“Dear Mr Wenger” – from a lifelong Arsenal fan

Since Jamie Vardy turned down Arsenal, the fans have been waiting for Wenger to nail another top class striker as competition for Olivier Giroud, but it would seem that we are all becoming very impatient with just three weeks to go until the start of the season. This letter from a lifelong Arsenal fan sums up all ourfrustrations…..

From an Arsenal Supporter of 45 years…

Dear Mr Wenger

It is well known and acknowledged by yourself that we need a striker (world-class according to your standards) for the upcoming season. The financial constraints have been cut, we are profitable and now we shoot to achieve ambition. There is no logical reason why we can’t secure the personnel we need.

So, Mr Wenger, if we don’t secure this striker, then I will put my support for Arsenal on hold until you leave. From reading the financial statements of the AFC, we are too comfortable…you don’t achieve growth without stressing your balance sheet or P&L…we aren’t stressing them one bit! and with Central Banks looking to lower rates, the return from AFC is going to look a lot more attractive. Mr Wenger, your obligation is to the club and the football we play to win trophies and the club is nothing without the FANS! I can’t speak for them, but if they feel like I do…you’re destroying the club.

I was here before you and I will be here after you…Spend +GBP80m on a striker and get the job done.You can, and you should..if you don’t then your legacy will be known as the “Wasted Years with Wenger”.



  1. I really don’t have much hope left of us signing anyone half decent. At best I think it’ll be the usual deadline day panic signing. We’re heading into a really tough start to the season with half our first team missing and inadequate squad depth. Poor management.

  2. there is no legacy without achievements, sir Alex had a legacy but Wenger Nahhhhhh, anyways in his mind he thinks he has one but IMO he doesn’t, i know the AKB”s will disagree…. Anyways i really can’t wait for him to resign or retire and let someone else with desire and passion take over and lead our beloved team to GLORY once again, ARSENE’s past his glory days.

  3. Jamie Vardy was never going to replace Giroud. If we got him he would be on the front line however. Vardy had 24 goals and 6 assists in 36 starts. Giroud had 24 goals and 6 assists in 37 starts.

    1. How many of Giroud’s goals scored Arsenal a point?
      How many of Vardy’s goals scored Leicester a point?

      1. He scored plenty 1st goals which is always an important goal. I just threw that stat out because some think he can’t score.

      1. I’m aware of the PL stats. If you are playing midweek against Bayern and scoring goals and then rested on Sat. It would seem to me he probably wouldn’t have as many as Vardy in league.

        Not sure how many spot kicks he had?
        Vardy had a great year not doubt but so did OG. The problem is Sanchez and Giroud needed another 20 goal scorer on their side.

        1. A great year indeed … I am just amazed bayern real barca psg city and utd are not falling over themselves trying to sign the man …what’s wrong with them …defences tremble at the knees when they see his name on the team sheet ..his finishing prowess is …well …. Uhhh …. Average!!!!!!!???? No wonder wenger gets away with his corporatized bs …

      2. Vardy scored 1 goal from open play for every 168 minutes on the pitch. Giroud scored from open play once for every 165 minutes on the pitch. If you want to compare strikers, that’s the stat that matters because it strips away the effect of minutes played and penalties taken.The value of a striker is in the goals he scores when his team is on the attack. Giroud is second best in the league this year, behind Aguero. That’s excellent company.

        Vardy will never see 20 league goals in the PL again. Giroud has averaged 20 goals in all competitions in his four years with Arsenal. He’s a class player who gives his all in all competitions and Arsenal should be glad he is a top pro, because in his place, with the shit he’s been given, I’d ask for a move away.

    2. Funny. You were compared Vardy’s one season EPL stats to Giroud one season all competitions (EPL, ECL, and FA) Jim A. Giroud scored 16 at EPL. If Vardy involved other competition last season, he’ll scored more than Giroud.

  4. To win the PL we at least need to win 25 matches to be within a shout of wining it that requires a minimum of 75 goals without conceding so we need attack minded players and defensive minded players
    from looking at our attaching force gerouid around 20 alexis 20 thats 40 we need another 35 and than we have the champion league and cup matches on the top of it all we got to consider form fatigue knocks and injuries
    can the midfield score another 40 another 40 goals have to come from somewhere so physics tells me so another good striker with 25 so goals is required for the math to make any sense

    1. Exactly (Most champions have a scorer of at least 20 minimum, but ideally mid20s or higher)
      2015/16- Leicester – Vardy 24 goals (Mahrez 17 higher than Giroud 16)
      2014/15-Chelsea- Costa 20 goals
      2013/14- Toure 20/Aguero 17
      2012/13- Aguero 23 goals
      2011/12- RVP 30 goals and Rooney 27 goals
      2010/11- Berbatov 20 goals
      2009/10- Drogba 29 goals
      2008/09 was last season Champion top scorer was below 20 (Ronaldo 19 goals)
      2007/08 Ronaldo 31 goals
      You get the point

      Arsenal Champions Top scorer
      2003/2004 – HENRY 30 goals
      2001/2002- HENRY 24 goals

      A scorer in 20’s doesn’t guarantee a PL Title but to get a PL Title you need a scorer or two who can score in the 20’s

      1. Giroud didn’t score 20 league goals because he wasn’t on the pitch. Theo got a chance, got hurt. Giroud came in and scored. Welbeck came back and did his hero bit against Leicester and got his chances. He got hurt again, Giroud came in and scored.

