Debuchy injury highlights Arsenal and Wenger’s transfer failings!

IN some ways, the summer transfer window that recently closed was one of the best for Arsenal fans in many a year, with some really exciting players like Alexis Sanchez coming in. But looking at it from another point of view, it was yet another disappointing one for us long suffering Gooners.

If you count the injury to Olivier Giroud, the transfers of Danny Welbeck, Mathieu Debuchy, David Ospina and Calum Chambers were not additions to the current squad, they were replacements, because we lost Bacary Sagna, Thomas Vermaelen and Lukasz Fabianski at the same time.

Arsene Wenger even edmitted that the Gunners were short in the defensive department, but still he did not sign anyone. Now that failure is coming home to roost, because Mathieu Debuchy picked up an injury in the game against Man City and, although we do not know how serious it is yet, it looks like the Frenchman will miss a good chunk of games.

So yes, we have young Chambers, but if he fills in for Debuchy, who is there in the squad for our only first team centre backs? So we could be left hoping that Per Mertesacker and Laurent Koscielny stay injury free and do not get a suspension as they have to play 90 minutes of every single game. Short sighted or what from Wenger? Did he really end that transfer window with so little defensive cover and nearly £50 million still in the bank? Can someone explain to me what the Prof was thinking.

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  1. Debuchy said on FB its not a fracture and a scan on Monday. So it might not be the end of the world but i imagine he’ll be out for several weeks.

    1. The next few weeks until Debuchy is back we will only have Monreal as a sub who can play CB, and Bellerin at RB. While we are playing in the CL and the EPL.

      This is criminal. There is no excuse for this situation. Arsene is condemning this team to failure. There are 10s of thousands of us that have bought season tickets under false promises such as “i will buy somebody if Vermaelen leaves” Where is that person?

      Last year we had Sagna whocould cover at CB and Vermaelen and we were still one player short of having 8 defenders.

      I want my money back, I want a fracking criminal investigation for incompetence and lies against that delusional old French Frack.

      I want him deported back to France where he can go Frack-up someone else’s team.

      I want him to pay for his sins against the Fans of Arsenal whom he has mistreated, despised and lied to for so long.

      Give me 5 minutes with him and ill wipe that smug smirk off his face for good.

    2. We should learn to love and support our players come hell or high water, its unfortunate that a player like Ozil has to keep playing against his own fans in addition to playing against opponents, I wonder if we have it in us to actually start supporting than trying to micro-manage our coach and slating our own players. On The issue of RBs, is there really a big difference in class between Bellerin and Jenkinson? Sit back and enjoy, make ur opinions known but not at the expense of a player’s confidence

      1. Sometimes players play like sh*t and there is nothing the manager can do, when this happens the fans usually get upset with the players, specially if the manager had subbed the worst players on the pitch and had tried different approaches to make the team work.

        In Wenger’s case, I personally find it hard to blame players who are playing our of position or out of their depth.

        Ozil is playing like s*it, if he was playing like Sh*t at number 10 I would be more upset with him, but worse than that Wenger kept him on the whole game.

        Flamini is not good enough to be the DM of this team, I cant be mad at him for that, I can only complain about the manager who did not fill that position with somebody more able.

        We have Mertesacker playing against Aguero, It is not Mert’s fault that he is one of the slowest defenders in the league playing against one of the fastest forwards. It is the managers’ fault to put him into that situation.

        So to answer your question, no I can not sit back and enjoy this train wreck to fourth year after year.

  2. Once again it’s obvious for all to see that the best days for Arsenal with Wenger at the helm of things are way behind…Until Wenger leaves Arsenal I can bet my house that we will continue to be pretenders.

    1. Sad but true.
      I don’t think we can win the league this season, in fact I know we cant. Not because we lack the quality, but I honestly believe we’ll fall short (once again) due to Wenger’s stubbornness.
      The man is tactically inept.

