Debuchy injury spoils perfect day for Arsenal

You have to feel sorry for the Arsenal and France international star Mathieu Debuchy. The right back looks set for a second lengthy spell on the sidelines since his transfer to Arsenal from Newcastle United in the summer. And the Frenchman is the perfect epitome of the bad luck that the Gunners have been suffering on the injury front.

And as much as people like to blame Arsene Wenger and the medical staff at the Emirates for our terrible run of injury problems, Debuchy is proof that this is not true, at least not completely. His first ankle injury was bad enough, damaging his ankle ligaments while playing against Man City, but the one today just takes the biscuit.

A nothing looking fall, helped by a shove from the Stoke player Arnautovic, is the sort of thing you see game in, game out and every week in the Premier League with nothing more than a dirty shirt to show for them. But Debuchy was unlucky enough to fall and slide into the advert boards in such a way as to damage his head and his shoulder.

And that shoulder looked pretty bad, as it took nearly six minutes to get him on the stretcher. If it is dislocated, Debuchy could be set for anothe lengthy spell in the treatment room and could miss some vital games for us, including the Champions League double header against the French Ligue 1 club Monaco, one of the reasons he moved to Arsenal in the first place.

It is a real shame for him but also for us, as we cannot seem to just enjoy a good win, good goals and a clean sheet, but alwways have some problem to deal with. The question is, how badly will this problem cost us?

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  1. Off topic..I just herd wolves have agreed a deal for afobe I really hope its not tru cuz he been banging the goals in on loan…I hope we atleast give him till the summer to try and impress in preseason

    1. Strange one, Poldi loaned out, Sanogo about to go out on loan, rumblings regarding both Afobe and Akpom. If it was any manager other than Wenger I would think there was a grand plan in all of this – I would assume he was up to something. Assume all will be clear in the next few weeks.

      1. Afobe story surfaced last night and also doing the rounds in Joel Campbell to Benfica.

        Even though AW said we weren’t interested in bringing anyone in, if he is to ship everyone bar G-Rude & WellBack then maybes his got something cooking.

        Either that are he has gone completely mad..

        1. Just to remind you guys that we are no longer selling our best players and we’ve signed 2 world class players in the last 2 summer transfer windows.

          It makes perfect sense that he’s clearing up wages for another big signing this summer.

    2. If Akpom is barley getting a sniff at the first team, Afobe for sure won’t. I think he knows his career lies elsewhere. He was mainly just unlucky with injuries, its a shame. If he does leave then good luck to him 🙂

  2. Totally agree re afobe. Off topic imy keen to know which cb wenger has almost signed. He’s spoke of the type of defender that is s leader and coach on the pitch, he mentioned john terry. This sounds like and experienced player to me not a youngster. Have we signed jamie carragher? 🙂 just hope it’s not perrin.

  3. Can I be the first to say that Debuchy’s injury was entirely Wenger’s fault. Does anyone know how long a dislocated shoulder takes to recover from – I thought you just popped it back in and got on with it! Presume there are different types of dislocation and levels of severity. Really hope MD is back soon – hasn’t had a lot of luck has he with injury?

    1. Couldn’t agree more. Why on earth wasn’t Wenger on the pitch with open arms ready catch Debuchy’s fall?!

      That’s just unacceptable behavior!

      1. shouldve been a f*cking yellow.
        also, why dont they design grounds so as to give a larger margin on the outside???? doesnt seem it should be that hard ? or expensive ?

        1. Or put a inflatable mattresses round the ground to cushion the fall and also the fans can have a quick nap if the game is boring!

          1. And say if any fan sleeping get hurts by ball from oppsition players, he should be given a red card.

    2. If the ligaments are damaged it could take close to 1 yr before they are as strong as pre injury.
      Took my ankle close to 18 months before it was back to strength.
      Do you think Roja at Manure was out for months getting botox and skin treatments?
      Idiot statement.

  4. The Afobe sale makes perfect sense though, we’re stacked up front, we just loaned out podolski. So the decision to either sell chuba/afobe is a fair one imo and the timing is perfect because he’s been terrific with his current team.

  5. I hope wenger use belerin and not chambers at rb..the Spaniard look to have wrked on his defense duties tdy..he really did

  6. So is Afobe a sign that we buy young talented players in the hope we can make money off of them later.

    He has scored 19 goals. I don’t see why we should sell him and not keep him for the future.

    As for Debuchy. Hope he recovers soon. He is a quality RB and was impressed with How he handled CB too.

  7. Unlucky for him, though would like to see Bellerin play more, seems to great crosser and can run quite well, can’t remember him being too bad defensively. His pace helps him a lot when covering. Would prefer Chambers to be back up for Mert/Kos but obviously want another CB to be brought into the mix.

  8. Debuchy scared me. He just lay there for about a minute without moving at all. At the end, I was a bit relieved when I learned it was a shoulder injury. Get well soon.

