De Bruyne’s absence must give Arsenal a big chance against City, no?

Will losing De Bruyne really make City struggle?

The near top of the table clash takes place over the weekend when we come face to face against Manchester City after the return from international duty. And what a clash it is set to be as the master yet again takes on his apprentice, surely looking for a bit of revenge.

In some negative news for City though, Sky Sports reported today that Pep Guardiola has confirmed Kevin De Bruyne is out of the clash against our boys over the weekend, Gabriel Jesus has also been ruled out but Sergio Aguero could be set to make some form of an appearance in his comeback from injury.

To be without De Bruyne was to be expected given that he flew back from international duty after sustaining an injury, but of course we know that Manchester City is not a one man team and even without him they surely will pose a threat to us as they always manage to do.

But there is one key difference from previous games up to now, the mentality and tactical approach of our team, gives us a little bit more of an edge and everybody will talk if we lose saying how we still have a lot more to work on, of course we do, but the change Arteta has made, has been very very impressive so far and whatever happens on the weekend against City we can be sure that things will only be getting better for our boys regardless.

I have no doubt that we can’t pull off yet another top performance against City but if that is not to be the case then will it really be the end of the world, will Arsenal really be in “a crisis” or will it be something we can bounce back from and take positives, knowing what we would need to work on? as we did when we lost to Liverpool in our third game of the season?

Will it be a case of no De Bruyne, no problem for our boys? Here’s hoping hey Gooners?


Shenel Osman

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    1. No you are wrong, one man can change teams like city, we saw what Mane absent caused against Villa. No de bruyne no gabriel Jesus will surely affect them but it’s left to us to know how can can hurt them without those key players.

    2. Well Simon, according to some fans on here, one of our players is the cause of everything wrong with our team whether he plays or not, so let’s hope De Bruyne has the same influence for City.

      1. Not true though , your statement though, is it KEN! Ozil is not even in the squad these days and the team is far from perfect, so by definition CANNOT be the cause of “everything wrong.”

        And IF you can point out who and when these mysterious “some fans” are, I will happily read their comments , But the problem is , they do not exist, because no one including you, thinks that anyone has said that “everything wrong with our team” is caused by Ozil. I never have said this and neither has anyone else! The WHOLE truth please Ken, not your warped version of it!

  1. They still have the ever dangerous Sterling, Marez and Bernardo Silva along with Phil Phoden. We have to be on our toes but I think we still have the upper hand in terms of mentality and current form. Up the Gunners!

    1. Sterling has not been in too form for a while so also Silva and Mahrez has not really been the Mahrez of Leicester.

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