        1. LOL.
          On a serious note though, going forward today we looked excellent. The Ramsey and Wilshere duo is actually starting to look dangerous. I can see why Wenger is playing Ozil out wide, which is simply to allow them to play. But it wont work, Ozil has to be sacrificed if he wants to continue with them.
          I would like to see:
          Sanchez Wilshere Ramsey Walcott
          …………Flamini/ Arteta ( Would of been nice to have a Khedira/ Carvalho)

          1. 100% agree mate. If we are not going to use ozil in the middle then he should be sold. Whats the point in having the best CAM in the world and not using him. And that line up is spot on, only problem is flamini and arteta cant do it effectively. So we will conceed more goals.

            1. @Young Gun_AFC
              What good is spending 42m for a player who can’t contribute more to a team than f**kn passes?

          2. What i can tell from watching Arsenal is that Ramsey and Wilsher combo is no good. If one of them plays good the other one is bad. Wenger will never ever sacrifice Ozil. Why you ask? Bec that would be emberessing for him and damage his ego. He will rather use Ozil as a Dm and make fans turn on him then sell him off.

      1. So true, Wenger needs to go, he offers nothing to the team moving forward.
        Ozil played in ‘toys out of the pram’ mode again and should have been subbed for Ox/Rosicky/Campbel/Podolski/Carzola.

        I have always defended Ozil but the threads are wearing thin.
        A player should play for the shirt on his back.
        If Ozil had 20% of the piss and vinegar Sanchez has we would win the league!
        Can you imagine Fergie if one of his players went out for a stroll around the pitch?

    1. silver lining for bellerin. he looked great in pre-season.
      but will wenger play him at back or just put someone out of position (like flam) there?

    2. Haha “a little.”

      The good news is that we have two players that can cover all the defensive positions – Chambers and Monreal. The bad news is that they’re playing more games than our normal starting line up.

      But I agree @Jstarr. Time for some Bellerin

  3. We have a real problem on our hands but without crying too much over Wenger’s mishandling of our defensive situation this past transfer window, what worries me most is that Wenger seems as reluctant to make tactical changes in crucial spells of football matches with the players we do have.

    I think Ozil should have come off round about the 60 minute mark because he was growing more woeful as the game wore on. At 2-1 up we really should have sacrificed one of our attacking players perhaps the hardworking wilshire or ramsey and bring on an Arteta or someone defense minded to park the proverbial bus.

    Wenger’s critical decision making leaves much to be desired

  4. I’m sorry but we have really got to question wenger’s antics here… If his plan was to alter the formation so wilshere n Ramsey were the main central midfielders with no out n out no 10 n chambo coming through the ranks supposedly as a cm why would he
    a) not buy a bona fide dm to compliment those 2?
    B) buy ozil n cazorla and not a world class striker which the acquisition of costa by Chelsea has so fat proved to be necessary and
    C) not buy adequate defensive cover?

    I’m not necessarily for the Wenger out brigade but some of his decisions in the last couple of years raise a few eyebrows to say the least

    1. You have such a lovely politically correct way of pointing to Wenger’s obvious f*ck ups that it almost makes them feel inconsequential.

      Oh well, say goodbye to another year, we always have the next,,


  5. This has been a depressing day. Arsenal give up a lead, chelsea win again, fab assists again, costa scores again. 6 points behind. Debuchy injured for maybe 2 weeks i guess ( 3 months in arsenal time).
    Only think to cheer me up is mayweather getting beaten tonight.

    1. Spuds only got a draw when they should have won the game easily, from what I heard, and, POOL GOT BEAT AT ANFIELD.
      Every pundit was convinced Cty would beat us, and Chelsea were second best to Swansea for 40 minutes.
      The game at the Emirates was fantastic, and though very disappointed to concede from a set piece again, though, the rearrangement after MD was carried off surely did not help.
      So could have been a much better day, but, depressing, bit OTT there.
      Take your tablets.

      1. But chelsea won 4-2. And no, on sky sports they all either said arsenal would win or a draw. And no one cares about a spurs result because they will never be challenging for the title.
        Yeah great game for a neutral. Thats 3 draws in a row.

