Deal confirmed – Carl Jenkinson joins Nottingham Forest in £2 Million deal

It is now official, Carl Jenkinson is no longer an Arsenal player after signing for Championship side Nottingham Forest

The 27-year-old defender made 41 Premier League appearances for Arsenal in his eight years with the club and gained one England international cap.

This is a good move for the Harlow born right-back and will give him an opportunity to resurrect his career. He never made the breakthrough at Arsenal and it became a running joke that he was still with the club after so many years when he was clearly not up to the Arsenal standard.

That said, I have no doubt that every Arsenal fan will wish him the very best in the future, he was a trier and always gave his all, even if it was not quite enough.

The reported £2 Million fee seems a little on the low side in this inflated market but at the end of the day it is still a couple of million and his wages are removed from the wage bill.


  1. I wish Good luck to Jenkinson for the future

    More wages freed up for our incoming players. So good news.

  2. We really need to get a CB right now. It seems Rugani is a done deal.
    If we can get KT too then it will be a bonus.

  3. I really wish we could have at least gotten ten mill with the sale of both players. It would have been a huge boost in our pursuit for a new CB

  4. Bellerin and Maitland-Niles are the only specialist RBs then

    If Mustafi can’t be sold, we can use him as the third RB. Or as the more defensive RB for the away matches

    1. I would hardly call AMN a specialist right back. I said on an earlier post we have one right back (bellerin) at the club. Even in the u23s there isn’t one, cos we loaned out Osei-tutu. At left back we have 5 specialist Kolasinac, Monreal, Thompson, Bola and Lopez. So why are we all clamouring for a new left back? We need a new right back, we need a new centre back.

      1. When will AMN be a specialist RB? One more year?

        I mean, Bellerin is essentially a winger who due to Bould got a role as a RB, so you call him a specialist RB.

        So sooner or later AMN can be called that as well.

        Look, we all know box-to-box is the only role where AMN can be really excellent, but not many teams play that role regularly. It’s usually a DM plus a defensive playmaker, and in front of them an AM/attacking playmaker or a support striker. AMN will either become a good RB or he will be moved on.

        On topic – only 2 mill. for Jenko is because his salary is too high for a Championship fullback. On top of that, his value will not increase when he turns 30 in 3 years.

  5. 2m is that all? ?
    I hope it works out for him & he gets to play week in, week out.. as at 27, his clock is ticking!
    It’ll seem weird not seeing him around, after all this time!!
    Good luck Jenko & thank you!

  6. we have considerably reduced our ridiculously bloated wage bill in the last 2 summer transfer windows and this will help us to buy better players. Our wage bill had a huge impact on our spending and we needed to slim it.

    transfer out last 2 years:
    Santi Cazorla
    Jeff Reine-Adélaïde
    Lucas Pérez
    Petr Čech
    Stephan Lichtsteiner
    Aaron Ramsey
    Danny Welbeck
    David Ospina
    Takuma Asano
    Laurent Koscielny
    Carl Jenkinson
    Per Mertesacker
    Jack Wilshere
    Chuba Akpom
    Joel Campbell

  7. One thing i am loving in with this new way of recruiting, we actually freeing up spots held by players that didn’t and won’t make the grade.
    I feel for Jenkinson a bit in the fact he wasn’t able to progress with us, you could never say the boy didn’t try his best in every game he played.
    But the fact is we are now another 60k per week better off, now we just need to get Elneny, Mustafi and Özil off the wage bill and the I will say we have had the best window in recent years

    1. elneny and mustafi are the most obvious choice to sell. ozil, xhaka and iwobi at worse are average so they aren’t completely useless to the squad though i wouldn’t mind them sold and replaced. our squad for the 1st time in years looks pretty slim and mostly clean of players who don’t contribute anything and clog the wage bill.

  8. I wish we could get Miki off our wage bill. He is useless and cant see him starting this season at all. But his wages are crazy like Ozil

  9. If we sell Mustafi & Elneny now then we have a very light squad unless we get a decent CB and a WingBack before tomorrows deadline. I still think we need another RB, even on loan until Hevtor is back.

    All in all been very satisfied bar Ramsey leaving with the window regarding exits from the club. Would Rather have offered Aaron a massive extension then sell Xhaka.

  10. yes !!!, another wenger pretty boy bites the dust. if we keep on going like this there will be no trace of the french fraud left, yesssssssss!!!.

  11. So, after our best defender CB, we let only RB bsside injured on, chasing injured LB tierney while we have 2 options there.

    I guess we signing Kos replacement so he can handle center back alone as Kos did without a reliable partner since vermalen. Kos asked a top defender promised for years, a condition foe jim to stay; and got sacked. But we all feel same way!

    Then need to replace Jerkinson..

  12. Wenger’s English core withering away like warts ,Theo,wilshire,Jenks sold for less than 5 bucks

  13. Jenks, you lived the dream, good luck at your new club, your welcome back anytime…thank you.

  14. So Jenko spent 8 years at Arsenal paying 41 PL games.
    Jenkinson is one of the British core who according
    to Wenger were supposed to lead Arsenal to glory.
    Koscielny spent 9 years at Arsenal and
    played 255 PL games 500% more than Jenkinson.
    So basically Jenkinson was just one of the
    30 deadwood Koz had to carry for 9 years.
    Like how much did the club get for sick note
    Jack Wilshere when he went to West Ham?
    Where was the hate for Ramsey who like a rat deserted
    the sinking ship going on a free to Juve
    so he could retire on 400k p/w.
    The club lets useless Jenko go for a pitiful 2 mill no fuss yet made a great warrior like Koz go down on his hands and knees and beg for a decent final salary package.
    Despicable behavior by the club.

    1. Agu Emen, just to comment on your last few words regarding Kos:

      He was offered a two year extension to his current contract, meaning at the age of 36, he would have earnt £3,640,000 from the extension and the same from his last year on the current contract.

      He didn’t have to get on his hands and knees, because he turned it down…

      Regarding Jenks and I quote “useless Jenko go for a pitiful £2,000,000″…so my question to you is what would you pay for a useless player? Your words not mine.

    2. Spot on.
      Very despicable behaviour from the club.

      Ramsey could have easily fetched us £50m this transfer if he renewed his contract.
      But he cunningly ran his contract down, and left for free to go earn ridiculous salary at Juve at Arsenal’s expense, and he is supposed to be a true legend, because he went about his sabotage silently and cooly?

      A player we trained and endured his bad formative years, only for him to leave us empty handed with no money to replace him when he is at the peak of his career.

      But Koscielny who has been the best defender in this club for the past 6years plus, gave his best years to this club, never for once held the club at the jugular demanding for extravagant wage increment, stayed faithful to the club when he could have moved to better clubs at his peak, is now being made a villain simply because he wants a final wish to play in his homeland for last few years of his career?

      Very pathetic behavior from Arsenal hierarchy and fans denigrating Koscielny.

  15. Good news but on the other hand I received the news with a little bit of disappointed me knowing fully well that he is a Gunner through and through who fought for the badge.i wish him the best as he moved on to another challenge.goodluck Jenko

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