Deadline day could turn out brilliantly if latest Arsenal rumour happens

Opinions will be split on the arrival of David Luiz from Chelsea to Arsenal but one transfer that will unite almost every single Arsenal fan is that of Shkodran Mustafi.

According to the Sun, Arsenal will allow the German defender to leave the Emirates once the Luiz deal is complete with a move to the French Ligue 1 the most likely destination.

It is not known whether it would be just a loan deal or a permanent deal.

If this happens it would the cherry on top the cake for the Arsenal faithful, they have been screaming for Mustafi to be let go and it now appears there is a chance of that actually happening.

Mustafi has never really made it work at Arsenal, he has proven to be error-prone, his judgement is questionable and his positional sense leaves a lot to be desired.

The idea that Arsenal would enter a new season with the 27-year-old still in the team would have put a dampener on what has been a successful transfer window so far.

It must be said that it is just the tabloids going with this right now but it would not surprise me if we do see the back of Mustafi by the close of the window at 17.00 UK time today.


  1. Be positive people Luis in Mustafi out!
    David Luis talks more on pitch so should lead to better communication and less fopars.
    Has to be better than Mustafi

  2. This would be great.

    Also I hope we sell Iwobi for 38-40 million to Everton and use this money to get Zaha.

    1. Masa Zaha is nothing less than 80m
      Arsenal must keep iwobi for another season
      If Everton make 50m for iwobi dat good business

  3. Selling Iwobi for over £30m and getting rid of Mystafi and possibly Elneny will be a great conclusion to Arsenal’s transfer dealings.
    Hopefully the Manager will now be able to work out in his head and on the pitch the best tactics and formation to suit the players he now has available.

  4. This David Luiz signing is a bit weird.

    So we are going to pay £8 million for a 32 year old (Mustafi) headless chicken defender.

    We are going to offer him a 2 year contract on at least £90,000- £100,000 a week.

    But we could not give all this to our model defender (Koscielny) that had been with us for 8 or so years. But instead we were offering him a 2 year contract in half his £90,000 a week wages. So basically we were going to offer him about £50,000-£60,000 a week.

    No wonder he behaved the way he did.

    1. DL was able to play 36games last season for Chelsea much more than our captain, a year younger than Kos, much more commanding and has a fierce side that non of our defenders had.
      I cant imagine a Deney bullying DL unlike Kos. What is more he is used to playing the system our manager is trying to implement and his tall and good in the air.
      DL is also a temporary fix as it will allow Mavro, Holding, Saliba and Zedley more to develop.
      I love Kos still but if am to pick between the two. Luis is my choice. I mean Luis and Sokratis as our CB doesnt look fragile since we have paccy Full backs and Keeper to cover on the break.

      1. And Luis can play right across the back line, as well as DM. Also he has been a member of the Chelsea team which won the EPL, the Champions League and two Europa Leagues.

  5. David Luiz would definitely be an improvement over Mustafi

    Luiz and Sokratis would be considerably better than Mustafi and Sokratis

  6. I can’t deny Luiz would be a good signing for a couple of years. He knows how to win things. If Mustafi goes that would be the icing on the cake. Luiz, Holding, Mavroponos, and Socratis would see us through the year. My one big worry is that Xhaka is going to be first choice in midfield. I can never forgive him for giving THAT penalty fouling Solly March unnecessarily against Brighton. Cost us top 4 and Champions League. He is so lacking in concentration, slow and impulsive, how he gets in the team is beyond me. You are a reserve Xhaka.

  7. The greatest problem we have will still be there at the club. In fact they are going to make the problem club captain
    I really cannot tolerate the sight of him trying to play football, it’s painful. Can we get rid of Xhaka please.
    The numbers provide evidence that Mustafi is a better center back than David Luiz, clearly this last minute desperate decision has come from the new sports director who seems to be directing the club towards old worn out second hand Brazilian players as the solution to every situation.

    1. Like martinelli? Considering he’s the only other Brazilian we’ve signed? Or everton? Or coutinho? Still trying to figure out your problem with the arsenal transfer window. Also, Mustafis numbers are really good I agree. Better than Van Dyk so I’m guessing he should just be the one we keep and not sign anyone

    2. Do the same numbers not show that mustafi is better than maguire? Should we ask for more? I have my reservations about luiz but hes awsome in the hair and thats what were missed the most imo

    3. According to numbers Mustafi is even better than Maguire. Numbers are just numbers sometimes

      1. Xhaka & mustafi are masters in racking up numbers? But those numbers doesn’t include how many points they directly not indirectly cost us.

  8. I really dont understand why everyone is on Mustafi’s back, granted he’s made a few mistakes but he’s really not as bad as all that someone on this site already said having Xhaka in the midfield would make any defender look pants, we have by far lost more games due to Xhaka than anybody else on the pitch and nobody seems to be calling for his head, that being said whilst he wears an Arsenal shirt he deserves the full support of the 12th man

    1. Agree 100%
      Mustafi is our 3rd choice right back and maybe 4th choice CB. He’s committed and gives his all. Arsenal supporters are the worst.
      That being said, I’d love it if Ozil was sold ??

  9. Is Luiz even an upgrade on Mustafi? We have all summer to get in a quality CB, yet we sign a calamitous player, that could possibly be described as a defender? Truly shocking signing, that makes zero sense. Luiz actually weakens us even further!