  6. I want to see Bellerin get a chance now. Chambers should be kept for CB cover. Arsene goes on about the youth getting a chance, this is the perfect time.
    Against Dortmund I’d play:
    Bellerin Mert Kos Monreal
    Ox Wilshere Özil Alexis
    Give Özil a chance in the middle, if it doesn’t work take him off at half time for Ramsey. Pace on the wings that will give Dortmund trouble. Bellerin is quality and without Reus, Dortmund are significantly weaker on the side. I think we would blow Dortmund away with this team.

    1. i dont like the 4141: wilshire/ozil will get in each other’s way.
      4141 is not suitable for ozil.
      for dortmund, i’d play 4231 and put caz in for ozil.
      bellerin mert koz gibbs
      arteta wilshire
      ox cazorla campbell
      … welbeck is knocking on the door + we dont have any other strikers (sanchez will be too tired with his huge work rate + we need him for nxt weekend)

      dont like arteta or flam but we don’t have a choice because we wanted to save 5M against carvalho.

      1. Only used the 4-1-4-1 because that’s what Wenger will use. No point putting another formation because it’s not gunna be used.
        Welbeck looked quality today. If he’d put that chip away, it would’ve been the perfect debut. Pace, power and he’s got technique. I think he might actually be a master transfer from Wenger.
        We definitely play Alexis. Didn’t you see him today? Why would we rest Alexis for Aston Villa when we are playing Dortmund? We are playing a good team so we need to play our best players.
        No point moaning about Flamini and Arteta either because that’s what we’ve been left with. I’m actually glad Wenger didn’t buy Carvalho. He’s overrated and extremely overpriced. He would’ve improved us, but not enough to warrant nearly £30M.

  7. Today, those boys got the result…
    Wenger is as passive as he is useless… Again, he is “just” an administrator and modern football (and what is required to achieve success) has gone over his head (or is more likely too much cope with).

    We are the only team in the league with 6 senior defenders…!!!!!!

    It is just unbelievable that every season, years after years, we seemed to debate and talk about the same things regarding our dear club…!! Usually problems or upcoming problems!!!

    This a guy who said that “Welbeck would have not been at Arsenal if he had stayed at home”….!!! F*cking arrogant twat and useless tactically unaware delusional baboon…!!

    Does he know we are allowed 3 substitutions during the game (I know he was already thinking about the Dortmund game and that is the problems…!!)?

    Where were Cazorla, Campbell and Rosicky???

    I know we are not in contention for the league (never were) or the CL (unreachable with this manager and the squad we have), so I will assume that, again, we are up for our “usual” trophy of top four.

    It is also clear that the ambition at Arsenal is very limited and as long as we get into the CL group stage, the season aims have been achieved…

    So little for the tickets prices… Total rip off !!

    Diego Simeone…. 🙂 That is a hands on coach who knows his sh*ts.

    1. 100% agree there’s not much between athletico and arsenal teams! I would say ours is better! but he gets the best out of teams and makes sure they give 100%

      1. @john0711
        the “Big” difference between Atletico and us is, they stay switched on and fight at high rate from whistle2whistle and box2box.

    2. I bet that Dieogos motto is, Workd hard or go home. Well in Wengers case it is, Do your best and if you fail, next time try again.

      Simeoune woult not tolerate any bs in the team. And Wenger is like an all forgiven Daddy manager who always trys to protects his beloved ones. ( besides poldi and Rosicky )

      1. @Ks-Gunner
        In that case it’s not about AW. It’s about the “pussy azz’d” players we got playin for us.

        1. Seriously mate. Wenger is like god in the team. He is creating those puss#ies and the ones who think of them selfs as some kind of champions do leave the club for good.

  8. You guys, you do underestimate Wenger a lot. Its not that he doesnt know what to do, its simple that he dont want to. His aim is the 4th place, and everthing + to it is ony a bonus but not a must.

