De Bruyne says Arsenal were incredible – but Man City deserved to win the title

Kevin De Bruyne, like his teammate Kyle Walker, has hailed Arsenal for their outstanding performance in the 2022–23 season. The Gunners were on another level in the recently completed Premier League season. They were 11 points ahead of Manchester City at one time, but a decline in form near the end of the season, while City went on to a remarkable winning streak, saw them lose the league crown.

De Bruyne has slammed those who say Manchester City did not deserve to win the Premier League title. Nonetheless, he concedes that Arteta and his boys were fantastic. He indirectly advised them that being hungry and humble may be how they walk away with the Premier League title. Yet, he warns them that Manchester City will continue to win because he believes they still have it in them to continue soaring.

The Belgian playmaker said on Manchester City’s official website: “The league doesn’t lie — we were the best.

“Arsenal were incredible, especially in the first part of the season. In the end, though we deserve it, we came back, and we’ve won a lot of games.

“We like to win, and we’re never bored of it. We’ve won a lot in the past, but we want to win again and again.

“I’m sure the future will be the same. It’s incredible — to win three times in a row, it’s hard work. We deserve it.

“The hunger is there, the mentality is good, it’s a good group. We just want to play good football. Pep makes sure that the group stays hungry. The group is very humble.”

There is no other option for Arsenal but to win the Premier League in the foreseeable future we simply must outperform Manchester City. If going all out in the transfer window is the only chance to compete with Manchester City, then money should be spent, or else Man City will maintain their supremacy.

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  1. We will be back next season. Disappointed last season for botching Top 4 at the last minute but look where we are today.

    We botched winning the EPL this season but let’s hope we can make another massive step next season and that is to win it.

    City are not invincible and are beatable but we just self destructed. It was our own doing like last season against Spurs for 4th place..

  2. Arsenal was incredible, no doubt! But we need to be exceptional to beat Man City next season. We need to balance stats of why Arsenal beat Brentford 3-0 and drew 1-1 yet Brentford beat Man City back-to-back (2-1 and 1-0). What was Brentford’s magic wand? Why did Arsenal lose to Man City back-to-back (3-1 and 4-1)? In the first leg, Arsenal had 63 per cent possession against Man City’s 37 per cent; Arsenal had 2 yellow cards against Man City’s 4. Man City are masters of counter-offensive but same is their weakness. Again, the ball control by Man City players render their goalkeeper redundant and vulnerable. This suggests that we should always aim to increase our shots on targets than having advantage in ball possession; mostly shooting from the flanks than face-to-face with Ederson – the shot-stopper – if he remains Man City goalkeeper, the next time we meet. Most goals scored against the goalkeeper have come from the far right, left or low between his legs, not from high balls or the middle of the goal posts. We need to factor these observation and more in our tactics. We must learn to outsmart the Champions because only Arsenal have been invincibles and will continue to set such records.

  3. incorrect Arsenal handed the title to Man City – The Arsenal players were dreadful against Southampton, West Ham. Brighton and Nottingham forest. I don’t see Arsenal in the top four next season unless they sign top class players – I hope Declan Rice goes to Germany (Total Over Rated)!!!

    1. Lol.
      Do some of you ever look at anything with a mature balanced head? Always pessimistic/ cynical.

      This is the sort of absolute sensationalism that gets my head spinning. I sometime ask myself how some of you decipher information.

      The same people that said that the 2021-22 season was the only opportunity we had to make Top 4 as all the other Top 6 teams had underperformed. Then this season we finish 2nd on 84 point with the so called Top 6 doing Fck all.

      We ourselves are a serious Top 4 team now. No other Top 6 clubs apart from City scares anymore me like they used to. We are as good if not much better than all of them today. They also are terrified of us.

      We have been progressing in most aspects each and every season since Arteta took over. It’s not just the positions we finish in. It’s all the other parts on and off the field. We are not going to stand still while the other so called Top 6 teams improve. They now are scared of us too for the first time in a long time.

      Let’s not carry on with this kind of negativity into another season. It’s draining for the players and other fans that have continued to see the progress and positive since Arteta took over. The over the top sensationalistic pessimism and negativity is really draining.

