Deadline set for Arsenal target’s deal to be struck

Alvaro Morata has declared that he wants a move to be wrapped up by June 13, before the Spain team play their opening match of the European Championship.

The striker is firmly expected to make a move away from Juventus this summer, with Real Madrid keen to trigger a buy-back clause, before selling him on for a profit.

The Spanish giants are looking to entice Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal into some form of bidding war, as they seek to make a vast profit on the £22 Million they are set to pay to bring him back to the club. The latter pair are most heavily linked, while he is claimed to prefer a switch to the Emirates.

Morata has now revealed how he is hoping to have his future all wrapped up prior to playing in his first competitive game in June. Spain are scheduled to take on the Czech Republic on June 13.

He said: “Hopefully everything will be resolved before the 13th, Spain’s first game.

“Because it is uncomfortable to be here thinking about helping your country with a phone in your hand. Let’s see what happens at the end and where I play.”

Arsenal are in desperate need of more options up front, with Danny Welbeck having been ruled out until February following the knee injury he picked up in the latter stages of the Premier League campaign.

There is also talk of a possible exit for under-fire forward Theo Walcott, who is linked with a move to West Ham.

Hopefully Morata can be the first of two incoming forwards, who will help us battle for the PL title next season. The Spaniard has shown himself to be a big game player, and with the host of top managers having moved to England in recent years, there will be a number of big games to be played next season.

Is Morata top of your list to join us this summer?

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  1. I would like to see better potions than Morata …


    Marco Reus left out of Germany squad …
    How come !! really very good player to be left out …

  2. The Morata obsession continues! We’ve needed a top striker for four years, yet some Arsenal fans seem desperate for us to slash £40m plus, for a downgrade on Giroud!

    While we’re at it, how about £20m for Ryan Shawcross, and £30m for Victor Moses! We need those positions strengthened as well.

  3. If we are going to buy a youngster with potential might as well sign Breel Embolo from Basel. Those who’ve seen him play know he is a great prospect and already starts for the Swiss national team.

    We need someone who can properly challenge Giroud, compete and even take his spot as the tip of our spear. I really don’t know why so many people are crazy about Morata. If he really was the real deal, Real would have snapped him back up right after the end of this season.

    I won’t hold my breath and believe we are getting a top striker, we’ll get a promising youngster and i hope it’s not Morata.

    1. I’ve thought the same thing about Embolo, but I dont watch the swiss league so my knowledge of him is purely based on highlight videos and hype. Does anyone watch Basel much and actually know about him?

      I’ve read that he is a target of spuds, so I’d love to snatch him from them, just for fun.

    1. @Incarnate
      So, you want Marco Reus so that Wilshere should not be lonely in treatment room ???

  4. It looks like we’ll go for potential over established becasue of the derth of available ‘top top top class’ strikers. But I am liking a lot of the rumours coming our way.

    Janssen, Morata and Embolo are all very promising players. Janssen looks to be a brilliant poacher already. While Morata and Embolo offer a target but also more dribbling trickery than Giroud and are both more like Welbeck. Embolo is probably the most intriguing as he boast pace, strength and dribbling ability. However Janssen has scored the most and links play well and FINISHES chances in the 18 yard box. While Morata hasn’t scored much, he has stepped up in the biggest games this season. A good sign.

    I think Janssen or Embolo would be the better additions. Janssen for his finishing ability, link play, high work-rate and two-footedness. VERY important the last.

    and Embolo for his all round atheleticism, strength, dribbling and pace.

    BOTH would obviously be ideal since we lost Welbeck to injury and with Walcott likely to leave.

  5. Like I have said earlier, I don’t think Morata is that top striker who can get us 20+ goals in the EPL. And plus the fact that Madrid wants to make a killing by selling him for £50 million is another good reason to forget about signing him. Believe me he is not worth anything close to that and may have another Torres to Chelsea experience in our hands. For me Abumeyang is the man we must do whatever it takes to get. And think we should also get Janssen as a back up, while Giroud should be our third option.

  6. i think we should go all out for Henrikh Mkhitaryan the guys is total quality, the PL may be faster paced but when he gets chances his quality is first class, play Sanchez as striker iwobi one side him the other and giroud as a no 2. if we want to plan buy a young striker like Janssen. all we need then is a MONSTER CB

  7. Morata and Giroud are very similar, that is why i do not feel very comfortable with Arsenal purchasing him.

  8. Would prefer Icardi or Lacazette over Morata

    Also £70 Million Aubameyang would be better value for Money than £50 million Morata

  9. I’m not getting this Morata thing at all. I don’t see him as good enough but even worse he doesn’t want to go anywhere other then Madrid. Why would we want him? Why would any club other then Madrid want him?

    What does he want? Stay with us for a year or two making us uncompetitive for two years while he tries to prove a point to Madrid.

    I imagine he wants to put in a Madrid buy back clause. Are we that pathetic that we will let Madrid buy him back and sell him on for double the cost for a massive profit and then put in a buy back clause so they can get a player once he has proven he is world class TO THEM.

    It is a bad joke.

  10. If we are going to spend silly money, just buy Lukaku, power and pace, not the best first touch, but is a guarantee 20+ goals per season, he does not seem to have much injury problems either.

    Morata is not worth 50+ million more like a 20 – 30 million range and he would be no different from a Jansen, Milik or Embolo. i would therefore test Everton with a 50 million offer and see if we can negotiate amicable solution.

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