    We are fighting for the 4th place bec we have turned into a 4th place team during those years. And the sad thing is that the fans have adapted to this loser mentality aready.

    1. Yes the root cause is Wenger. I don’t think he is incompetent, 17 year of management won’t make you that , more of medical illness l think. When men getting older they tend to very stubborn,, they can’t accept advise, he will do whatever he like for his own seek than for the club. Damn my idols is going for a down fall.

  9. Ramsey was clearly still affected buy his injury on international duty.
    Why is Ozil playing on the wing… This is not the German national team and we do not have the midfield quality of Joachim Low squad…!!
    £42millions are being wasted so far…!! One of the best “passeur” in the game…!!!

    Why no substitutions?????

    Wenger is delusional… This club should be competing with the best in Europe…
    In the CL, we will be, again, silent participant… At least we will get the £27-30millions that comes with it and that is the only reason we are in it anyway…!!

  10. Just take notice what Atletico Madrit is able to do with a team which is inferiour to us and let alone to Real Madrit. Its all about the team balance and the hunger for glory.

    1. @Ks-Gunner
      No. It’s all about FIGHTING…
      What good is being “Superior” when you don’t or can’t manage to “fight” from start to finish…

      1. Why should players give their all if the manager has inflicted a 4th place mentality in the team? I knew that Arsenal was finished the moment we celebrated like mad for toping the Spurs for the 4th place back then.

            1. That creepy b*stard will blame everyone ..every player ..every fan..for that teams lack of fight except the man in charge(Wenger)

              1. @goonerrctic
                And your sorry ass will blame everything on AW. The f**kn players gotta take their responsibility also ya damn dick head.

  11. Its like arsenal policy has it that players should be coated with glass at the club cos before we bought them they rarely got injured. But once they join us its one knock or injury after the other.


  13. Apparently we have already sealed the transfer of Munir El-Haddadi (Barcelona) for £9.4millions…!! Another offensive player, just the way Wenger likes them, small and skilled…!!

    And one day we will sell him for big bucks just to make another profit…!!

    Check out Diego Costa, he looks like a “beast” up front!

    We are just too far from anything of European challenges…!!

  14. Another problem in this league is the obvious incompetence of referees.
    Man City should have been playing with 9 players…!!!

    Same referees every season and same scandalous decisions…!!

  15. We were never going to win the league this year. Last year was unique in that several teams had new managers etc, and we took advantage. In reality, last year was our best chance for some years.

    Chelsea look nailed on certs for the league, followed by City followed by us, possibly, if we get some cover for our defensive frailties (injuries and tactical).

    I DO think we will get better as the season progresses, but the serious injury list is growing and we are only 4 games in..!

    We NEED to bring some players through the ranks rapidly.

    There are positives in our play, but I’m seriously concerned by our lack of squad depth. I can only hope there are plans to bring in cover from players who are free our youngsters.

    A shame, because we are playing well as an attacking unit, but defensively I dread every time the opposition is in our half…

  16. The only negative if i had to look would be Ozil. Debuchy will be covered by bellerin and chambers will be ready to cover CB. With gibbs also back we have monreal who can cover as well so that’s another plus so i’m not sure why we’re ringing the alarm bells already.

    Ozil on the other hand, i’m just at a loss for words, he was such a super star at Real. With us he looks uninterested, disenfranchised and unsatisfied, if this current situation doesn’t improve he should be let go.

    1. My opinion is that he needs to be benched, but when he does play, obviously he should play through the middle.. Benching him will provide competition – Cazorla is a more than capable replacement, yet for some reason Wenger has decided he should be a winger now too… Wilshere also looks as if he could play well as a no. 10 as well. Competition should give him more desire to perform and influence the game.

      Wenger seems to be trying a new formation of 4-1-4-1 as opposed to the old 4-2-3-1. Maybe it’s because Arteta has been injured? We played 4-2-3-1 before he was out, so we could see a return to it now that he’s back. Or maybe it’s an attempt to accommodate Wilshere and Ramsey together. But 4-1-4-1 doesn’t have a CAM position, which, I’m guessing, is why Özil and Cazorla have been played out wide. They’re too good to both be on the bench I guess.

