De Gea injury gives Arsenal GREAT chance to punish Man United

Arsenal fans are sick and tired but also well used to having a long list of players on the sidelines due to injury problems and this season has been no different so far. But at least we are not alone this time, as our big Premier League rivals for a top four finish, Manchester United, are even worse off than Arsenal at the minute.

And their latest casualty gives the Gunners a great chance to put them to the sword when Louis van Gaal and his players arrive at the Emirates next Saturday. Their Spanish international keeper David De Gea has been arguably their best player this season. He has certainly been the most important as he has rescued them from countless dismal defensive showings with a string of top class saves.

But he will not be able to help them against the Gunners, who with the likes of Danny Welbeck and Alexis Sanchez will be bound to trouble the United goal, because the keeper has dislocated his finger on international duty and could miss up to four weeks of football.

We do have our own defensive problems, of course, and we are still sweating on the fitness of Laurent Koscielny. But if that game is to be all about attack and a question of who can score more, then the absence of De Gea is a massive boost for Arsenal.

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      1. Also Lindegaard is also injured so who knows who will be playing in net for them. But in all honesty if we don’t win this game Wenger should step down.

    1. In an old fashioned Wenger way, we’ll score the first goal, then concede two in the late second half because we didnt change tactics or lost the spirit to keep on pushing for the dominance in the game. No matter the situation, i never think we’ll win against manure under wenger.

      Hope Welbeck nets a couple of goals though, as manure fans keep on slammin us for hating RVC*nt for leaving us for a rival – and scoring notoriously against us. Let them eat their own words

  1. I dont believe this will be enough. To get anything we’ll need sanchez to aave us again, welbeck do well after his england showing and other players stepping up. Last year we played okay and still got outdone by rvps header due to our defensive frailties. Everyday our defence will be our undoing and man u will have falcao and rvp back along with most of their defenders. Looking forward to dec 13th when apparently kos and dubuchyy return. Even then we have per 🙁 jan cant come soon enough,wengers last chance for nme to buy the starting cb we need and dm enforcer, (kondgobia please). Fail in jan will be ‘p45’s in the post!’ For wenger.

  2. @archimedes. Not sure how fit they’ll be but most of their 10 players injured are due back ahead of our gane, (check physio room). To return s include, degea, rafeal, evans, jones, falcao, rooney. Still out are young, blind, Carrick, rojo.

    1. Regarless of that, I expect nothing but a victory.

      If we can’t beat them now, we will never beat them or any better team for the rest of the season

  3. Yes this really is a great chance
    to beat United.
    Our players need to fulfil their
    potential individualy and collectively.
    Wilshere has been with the club 16 years
    Walcott 8 years Gibbs 6 years Ramsey 6 years
    Szcz 7 years Chamberlain 4th season Cazorla Mertz
    Monreal Arteta Giroud Podolski 3rd season yet they all
    often play like they are all rookies and just met in the tunnel.
    Sanchez alone has kept Arsenal out of the bottom ten
    like Ramsey did early last season.
    Wenger is 30 years in the managing game
    18 at Arsenal and is paid 8 mill per year.
    Surely he can rouse this group and finish second
    in the league and make the ECL semis.

  4. Depending on United injury crisis to beat them is should not make us happy. because if you look at United’s injury list, their players were injured before their Chelsea game expect De Gea, for Chelsea game they were without Rooney, Falcao, Valencia, Jones, Evans, Carrick and still they could have won that game.Against city they were without Falcao,Raphael, Jones, Evans, smalling, Rojo and they played with ten men and the almost equalized.

    Yes De Gea got injured but I think their second goal keeper is better than Szczesny.Blind also got injured today I think that might hurt united, but then again they have Fellaini, Carrick and Herrera who could play at tha position.

    United have been beaten by injury crisis since day one, but I have never heard their fans or manager make excuses of their injury for their weak run of games.Why do Arsenal fans think that we only have a chance of beating united because of their injury crisis? that’s not a big team character.

    Arsenal could not beat Anderlechet and a depleted Swanse.And United on the other hand showed great attitude against Chelsea and City with all their injured players and with the sending off.So all these we are going to beat them because of their injury crisis crap should not make us happy.

    1. C’mon man – be fair. You’re saying we should not be happy after beating United for the first time in what – 4 years?

      I will be as happy as a pig in sh1t.

    2. I haven’t see any reason for us to be happy… You remember United gave us a huge defeat (8-2) if not our biggest defeat….though their defense and ours is not good at the moment, bt they’ve got a better DM who can shield d defense, we hvnt… That’s what makes the big difference…

  5. If wenger is serious about beating UTD he will have to play rosicky and walcott from the get go. He will also have to play bellerin as a RB, move chambers as CB and get monreal out of there. Or put monreal as a RB, chambers/bfg as cb. Either way i wouldn’t play monreal as a CB in this game or we’ll get hammered.

  6. Don’t be surprise if United should beat us again… Imagine Metz and Monreal against Falcao and RVP.. If Wenger can’t come alive with his selections of players 4 dt game, then we’ll definitely be trashed whether d whole of United 1st team players are playing or not.
    We need to show character like the one we showed against Chelsea and Man city… Cos records can just repeat itself… It’s very difficult for Arsenal to beat United whether they’re all injured or not

  7. They still have enough quality on the pitch to hurt our weak defence i am ready with my Wenger out banger hope all the supporters who think its also time for change don’t bottle it and go through with showing the bangers and singing say we want Wenger out! Time to stop all the talking and take action!

  8. I see a few people talking about Falcao and RVP. RVP is always up for the occasion, but the problem is going to be DiMaria. If he feels like having a go, it could be really tough. I’m really looking forward to this match. At this point nothing is going to surprise me, and I can’t wait. I Wenger going to leave Walcott on the bench? Do people still believe Carzola deserves to start(NOT RHETORICAL?) Ramsey and/or Wilshere?
    Win or lose, I only see this as progress. If we win, the benefit is clear. If we tie or lose the amount of pressure on the club will be so high that something will have to give in regards to the squad/january, and if it doesn’t give it will be clear that Wenger’s competency must be questioned by the board. If that doesn’t happen, then I guess we will have to accept supporting a squad that doesn’t intend to challenge for titles, or i d k.
    Side note, I’ve been really disappointed all season seeing Rosicky on the bench. Im mean ffs, his goals against tottenham…? give the guy a big match. Cazorla FA cup free kick was great, but he isn’t playing any better than Mozart can.

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