      1. Well said Goonster I agree with you, but be careful as I got accused of “toxic positivity” recently 😊.

      2. Goonster – you are totally right, but it will always be a losing battle to convince pessimistic fans until we win something (preferrably the PL).
        It’s been massively disappointing for us all that we didn’t win the title when it was there for the taking, but tomorrow is another day and I think we’ll be better next season having learnt from our mistakes. Having said that, we may not be as successful as we were this season if Liverpool and United improve as well. Like you I have faith in our lads, but we have to accept that not everyone does. I’ve been saying for years that City are not gods and can (and will) be overcome sooner or later. Some people seem to believe that City under Guardiola are superhumanly great. They are not.

      3. Goonster I share your rational, balanced and sensible coments , along with the others(above) who replied sensibly to you.

        But my long held view as a dedicated studier of the human condition, is that in all walks of life – and our own fanbase is not different from the universal norm – a proportion of folk will always seek out negativity, bitterness and resentment at what they perceive as happenings that are not perfect for thim personally.

        Just as others will look sensibly, not indulge in totally unrealistic expectations and in a too small time frame too. And these rational worldly wise types will go through life with their eyes up, their optimistic nature intact and will not torture themselves needlessly with harmful and self damaging negativity.
        That is a life lesson that all rational , sensible human watchers will easily agree about.
        Put more simply, we humans divide into optimists and pessimists.
        JA is a perfect example of this truism.

        1. Jon – I’m not optimistic, but I learned a long time ago that because of the travails we have to encounter it is best to protect ourselves so that we counter the negative things that lurk around most corners. This is an in-built sense I have kept throughout my life. I can tell you many unfortunate souls do not sense the dangers that are out there and end up punished for their short-sightedness. In football terms remember Laurie Cunningham – I needn’t say anymore about him.
          Ivan Toney is going to “suffer” for a while now because of his stupidity.
          So I’m not an optimist, just a realist and that has saved my life. Saw my younger sister die early because despite warning her about the perils of smoking, drinking etc she didn’t listen and I miss her every day.

          1. EG Truly sorry to hear of your personal tragedy.

            My own worst ever personal tragedy was losing my only son, Robin, to leukemia aged 13 months, back in the seventies.

            It affected me for a great many years and still tempers my own reaction towards such as Jehovahs Witnesses, to whom I have been openly hostile on many occasions, mainly when they call at my door,.

            But we all suffer tragedy in life and not single one of us canhope to avoid it completely, assuming we live to a mature age ourselves. All we can do is to se ourselves as firmly among oiur global fellow creatures in this misfortune and to see humanity as both individuals and as a whole too.

            I find comfort in that shared humanity And that fact is also one ,among many other reasons, why I find bigotry and prejudice against any other person whose outward package or wrapping, seems different from my own, to be unthinking, retrograde and to be avoided like the plague.

            I also believe it is our SACRED DUTY, all of us, to stand resolutely against it, whenever and wherever it rears its evil head.
            My own optimistic, relistic, outlook for our race is borne of realism that good outweighs evil throughout our globe, by a factor of countless times to each evil act.

            1. Jon – Oh Jon hearing of your son has really upset me. I am so sorry. That has really upset me Jon.

            2. @Jon
              I am seriously feeling your pain for losing your son, but I’m sorry but I don’t think we should be discussing such personal emotional angst on a football forum.

              Please persuade EVGunner to email me for your personal email address, and if he doesn’t want it, then please refrain from revealing such personal details on JA.

              1. Sorry I just posted to you below. In case you don’t notice it, what is the email address I should use to contact you off site ?

  4. There’ll be new players next time around so I hope we get them in before preseason as we need them to click early, esp now that Granit is gone his replacement will need to hit the ground running. We might too have a new defensive midfielder but I hope we hold onto Partey as we need depth. That’s why the Granit one is a bit strange because he would’ve made a great squad player. Smith Rowe was said to be training in that position maybe he’s seen as the second choice to ACM. A brand-new engine room will hopefully do the trick along with one or two more. Big summer ahead

    1. EG it is as PAT says.

      I gave him permission a week ago to let you have my private email address and I very much hope you will then get in touch privately .

      Thanks for your sympathy, but I only revealed my own loss in an effort towards empathy with your OWN tragic loss of your sister.

      And I WILL now heed Pats advice not to refer to such things again, at least NOT on JA.

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