  9. Has anyone ever had a more unlucky first season at a new club than Debuchy at Arsenal?

    If we are loaning Podolski (obviously intent to sell later), loaning Sanogo, loaning (potentially) Campbell, selling Afobe then there has got to be some type of plan on buying a big name striker. If not Le Prof has completely lost the plot.

  10. Wonder if alexis can become our inspiration like king henry was …?
    Scores goals out of nothing – wins games when the team are struggling- chases and hunts the opposition- he’s twice the player of RVP and pray he doesn’t have one season itis syndrome ..
    Actually feel positive for once and although next week will be difficult.. Without toure it’s not inconceivable to snatch 3 pts if we play with the same determination as today..
    Anyone wonder where Ramsey and Wilshere fit in when fit..?

    @ Nick .. You could be onto something .. To get rid of all the forwards.. And not bring in a replacement… Deluded or a plan to get cavani..?
    Saying that – vermalen.. Jenks.. Replacements??? Hmmm
    Debuchy now injured…. We MUST sign a defender..

    I’m quietly confident…

  11. I hope I’m wrong but I wouldn’t read too much into us getting a bigoname striker due to poldi, sanogo and afobe going out. More like wenger realises he has too many wingers and front men and wants to use campbell more maybe – giroud, sanchez, walcott, welbeck, campbell and akpom can all play up top of needed. He’s just trying to balance the books by bringing down the wage bill and in his eyes hopefully returning a healthy invenstment in the summer if and when his loanies do well and are sold. Wenger’s an economist then a coach don’t forget!

  12. My bet is AW has an eye on No.9 from Palermo Dybala.
    Supreme talent!!!

    Not a powerhouse like Cavani but will be cheaper at around £25-30 mil.

  13. It’s a pity he’s injuried again. Guys: can you recall your best arsenal performance for the previous 3 seasons. I think you will see an interesting pattern. Just give it a thought…… Everybody is saying today was our best performance of the season. Last season were whom? Liverpool, Napoli, dort or before the 5-2’s.The answer is, ROSICKY. Whenever he’s on the pitch we get fluency, security, passion, quick passing, and so on. It’s hard to understand why wenger has not used him more…… love tomas

    1. its so true, he’s my favourite arsenal player after henry and since cesc left the only player who really brings out the arsenal in our game, I dont care if he’s 34 why hasnt he played more!? we should be milking every bit of talent from him before he retires at arsenal

  14. Instead of Schneiderlin.. I reckon sissoko should be considered.. He’s similair to diaby in athleticism.. Powerful- more like a certain viera….
    If he wants to come, don’t fanny around like we did with cabbage.. Although if sissoko decides to go to PSG – why not go back in for cabbage £10m..? Maybe go the whole hog and spend £50m and get cabbage/sissoko & Cavani..

  15. Alexis is the best player we have had since Henry ( no disrespect to RVP and Fabregas)

    12 goals and 7 assists in PL, 18 goals in all competitions. I think he will score 30 goals in all competitions in first (of many) seasons.

    Every game he shows:
    Unselfishness (could have gone for hattrick but passed the ball)
    Hustle: runs down every ball
    Ball and player awareness

  16. We have taken 2 more points than chelsea during the last 9 games.
    But 6 less than city during the same period.

  17. Strange feeling about facing City next week. Not confidence, but certainly not fear either, especially as City won’t have the midfield power and presence of Toure.

    Of course, the threats of Aguero and Silva will be difficult to handle but beyond them city don’t have that many threats unless they play two strikers, meaning we can boss the midfield. I think Alexis and Cazorla at the other end of the pitch will provide just as big a threat. Fernandinho and Fernando aren’t really frightening to play against in the midfield either, I think a duo of Ramsey and Coquelin would prove more than a good match for them.

    Trying to go toe-to-toe with City would surely make for a fantastic game to watch, but I’m not sure I’d fancy our chances. After all, City do have the better defence with Kompany back from injury, though they’re still liable to leak goals. Sitting a little deeper and hitting them on the break may be a better option – Alexis, Giroud, Cazorla and Chamberlain would surely make some mean counterattacks, but do you trust our defence to hold out with all that pressure?

    It’ll be a tough game either way. For me, I think our approach should depend on how City approach the game. If they go for two strikers and four in midfield, I’d rather we tried to go toe-to-toe, I wouldn’t fancy us sitting back with Dzeko’s ability in the air as well as the threat of Aguero, plus we’d dominate the midfield with the extra man if we went for it. If they go for a 4-5-1 however, I’d opt for the counterattacking option. Aguero isn’t as much of a threat by himself if we sit back, he can’t win headers so they’d have to try and pass it through us. If you play higher up the pitch against Aguero however, he’s lethal with his pace. Either way, really looking forward to next week!

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