        The fact is, Giroud scored more goals from open play per minute played than any other Premier League player except Sergio Aguero. Costa scored 20 goals the year Chelsea won. Giroud scored 19 that year. This year Costa did what? He scored 12 league goals to Giroud’s 16. Costa played significantly more minutes. Giroud is plenty good enough, it would be nice if the supporters actually supported him.

        1. Giroud is fine. If he is surrounded by the right players we can win the title with him. I am more concerned with the style of play since Giroud was introduced. Relying as much on hold up play and limiting width severely limits our goal scoring. How can we have such a stagnant offense with Sanchez, Ozil, Cazorla, Ramsey, and Walcott on the field?

          I just wish Walcott would return to being a winger. Last full season he played there 21 goals 14 assists in all comps. Ridiculous stats for a winger, and every team in the league was terrified of him. I still think he is underrated as a striker (though nothing special) and is decent cover, but he really needs to go back to the wing full time.

  5. Wenger is now saying that he is ready to spend big on the right player!… And I suppose the catch will now be that there isn’t any! ? ? Oh to be a Moaner! ?

    1. It’s not like he says the same thing every single year, later coming back and saying that the “right player” of “top top top quality” wasn’t available. Right?

  6. Same old Wenger out drivel. If you don’t buy a big player you have no ambition.Spus bought Roberto Soldado for £30 million and it did them no good. Man U spent £250 million and finished… wait for it… 5th. Money is important and bringing in players that make the team better is important, but the right player is the key. Getting the right player is more important than paying a lot for the wrong one.

    First of all, the idea that Arsenal or Arsene Wenger is afraid to buy big is stupid. Ozil and Sacnhez prove that. Xhaka proves that. Arsenal fans have been whining for years about players Arsenal let go. Clichy, Nasri, Van Persie, Henry, Song, Adebayor, Viera, Hleb, Fabregas, Cole etc etc. Now, for four years running, they haven’t let a senior player go and not one article about Arsenal’s transfers mention that critical face.

    Four months after Ozil arrived, so called experts were predicting he’d move to Bayern Munich in January because Arsenal lack amnbition, because he’s lost faith in Wenger, because he loves bratwrst… it’s all been lies. Ozil says, time after time, he came for Wenger and stays for Wenger. Sanchez says the same thing. Pundits know more though, right Pundit = moron, people. Including the one whowrote this stupid ‘letter’.

    The fact is, Arsenal believe in their approach and they stick to it, regardless of how popular or unpopular it is. They think they have a good team tat needs one or two players; the right players, to win the title. They’ve been top 4 for twenty plus years. It seems to mean nothing. That’s stupid.

    The so-called supporters scream that Arsenal care more about money than winning. Bullshit. There is no winning without financial stability. Some clubs, like Chelsea, Man City, and even new titleists Leicester, have achieved their place by spending a ton more than they earn. Man U, well, they earn more than half the league combined. Arsenal achieved 3 titles six seconds, and a host of thirds and fourths because they remain financially stable, with a sound plan. Three years from now Leicester will be back in the Championship or their owners will still be pouring in money by the truck load. Arsenal will still be competing at the top of the league, their stadium will be full of fans, and the people who whine will still be whining.

    Which players will make Arsenal better? Romelu Lukaku? Gonzalo Higuain? Alexandre Lacazette? Edinson Cavani? Zlatan Ibrahimovic?

    The suggesiton is that if Arsenal really wanted a player they could get him. That’s simply not true. The team has to sell and the player has to say yes. Arsenal ffered for Vardy. He said no. Why doesn’t really matter. He said no. Players say no for all kinds of reasons. Financial. Personal. Footballing.

    Napoli have been pretty adamant they don’t want to sell Higuain. They’ve offered him a new deal with the opportunity to pick his club if he stays one more year. What will Higuain do? Arsenal have, according to reports, discussed a deal with his agent. Clearly he said no. Maybe he likes Napoli? Maybe the new terms are more than Arsenal will meet? Maybe he hates London? Maybe a deal is already done? The fact is, no one ever tells the truth about transfers that don’t happen.

    Arsenal might buy someone, they might not. If they do, on transfer deadline day or not, it won’t be a ‘panic buy’. Clearly, if Arsenal cared wat people think, they’d have spent £1 billion by now. When and if they buy it will be on players they think they need who they believe will make the club better.

    1. You make many valid points about Arsenal’s pulling power, but many points are unjustified. If we had stayed at Highbury, imagine the legacy of players that would have want to come join and be a part of our history. I love Wenger for what he has done but I feel he is tiring, lacking a voice, the club are happy with him. Our hierarchy look like poision, they want their share and stability before running off into the hills. They say Arsenal are one of the most balanced booked clubs in Europe. No surprise as it is full of typical roaches that know nothing about the passion of being a fan, a cater, a cleaner, a steward, a bartender, a chip van man. Theyre all posers!Please wake up and see that our beloved Arsenal FC is slowly going backwards, other clubs spend like its been funded to them. What do we do, fund the back pockets of the leeches up top. All they want is there money business and smile. They never invest back into the club unless they have to. Wenger won’t spend its not his money, he’s been brainwashed into a business model. We need ambition and character back at the club to dispose of this mess. Our strength and conditioning apartment is a shambles, do they address it, no course they don’t too busy looking at revenue for a single summer signing just to try and put a temporary smile back on our face, just to keep the books rolling a bit longer so they can squeeze every last drop out of us hardworking fans. It’s a disgrace. It soon wont cut it as the fluctuation of money in the sport, especially the premier league is rapidly increasing. I just want our Arsenal back as much as you. The fans are divided but only because the board and Wenger alike fail to see what’s really going on. I live to see the day when we return to our glory days but looks like a long distant memory.

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