Debate: The ridiculous reaction to Arsenal’s William Saliba tweet…..

I wrote recently that we have a section of our fanbase who are happy only if they are reading what they agree with.

If they disagree, they will complain, get abusive and ask for you to be cancelled.

That’s not exclusive to football, it’s a reflection on the society we live in.

Ever since the weekend, Arsenal have come under attack, or more specifically, their social media department.

Don’t get me wrong, never go to Twitter if you’re looking for an educational debate but now the national press have waded in with their opinion.

The Gunners crime?

Congratulating William Saliba in reaching the semi-Final of the World Cup.

To be fair, whoever’s job it is to post on these platforms has congratulated every Gunner, no matter who they play for or what stage they have left Qatar.

The consensus is; it was too soon after France had beaten England and given Arsenal are an English club, they should be showing sensitivity.

Some of course worded their point of view in a more racial tone. The idea of saying well done to someone from a different country making them blush.

Some though even asked Arsenal to remove the thread.

Just think about that for a moment.

Say that out loud.

Think about that sense of entitlement.

If your team loses at sport, you feel you have the right to ask a company not to reference it because it might hurt your feelings?

If you don’t like the result, you feel you can insist how much coverage is given to the occasion?

Please don’t banter because people are feeling sensitive.

In any Sport, there has to be a winner and loser. Sometimes the line that separates the two is so small it’s Shakespearean in the stories it conjures up.

There doesn’t always have to be a dramatic reason or someone to blame for defeat.

Zero teams have a divine right to lift a trophy.

Arsenal haven’t done anything wrong that can be blamed for hurting feelings, but even if they have that’s not their responsibility.

If a tweet praising a player on the team opposing the one you support bothers you so much, talk to your parents (I assume you’re a child) or if your an adult, go see your doctor.

I mean it.

Arsenal’s priority first and foremost is like any business, to make as much money as possible.

Like any content provider, they want views, clicks and subscribers all around the world.

It’s good marketing for them to remind the casual fan that we have a potential winner in the last 4 of the World Cup.

From Arteta’s point of view his focus is keeping the team spirit high.

The family atmosphere he’s created at the Emirates has been one of our manager’s biggest successes.

So, he won’t mind the idea of the club letting players know they are all being supported by their employers.

We were proud of the connection we had with France 98 and Euro 2000.

We were delighted that Fabregas assisted Spain’s winner in the 2010 Final.

It would often be mentioned how many members of the 2014 Germany squad we had on the payroll.

Even though he’s yet to kick a ball in the tournament, Saliba will be learning so much around that winning mentality, and his experience will make him an even better defender, which only helps us.

I’m gutted England are out, one of those games that is hard to shake, will stay with me for a while.

I have zero problem though wishing Saliba all the very best..

Could be worse though.

We could be like Spurs and congratulate Richarlison online for reaching the semi-final…. After Brazil had lost!

Dan Smith


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  1. Wilo HAS kicked a ball this tourno’; he was brought on vs Tunisia when they’d already conceded (had he started, they probably wouldn’t have lost too).

  2. I very much agree.
    But I do think Arsenal’s communication dept. will learn in the future also to include a positive mentioning of player’s who have been knocked out.

  3. Absolutely nothing wrong with this, they are supporting their own.

    They would have done the same for any other Arsenal player or are English just salty because they lost?

    Imagine they don’t support Saliba and he leaves saying he was not supported, then what these same so called fans would blame the club.

    Support the club and the decision they made if you are an Arsenal fan.

    Arsenal and their players come first before any other non Arsenal person.

    1. Spot on mate, Saliba still hasn’t signed his contract its up to the club and fans to make him feel he is wanted. Some Arsenal fans on Social Media are idiots, most of whom haven’t even been to the Emirates.

    2. How petty and ridiculous that would be if Saliba refused to sign a new contract citing “The club did not congratulate me on my world cup Semi Finals progress?”.
      If that happened then I would not want such a snowflake / primadonna anywhere near Arsenal.

      Cringeworthy stuff. Isn’t it?

  4. spurs really did mess up with the Richarlison post and also emailing every supporter inviting them to their stadium to watch the semi😂. Having said that, all we had to do was congratulate Saliba and give commiserations to our English players in the same post, no problem.

  5. Yet another reason I dislike the snowflake generation. It would be laughable if it wasn’t so true.

    How small and petty, so tangled in one’s feelings that they can’t congratulate the winner.

    Club did exactly what it should by supporting its players.

    1. Exactly. We have snowflakes that think the club shouldn’t congratulate Saliba. And on the other side you have snowflakes that think that if Arsenal did not congratulate Saliba on his Semi finals then that could result in him not signing a new contract.

      Human-beings, Ey?

  6. I would like to see the club also congratulate former gunners like Emi Martinez who won the penalty shootout for Argentina, or Oli Giroud for his record breaking goals even if against England. I was even proud of Szczesny!

    1. 👍 Arsenal has had three ex and one current goalkeeper play in the world cup and one current and one ex goalkeeper make their respective countries squad. Quite an achievement for the players and the Club.

  7. Sensible piece, full of common sense. But TBH, I cannot get too interested in this everyday, oh so common non subject, even though I agree with all DAN writes. TWAS EVER THUS!
    Many people, of all generations, OF COURSE need to grow up, but that simply won’t happen and so they themselves are the ones who suffer in life from their own lack of intellect.

    I ought to feel sorry for unintelligent folk but, TBH, I dont!
    I just find them boring, thick as planks and want to slap them, even though I never would and never do.

    And I detest violence, even violent thoughts, including my own. They are not an excuse but they do exist and I need to be honest, even about my thoughts though!

  8. Club & fan should not look at player passport. No matter which nationality they are, they are Arsenal players and club/fans should support them that includes congratulating them for success or boosting their confidence when they suffer.

  9. Once your own country has been eliminated, what is wrong in fully supporting players from your Club to do well. One should wish individual success and surviving uninjured on all Arsenal players. What happened to sportsmanship?

  10. despite @wilo is not getting enough opportunity.i think the club is right to congratulate him in reaching that height as a 21 kid

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