  17. If I had to pick a defender to get injured it’d have to be Debuchy. Why? Simple – RB is the position we have the most cover for. Chambers can play there, but also Bellerin looks ready to step up. But still, the fact that we’re now reliant on two 19-year-olds highlights some significant transfer failings, especially as we sent Jenkinson out on loan. Just hope we inserted a clause that we can request him back in January…

  18. We’ll have to use Bellerin no choice as Chambers is our only cover at CB, (maybe Hayden?) nice one Arsene!
    Never mind why we didn’t sign Cesc, (I don’t care and I’m over it) what still annoys the hell out of me is the fact we let TV5 go with no CB secured as a replacement.
    And not buying a DM enforcer was also a ludicrous oversight.
    We could have been contenders but instead we make do.
    Only 4 games in and Ramsey, Gibbs, Giroud, Sanogo, Ozil, Areteta and Debuchy have picked up injuries, it’s scratching our ar*es time again and robbing Peter to feed Paul.

    Off topic, wtf happened today? A point is not bad and I’ll take it, but why didn’t Wenger yank Ozil off and bring another DM player on to see the game out, Arteta?
    His in game decisions baffle me?

  19. when I read peoples comment I laugh alot… mob mentality at work..
    why not u guys go support chelsea.. supporting arsenal is not by force..
    arsenal played better today than the 6:3 lost…
    debuchy scan results is not even out.. u guys have began clicking the PANIC BUTTON… its very funny the way most socalled fans reason.. this is not fifa 14 where u buy whatever you wants… if you know better than wenger go and apply for coaching job..
    its easy to be a key-coach….

    1. @Horliquegold
      Since coming here, I’ve watched how many have jumped on the “bandwagon” of negativity just to go along to get along and not get “down thumbed”
      Pathetic weak azz’d whiney moany fecks…

  20. Other managers would have shut shop at 2-1 but that prat keeps doing the same shit over n over again. I have as so much of arsenal fans lost fath in AW. If we had a world class DM we would be up the top but now same points as Liverpool ? And they have lost 2

  21. Looking at us now we are still a decent left back a Centre half and a defensive mid away from mounting a title challenge.
    We are all playing 2nd fiddle to Chelsea.
    We are not going to win the title we are playing for the top 4 and hopefully a cup win I think that is our expectations for this season.
    Wenger’s failure in the transfer market has cost us.

    1. I’m sorry but he now needs a number 2 that can say hold on mate this is how we win by shutting up shop and win ugly

  22. @horliquegold. I’m glad you are relaxed and non plus about What occurs at our club, it’s probably a good approach and outlook to have, for good health at least.
    I get frustrated as we have so much quality, potential and just always fall short of finishing the job to put us right up there 🙁

  23. I can’t blame the fans for being nervous already and are touchy about WENGER, it’s been 10 years since we proper challenged or won the title.. We all can see that we have been lacking a DM, CB, Striker since 2012… The money is there, the likes of Chelsea, City, United, Liverpool and Spuds have at least tried to spend money to address the problem positions in their squads..

    We all thought this was the season where we could have at least got that DM… I was so hopeful, I don’t care about anything but we need a pacy, strong DM.. But Arteta and Flamini are slow as heck and are easily bullied off the ball.

    Just frustrating and disappointing season in season out.. That’s all.. I am getting tired of other clubs fans making fun of us, calling us a 4th place club, CL weeping boys etc..

    We seem to have become a club that is in the EPL and CL just to make up numbers.

  24. So many fans calling for Wenger’s head. Really? We’re on a 14 game unbeaten run at the moment, the longest of any team in the league. We just won the FA Cup and Community Shield. Liverpool just lost to Villa at home, no one is going RodgersOut over it.