    Yet again, we sign a reject from one of our rivals, and I can’t even blame Wenger for this one.

    1. Oh my goodness Luiz weakens us
      Luiz to juventus I can say yes
      He weakens them.. but Luiz to
      Arsenal I can’t believe this..

      Don’t like the player yes it’s
      Understandable as I too don’t
      Like him but he is better than
      All our current defenders(both injured and healthy)

      1. Maybe I got carried away saying he weakens us even further, but he certainly doesn’t strengthen us. At best, we stay the same. CB was our weakest area, so it’s very disappointing we haven’t signed a quality CB.

        1. The way it looks, from all indications
          Is that arsenal didn’t plan for a quick
          Fix in CB department maybe their plan
          Was to keep everyone and monitor how
          The young CB’S will fair this tenor that
          will give Them a clear picture of who and
          who is Good enough and who to move on with

    2. Earlier we have rumors that Toby Alderweireld desperate to leave Spurs. Some even suggest we should bought him.. why Arsenal didn’t try to sign him.. he is really great defender

  10. Whatever else may or may not happen at this point I am very happy with this transfer window. It’s been the best in years! Anyone that says otherwise needs their head checking.

    We now need to get behind the team, the board and everyone else at Arsenal – stop squabbling amongst ourselves and make the Emirates a fortress and be united as a fan base. Our in house squabbling has made us the laughing stock as a fan base to other teams and it is important now Win, lose or draw we get behind our team.

    We have the players now to push on this season, perhaps not to win the EPL but certainly to compete and we have a lot of young talent coming up through the ranks.

    I don’t mind If we don’t win, but I want us to be a team to be reckoned with and feared again. Most of all for us fans to come together and get behind the team and remember we are all on the same side and want the same thing.

    Come on you Gunners…let’s have the season of our lives!

  11. I am surprised Arsenal are in the process of signing David Luis from Chelsea. If only for 2 years then a stop gap. Why did Arsenal not go for his team mate Gary Carhill a much better prospect. A real defender we don’t want Mustfi mark 2 an error prone defender again.

    1. I myself didn’t see why we didn’t move for cahil if it’s a stop gap we want but in truth this all shows the club didn’t plan for Kochielny departure all along

    2. Cahill was deemed worse by both Conte and Sarri, so they may know something. The bigger issue is Luiz can play from the back, which Emery wants, and may even provide long passes to Auba or Pepe, whereas Cahill is not your ball-playing CB.

      But as I said earlier, even Cahill would for me be an upgrade on Mustafi and Chambers.

      1. Exactly right, Diogenes. Some people on here should stop wasting their time and apply for a full time coaching position; they obviously know more than Conte, Sarri and Emery.
        Luiz even praised Emery as a good coach, having passed through PSG, but what would he know?

  12. I see the imminent Luiz signing as sheer pragmatism. Luiz is 32, error prone and something of a maverick. However, he is also tall, good in the air ,has pace, is a good long passer and has physical strength. He is far from an ideal choice but is clearly third(at least!) CB purchase choice, given the absence of real funds from KROENKE. Then will his capture improve our CB crisis? YES IT WILL. But will it improve us enough to be serious top four contenders? Answer to that is, not by itself BUT it is a stepping stone and taken together with the other incomings and outgoings,(please God that Mustafi leaves TODAY!) we have at least some hope of top four. City and Liverpool are clearly head and shoulders above all the rest. United have strengthened well and so have and are Spuds. My view is that we are still more likely to be 5th or 6th but that NEXT season we will be more seriously in the hunt, as our fast developing younger players will be a huge backup by then. THIS season is still too early for most of them, though not all of them. Not too early to play, of course, but too early to be huge difference makers. Just my take on things. Overall and despite the still weak CB hole, when given that we have to contend with Scrooge, the club has used its limited funds wisely. 5TH IS MY PREDICTION AND OBVIOUSLY I HOPE TO BE PROVED WRONG, hopefully in the right direction though, not the wrong one.

    Assumning both Tierney and Luiz complete today, our main first eleven weaknesses, once all are fit, IMO, will then be at CB, Bellerin who cannot defend, though he can attack; if Ozil and/or Mkhi are first choices, as laziness ALWAYS weakens ANY team. And the appalling but likely prospect that Xhaka will still be picked. His likely inclusion is my biggest gripe with UE and how he is managing us in general. These clear weaknesses apart, most of which are NOT his fault, I remain a huge UE fan!

  13. At list swapping Mustafi for Luis make sense and i basically know its our Brazilian EDU who is making the job of transfer market look easy for Arsenal, Emery and Sanlehi. So my credit goes for all the three. Conz

  14. I don’t get all the negativity, feels like a pragmatic signing for the next year or two.

    Let’s look at the positives, who expected the club to invest anything like they have at the start of the summer?

    Like Sam Cooke says, let’s accentuate the positive. Top four should definitely be achievable this year.

  15. I have no complaint about Luiz. He is just way above Mustafi/Chambers/Sokratis. Interesting.

  16. Look at the stats betw Mustafi and Maguire or whats his name and you will marvel. Why don’t we respect our own. Anyways i think he will still be here by the end of the transfer window

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