using an anonymous source close to the talks.

But the article by their “soccer” reporter Steven Goff does give particular details and so I would suggest that it is very credible.

According to Goff, the three had lunch together, toured United’s stadium Audi Field, scheduled a trip to the clubs training centre and watch a second-division match at Segra Field, the newly opened home to D.C.-owned Loudoun United. That all sounds quite specific to me.

Apparently, DC are keen on taking Ozil next winter but it is more likely that any deal will be later on in the summer.

However, the player’s wages are the obvious stumbling block but the MLS outfit are hoping that they can persuade Ozil because of the recent security issues he has been subjected to in London

Another factor is that the 30-year-old owns 39 Steps Coffee, which is looking to open a branch at Audi field.

The fact that Ozil’s agent is meeting with DC United’s executives is telling, he must know that the USA club cannot meet his client’s salary and so you have to think, that in this instance, money is not the primary factor.


  1. Old news by me, already read reports he said he’s not interested in leaving now, as he’s always said he’s happy where he is right now.
    His coffee shop that’s opening over there in the US will always get used by the media and stuffs, trust the media to use his business as a big factor, all hogwash.
    Mesut Ozil ain’t running the coffee shop himself is he? It’s not like he’s gon be a manager in some branch, he’ll have professionals, experts in that field overseeing the business and he’ll be keeping his eyes on situations.
    Obviously that’s what billionaires do, Pay some smart áss to work and earn more money for em.

    1. Yes, I don’t think Ozil would leave his 350,000 per week salary just because of a small security issue

      He can protect his family 24/7 by hiring security teams

      I bet we’d see Kolasinac and him again at the Burnley game, at least on the bench

      1. still 2 more weeks before the window shuts

        theres still time

        fans may get what they wished for

    2. why meet w/ DC United executives if he just wants to open a coffee shop? I’m fairly certain DC United do not even own the stadium they play in, so there’d be no reason for them to only meet about coffee.

  2. Meanwhile,Jeff Reine-Adelaide 10% sell on clause(2.5mil), after 30% on Bennacer(4.2m)
    Only time will tell if its a profit or loss

    1. Yes, Reine-Adelaide transferred to Lyon for £22m, a year after we sold him to Angers for less than £2m!

      1. We wouldnt have been able to sell both players if they were still with us, and not sure we will use them either,its better to let go at times, at least others could use them and the player career is a priority, instead of keeping them on bench.
        This is the reason is fully support our ‘young’ defence project , hopefully the experience of Sokratis and Luiz will help our young defenders grow in the next 2years we should have combination of young energetic defence capable of serving us for years

      2. Reine-Adelaide showed some exquisite skills and his physicality as a CAM in some pre-season games, but that position was contested by Ozil, Ramsey and Wilshere at that time. Reine-Adelaide was often injured as well

        I’m not too disappointed with the loss of talented central midfielders like Bennacer and him. Losing talented wingers like Gnabry and Amaechi is a different case though

        1. I think we should be inserting bigger clauses when selling them.. Make it 30% or buy-back clauses more often.

        2. When I first saw Reine-Adelaide at the Emirates Cup thought we got a gem on our hands!

          Gnabry came through and played some really good & exciting games – remember Swansea away?!

          Admittedly both got injuries but finally believe Wenger never game them the right support & chance. He continued to support the Ox and Theo as he was driven to get English players into the English tema rather than making sure we were winning… OMG back at having a dig at Inspector Clouseau!

  3. Am giving Ozil 1 season more, not expecting miracle though but hoping he will find some form to help us. He still has the class.
    Am only hoping Elneny and Mustafi could find good clubs and move on.

  4. Well I woke up and thought it was Friday – yay Emirates tomorrow! Then checked my phone – gutted ?

    Not that it has owt to do with us, but I just knew gangly Abraham was going to miss his penalty last night! Bit like bambi on ice at times…I wanted to chuckle, but then it meant Liverpool won, so I kinda wanted to cry ??

  5. Having herd the conversations Sue, I had a look at the penalty and under the new rules it looks like the penalty shouldn’t have stood with the keeper off the line before the ball was struck.

    Hopefully Ozil and Kola will be back, hope they both pick up form this season and the very least it gives more depth in the squad

  6. They can train with the team making the bench is ok, their names starting will be a 0-1 even before kick off.Maybe Pepe starts in place of Mkhi Ozil ok to warm up outside the sideline. I’m happy with that.Do not want lost points.

  7. I simply do not believe Ozil will be going to USA anytime soon. I think this is likely to be someone putting two and two together and making five, so to speak. Whether or not the incident has affected him so much that he now wishes to leave London can only be pure speculation and guesswork in the absence of firm and documented news. We do NOT currently have such news!

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