Debuchy repeats again that he wants to leave Arsenal

We all know that Matthieu Debuchy was miserable at the beginning of the season and had the hump because he wasn’t given back his Arsenal first-team place back over the younger Hector Bellerin, and after just playing two league games and four Cup games in the first half of the season, he is now even more upset.

The France manager Didier Deschamps made it clear earlier this year that Debuchy would lose his place in the national team if he wasn’t playing regularly, and with the Euros being held in his home country next summer he is desperate to win his place back. Debuchy admitted that he had spoken to Arsene Wenger about his position. He said: “We talked about my situation in pre-season, I haven’t talked to him recently, but we’ll talk before the transfer window,” Debuchy told French radio station RMC.

“I really need to play. Didier Deschamps didn’t call me for the last two games, so it’s obvious, I’ve got to play more than I do, that’s why I want to talk to Wenger soon.

“I do have to accept it anyway, I can’t do otherwise. This situation doesn’t please me, but I have to accept it.”

“I need to have several games under my belt to be at the Euros. You can’t be in the French squad if you play a game once a month or less than that.

“You can’t be fit and mentally focused. And if I have to leave permanently or on loan to play, I will.”

I think Matthieu has made a grave mistake by talking in public before having private talks with the club, and to be honest I think Wenger will tell him to man up and realise that he has a contract at the club that is legally binding. And where would Le Prof get a replacement if he did let Debuchy leave?

Another good point is that whenever the veteran right-back has actually been given a chance to play he has been rubbish. Maybe he has lost his desire to play for Arsenal, but if another club thought about taking him on loan and checked out this season’s games, they are hardly going to be impressed are they?

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  1. optimisticgooner says:

    So its time for jenkinson to be back.

    1. frisco says:

      Arsenal is not a charity, he sign the contract for 4 years and he get paid 55.000 week to be at Arsenal, he want to play? He must be better than Bellerin simple as that, not because he fancies Europe’s championship in France Arsenal will sacrifice the team for the sake of Debuchie!!!you want to play? Deserve it.

  2. Big Gun says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Debuchy get injured, forcing Bellerin to play? Bellerin was outstanding, that is why he is number 1 choice at the moment. A bit unlucky for Debuchy as before his injury he was ok…but Bellerin has proven to be a more versatile player, especially in attack. Debuchy will find it difficult to grab and hold onto a first team spot, unless God forbid Bellerin gets a long term injury. The only time I can see it happening is if Wenger decides to play Bellerin RW and Debuchy RB – similar to the Gibbs/Monreal situation…but also a bit risky.

  3. Fatboy Gooney says:

    His timing off field is just as worse as on it,
    We have a very important game coming up (tonight)
    And the last thing wenger needs on top of all the injuries,
    Is this moaning ####!
    We haven’t won a game where Debuchy has started or played. (Drawn one and lost the rest)

    It’s a shame because he was a good player when he first arrived, but the couple of injuries he had may have knocked his confidence, (fearful of getting injured again )
    and now he is sulking instead of fighting for a place in the team.
    What makes his ego believe that he will get into the French team, when his performance has being absolutely ??
    His behaviour is not professional and I’m sure wenger will bring in a back up for Bellerin, whilst putting his boot on the end of Debuchy’s Butt!

  4. tissiam says:

    i can,t believe it,i find myself agreeing 100% with@fatboy gooney:)he took the words right out of my mouth!!!

  5. irebami001 says:

    The best he can get now is a loan move away from the emirates wt a view of a parmanent deal at the end of the season cos wt his form no top club will play him week in week out.

  6. Tas says:

    Lone him out to epl club that is below or around Chelsea

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