    We have issues, but let’s not go overboard. We have 6 new players to work into our team, it’ll take a few games but we almost beat Man City – the champions – today.

    Yes, we could and certainly SHOULD have done better in the transfer window and most of us (including myself) are disappointed, but we have a fantastic team to get behind. We were very close to the title last season, even though injuries robbed us, and with players like Wilshere back in form and additions like Alexis, we still have a chance, plus we’ll have Walcott back soon. We can still strengthen again in January, with Giroud coming back then too we should still be able to be in the race for the title.

  25. Wenger has proved beyond reasonable doubt that his days are over.
    His performance in the transfer window was abysmal , his defense a shambles and his selection of recruits just money wasted. “Ozil needs time to adjust”. “Sanchez will become Arsenal`s saviour” etc, etc, etc!
    Tell that to Diego Costa, Cesc Fabregas, Remy and others. “Time to adjust” my arse, these are ridiculously paid professionals. Talking of professionals Ozil isn`t one, Chelsea can have him in return for Fabregas.
    On the City match: With the exception of some Wilshere brilliance we weren`t in their class.

  26. Whatever is this issue of OVER-EMPHASISING prceived TACTIC INEPT of le prof at every opportunity. the most important is for players to perform whatever tactis. is it not man c, dm – fernandiho a red card in waiting in most games. no coach has claim to superior tactics beyond the performance of the players. most fan do not want to see it or say it, but i am of belief wth szescney arsenal cannot win any title. often he is confused once ball is inbox. but arsenal start to defend afte escorting oppos to box.

    1. @RichSAAlao
      Spot the f**k on dude. Many here are so damned bigoted against AW that they’re in denial about the players part in every match…
      And save me that”well who signed the players” bullsh*t…

  27. I just want Wenger to leave and that crazy Simeone to take over and light a fire under this team. The only players that are playing with conviction are Sanchez, Wilshire and Koscielny. Ramsey is hot and cold and Flamini just doesnt have the quality to play at this level. Thats it everybody else is just watching the ball.

  28. Any Fan that ever defends, Wenger on this site is a Bastard !.
    I’m a die hard Arsenal fan that always sticks to the truth. If we had beaten City 5 – 0 some fools here would be praising wengers tactical ability & a successful transfer window blah blah bitch !!.
    My prayer for Arsenal is to continue failing woefully in such a way that wenger will be driven away. That’s why i was very unhappy with our FA cup success bcos wenger would still be at the helm of things.Till he goes… Nothing for us. Fans should stop buying tickets & start skipping home games.. Once the Club stops making profit, they’ll hear our cry.
    Thumb down – if u agree with me.
    Thumb up – if you disagree.

  29. There is very little chance you can have 3rd choice established decent defender in your team, he wouldn’t stay, that’s why Vermaelen left, even he was 2nd choice, that’s why Wenger relies on Bellerin and Hayden as 3rd choice defenders.

  30. A speedy recovery to you mathieu debuchy! Get well soon, and return to the “gunners” fit and healthy! All the best son! Coyg!

  31. Much of the injury problem is because of Wenger: he is such as frugal person deep inside himself. The team has no depth in many of the positions and not well-balanced. There are so many games to be played. Some players have to played continuously w/o any rest. EPL is so physical and many of our players are not strong enough to play so many games in a road. We cannot win any major trophies with Wenger around.

  32. Any Fan that ever defends Wenger on this site is a Bloody Fool !.
    I’m a die hard Arsenal fan that always sticks to the truth. If we had beaten City 5 – 0 some fools here would be praising wengers tactical ability & a successful transfer window blah blah bitch !!.
    My prayer for Arsenal is to continue failing woefully in such a way that wenger will be driven away. That’s why i was very unhappy with our FA cup success bcos wenger would still be at the helm of things.Till he goes… Nothing for us. Fans should stop buying tickets & start skipping home games.. Once the Club stops making profit, they’ll hear our Wenger Out cry.
    Thumb down – if u agree with me.
    Thumb up – if you disagree.

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