Debuchy offer accepted by Arsenal?

Arsenal fans have wondered all summer about whether defender Mathieu Debuchy will remain in North London for the upcoming season, or if whether the Frenchman will play his trade elsewhere. He has very much fallen out of favour at Arsenal and is unlikely to recover the first team spot at right back over the ever impressive Hector Bellerin, so with that in mind a loan move or a sale is highly anticipated.

Debuchy spent the second half of last season out on loan in his home nation of France with Ligue 1 side Bordeaux. Bordeaux were reportedly keen on agreeing another deal with Arsenal that would see the Frenchman move on a permaent basis this season, however the transfer developments on that potential deal have since gone quiet. After featuring in Arsenal’s pre-season friendlies so far in preparation of the upcoming season, it did suggest that perhaps Arsene Wenger was considering keeping Debuchy as backup to Hector Bellerin, however the latest developments surrounding the 31 year old would now seem to confirm that his Arsenal career is all but over.

Turkish journalist Gokmen Ozdemir has claimed that an agreement has been put in place between both parties, in a move that will see Debuchy spend the season with Galatasaray. Galatasaray are however yet to agree terms with the player himself. Debuchy has three years left on his contract and so any loan move that occurs will have to include a right to buy option at the end of the contract, otherwise we could see Debuchy return to the same problem again next summer. At 31 years old, it would be the perfect time to sell the Frenchman, before his value truly drops. It’s not anticipated that any potential sale of Debuchy would recover anywhere near the amount Arsenal paid Newcastle for the player just two years ago, but with Bellerin and Jenkinson proving to be better, Wenger will probably just be keen on getting the defender off Arsenal’s books.

Galatasaray may only be interested in a season long loan move at the moment, but perhaps if Debuchy impresses, then the Turkish side may want to sign the Gunner on a permanent basis.



  1. It’s today Friday the 5th of August ,2016

    and if no deal is done and no player signed before 12midnight….. We can all kiss this week goodbye


  2. Been raining all morning in a slow News day…

    At least i’m a Lil comfortable in a sweat coat & with some coffee!

  3. I thought it will be a great transfer window after signing Xhaka pretty early. Maybe I should have learnt from last season when we signed Cech early as well….Oh well, few days to the start of the new season.. .few weeks before the window shut down.. .Am I still hopeful for new signings? I can’t really say..honestly, I m discourage and disappointed with the way we handle our deals.

    1. @Uzi…….Factual thing is ……..once the League starts…… Once the major leagues (england,spain,italy,germany,france) kicks off……. No reasonable football club would be willing to do business….even if the window’s open

      cuz that would leave em no opportunity to bring in replacements….. The only players to be made available would be fringes, loanees and wantaways…. Not established stars

      don’t care what anybody says…… Early business is the best thing to do!

      1. oh yes you are right özil is indeed a fringe, loanee who is never ever an established star… we should him once the league starts cause thats what he deserves.. an unestablished fringe player as he is..

  4. No new striker? No new players? As for the last 8 seasons no recognised striker nor central defender. Sure we will be happy with 4th this season Again! Well done wenger.

    1. Agreed, who in their right mind would want to move their family to Istanbul? I would rather play 2nd fiddle to bellerin, pick up my £60k a week and do a bit of football training. Debuchy’s international career is over, he won’t be going to the world cup at 33 years of age.

  5. Another loan, why do we have such problems just selling players? Maybe Arsenal’s ridiculous wage structure is to blame or Wenger just hates selling players. Very poor transfer window so far. Just over a week before Liverpool, we’ve barely strengthened, and a lot of deadwood remains! Of course, none of this a surprise, as we all know what to expect from Wenger.

    1. We have sold/released 6, loaned out 6 and signed 4 professionals aswell as 11 scholars.

      A turnover of 27 players yeah been really quiet.

      Plus there is still 25 days left in this window. Do you know more players move in the last week of the window, compared to the rest of the window put together

      1. @atid

        You’ve conveniently missed the crucial points though – how many signed are for the starting XI? I’ll tell you, it’s only ONE! Despite the fact we need four. And how much money has been brought in through sales, which could help us in the transfer window…almost nothing!

        I know a lot of players will move in the last week, and days of the window, but this a terrible way doing things, and risky! Who will be left by then to sign! Doesn’t it also make sense to get players in before the season starts so that they have time to acclimatise to their new surroundings, tactics, team mates, etc. Wenger always leaves us so short when the season starts, that we know it’s all over before it’s even begun! I’ll leave my overall judgement on Wenger’s dealings until the window closes, but we’re in a disgraceful situation at the mo, given the money he has to spend, how week the squad is, and the fact it’s nearly a week to go! Liverpool and Leicester will be very tough even with everyone available, let alone a depleted squad.

      2. Atid, nice and positive, well done. We all tend to look at first team transfers and not the many other movements of players, basically because we are looking forward to the coming season, not one in five years time.

        Back in summer 2011 The issues were fabregas and nasri leaving and not being replaced, having to sell our best players to pay off stadium debt. We hardly noticed a young bellerin joining us.

        However I think the doom and gloom is due to raised expectations. Remember gazidis commenting a few years ago that we could afford the top players with their top salaries, then nothing happened. Media reports about our cash reserves, pundits on TV saying wenger has over 200m to spend, he should get on and spend it, if he does not then the next manager will. All the while arsenal say very little to correct this impression, vague statements that we will spend big for the right player etc. Only if you search widely do you find any comment from arsenal about what the cash reserves are for, and two years ago they were not for player transfers but for a rainy day. We then get unclear comments by kroenke which about not being involved to win championships etc.

        Basically with chelsea, manu and manc we know that they are about winning, they sack managers who do not win, in manc case they sack managers who win the PL but do not do well enough in the CL. With arsenal the management in the past talked about stadium debt, now it is the self sustaining model. Consistently the team fights to keep fourth place but bottles chances to win the PL.

        Just recently we have been getting indications from arsenal about the importance of winning. Are fans not buying so much merchandise, are waiting lists for season tickets getting shorter? Is Kroenke concerned about the value of the arsenal “brand”. We will see if these changed words result in changed action in terms of transfers and team spirit to win the PL.

  6. I for one don’t count him as a gooner anymore cos he’s not proven to be worthy of our crest….Jenkison and Hector are far better

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