Arsenal transfer plans – Debuchy out – Jenkinson in?

Is Debuchy set to leave Arsenal?

A few years back when Arsenal lost Bacary Sagna to Manchester City on a free transfer, many expected the worst. Sagna was one of our most consistent and long serving players at the club and losing him just didn’t seem right. Arsenal were linked with then Newcastle right back Mathieu Debuchy and many fans felt satisfied we were getting a decent replacement.

Fast forward two years and it turns out that the signing of Debuchy wasn’t all that it would’ve seemed. Debuchy started his career at Arsenal a little shaky in adapting to his new team but also provided solid defensive duties. Unfortunately for the Frenchman he got injured and young Hector Bellerin took his spot in the team. From that moment, Bellerin of course never looked back.

For Debuchy, his Arsenal career was over before it had barely even began because after regaining full fitness, Debuchy simply couldn’t match the quality that the Spaniard had shown. It led to Debuchy growing increasingly frustrated with Arsenal and Arsene Wenger, to the point where after a single year in North London, he was already looking to leave.

The French international failed to secure a move away in the summer transfer window, before finally having his wish granted in January, joining French Ligue 1 side Bordeaux on loan.

With his loan move away from the Emirates now up, what can we expect to see from him on his return to Arsenal? I personally think that Debuchy will secure his move away from Arsenal on a permanent basis this summer, with a number of suitors sure to look at the 30 year old. I think Wenger will favour Carl Jenkinson to take up the back up role to Hector Bellerin and so realistically there is no room left for the former Newcastle man.

Arsenal will struggle to secure a similar amount of money in his sale as to what they purchased him for, as the Gunners shelled out a reported £12 million for the player. However finances will be the last thing to cross Wenger’s mind, as surely he will simply just want Debuchy out of Arsenal. It’s unfortunate that things never really worked out for the Frenchman, however if it wasn’t for his injury, we may have never uncovered the talent in Hector Bellerin.



  1. Should’ve shipped Debuchy out last summer. Happy with Jenkinson and Bellerin as our right backs, I guess Chambers will be heading out on loan somewhere.

    1. im not happy with jenkinson.
      nor gibbs, nor theo

      our second string is basically a g- string worn by oprah winfrey
      …..smell it i dare you.

      1. Egg zaktlee Morph 🙂
        Our fist 11 has 6 top players
        4 good players and the last place
        by default goes to the best
        of the rest Ramsey.
        The second 11 is essentially rubbish
        mainly over rated overpaid home grown quota players
        of which Walcott Chamberlain Wilshere
        Chambers Wellbeck are the star turns.
        Gabriel is dubious to say the least
        Warrior Mertz is aging Cazorla is aging and now injury prone
        while Sanogo is sh#te and Asano is a shirt salesman.
        The last 5 are “promising” youngsters with “potential”.

    2. Jenkinson is equally awful as Debuchy but we must keep him for homegrown quota reasons,these quota rules are killing english clubs especially in the champions league where they go in with weaker squads that are supplemented by english players like Wilshere,Walcott,OX,Gibbs etc who are not at champions league level

  2. The Germany vs France game is proof again that possession is the most useless stat in football,I hope Wenger will ditch his awful tiki taka style football and come up with a more adaptable formation as well instead of sticking to the stale 4-2-3-1 formation!

    1. dijbril what?!
      mofo sounds like an island off the ivory coast…u need to chill

      howedes is flexible an german , so can hold ozils hand when he has to cross a traffic light

  3. Jenkinson should have stayed previously, debuchy was unfortunate but we should not have bought him in the first place.

    My concern is chambers who actually can play 3 positions, have not been allowed to specialise in one position for too long, needs time but will not be allowed to develop at arsenal, need to play some where for that game time

  4. Mathew Debuchy’s signing
    and career has been a
    horror story from whoa to go 🙂
    More like Meth you Debauchery.
    Sagna was sold because he wanted a decent wage not half
    the wage of flops and thieves like Walcott Wilshere and Rosicky.
    Wenger said Sagna was too old and too slow.
    Yet sanga has already played two superb seasons for Man City
    played brilliantly in the Champions league semi and is the French number one.
    What a brilliant mentor he was and still should be for Bellerin
    But no Arsene knew best.
    Whereas Debuchy has been a total 19 mill flop (wages included).
    Wenger no doubt will try and hock Debuchy for 9mill
    to which a French club will counter with a 2 mill bid and then
    Debuchy will probably end up at Fenerbache for 3 mill.
    What are farce.

    1. Now after the Debuchy fiasco
      Wenger has to balance the books
      by putting his blindfold on and
      rummaging through the lucky dip
      bargain bin where he found Asano
      last week and Sanogo two years ago.
      This time it’s (surprise surprise) another
      unknown,young, cheap French player.
      This time it’s a Mr Djibuti Sidibe valued at around 6 mill.
      Wenger gleefully descibres Djibuti as a” utility”
      Wenger speak for, pay for one get one free.
      Just like 18 mill Chambers was described as a “utility” on purchase.
      Now to find an unknown, young cheap, French CB
      to cover for crazy brain 16 mill Gabriel the aging Mertz and
      the under whelming 18 mill English “utility” quota player Chambers.
      All the fun of the fare.

      1. Hahaha ?
        He is valued at €15 million and since the pound is dropping faster than Wenger’s reputation, his gonna cost alot more than £6 million mate. ??

        1. Debuchy used to be a star at Lille we could throw him in the deal.

          Alternatively I would take janmaat from Newcastle and give them jenkinson

  5. Wenger is up to his usal ‘bull?’ of looking busy without any real intentions of signing the god damn players.
    He knows what the selling club wants, yet he goes through all the time wasting motions of talking to agents and agreeing person terms, only to baulk ? and double baulk ? at their valuations! ?

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Middlesbrough end up signing better player’s than Arsenal. ??

    The FA apparently want talks with Wenger, regarding the England job, I hope that they offer him 10 million a year so that he takes it…. like now! ?

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