De Bruyne reveals his thoughts on an Arsenal title challenge this season

Manchester City’s midfielder, Kevin de Bruyne, has expressed a lack of concern about Arsenal’s prospects in the upcoming season.

De Bruyne, a crucial figure in Manchester City’s squad, remains confident in his team’s status as favourites to clinch the league title. Although Arsenal posed a challenge last season and could potentially repeat their performance, De Bruyne does not seem to be overly apprehensive.

Arsenal has further bolstered its roster by acquiring top-quality players such as Declan Rice and Kai Havertz during this transfer window. The Gunners’ recent victory over Manchester City in the Community Shield adds to their credentials as a team to closely watch in the upcoming term.

Despite these developments, de Bruyne remains unfazed by the situation unfolding at Arsenal and is not allowing it to disrupt his focus or confidence in Manchester City’s abilities

The Belgian said, as quoted by the Daily Mail:

‘There’s about eight or nine teams so I’m not worried about them. We just do what we have to do.

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We also do not care much about what is happening at City as we prepare for the new term.

This campaign offers us the chance to go one better than the last time and the intelligent thing to do is to remain focused on what we can control.

We have to be ready to play our game at all times and ensure we will get the results we need.

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  1. Kevin de Bruyne is a generational talent alright, the aging midfielder just returning from injury will have to be treated with kids gloves in the upcoming campaign.

    No doubt Ilkay Gundogan and Riyad Mahrez will be a big miss as the campaign gets under no man is an island.
    There is a reason Pep fought tooth and nail trying to keep the German.

    1. Cole Palmer and Foden will be big for them this year. A rumour Mitoma is heading that way. City don’t spook easily, they will be confident and able to turn up the heat, when needed, like they do. Gavidiol is a massive signing. They are not worried. They just do their job. It is our job to improve massively to catch them. They have the tee shirts, we haven’t.

      1. I think you have misinterpreted what KDB is alleged to have said.He seems to have implied that there are 8/9 teams which could be in contention so why sorry about any of them.There was no direct mention of Arsenal.

      2. I’d be fascinated to see how well mitoma did for them – he would either excel like mahrez or he could shrink if the move is too early for him. Imo he should stay another year at Brighton to show he can maintain his form when teams are ready for him.

  2. The last 2 seasons, arsenal have been improving as thy move level to level. we’re are anticipating them to do the same in this year of which they are going to do. 20 years in exile are going to end.

  3. But to me the winger side may suit kaoru mitoma and if is difficult they would secure olise from crystal palace for mancity to improve on winger side.But debryne words are perfectly ilike that.That they should focus on new season

  4. With what De bruyne said, Yes, man city are always focus in every match they played. But this season will be different with him aging out as the years runs out, aside him been the engine room, I so much respect him, but Arsenal will come out stronger this season.

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