Debuchy warns rivals that Arsenal are on brink of brilliance!

Without some of our best players and with a fair few of the others looking a couple of weeks off being fully match sharp, Arsenal have had a pretty decent start to the season, and according to one of the new boys, Mathieu Debuchy, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

The France international right back, signed from Newcastle United this summer, has been talking about his new squad, as reported by the Daily Mail, and the defender who has just turned 29 is very impressed with his new team mates. And with the return of Lukas Podolski, Per Mertesacker and Mesut Ozil imminent, Debuchy reckons that the Gunners are on the verge of going up a gear or two very soon.

He said, “It is fantastic for me to be part of this team. When I see the squad now and I think that Ozil, Mertesacker and Podolski are still missing, it is incredible. It is an amazing squad.

“Playing with them is pure happiness, even at training it is top level.

“You have to give your best all the time because the level required is immense.

“This is another dimension. If you compare the training grounds for example, nothing at Lille or Newcastle can match the one at Arsenal. It is another world.Everything here is made to optimise your preparation and you as a player so you can be in the best condition to play and win football games.”

I agree that we can expect a lot more from Arsenal in a few weeks time, but there are some crucial games coming up quickly, especially the one against Besiktas which could see us drop out of the Champions League group stages for the first time in 16 years.

But beating Man City comfortably at Wembley, winning our opening Premier League game for five years and grinding out a draw in a tough night in Istanbul is not too bad for a team that is not quite firing on all cylinders. So maybe our rivals should hear what Debuchy has to say and be afraid, be very afraid…

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  1. NIKK says:

    Brink of brilliance?
    Yes be afraid, be very afraid….Wenger might not sign anybody!

  2. pranavTrue Gooner says:

    Ridiculous from.some fans. Full of negetivity in their words now!! Why?? Its just 2 Matches!

    1. 61 never again says:

      It like our fans are on their period 52 weeks a year just don’t stop moaning I’m just buzzing the season has started and I can watch our beloved arsenal again COYG the do the scousers tomorrow.

      1. atid says:

        Well for me it’s, 3 matches, 2 wins, no defeats and a trophy.

        All this without 6 of our best 18 players.

        With ospina, mertesacker, diaby, ozil, Walcott and podolski back in the fold anytime soon and hopefully a couple more signings we will be flying.

        1. Twig says:

          Well for me it’s 2 trophies in 10 years 🙂

    2. Darwin says:

      dont bother my dear friend, dont bother. when Arsene signed Sanchez, Arsene should stay more on brazilian beaches, Arsene is controlled by aliens and what not. we win one (not conveniently) and draw another, Arsene is the old geezer again. Not all however. Some were still wanting a striker even after Sanchez was signed, so I appreciate those guys who stuck to their views throughout. but sometimes we are too quick to judge scenario’s. Many didnt want Balo because of his behaviour, and now are sad that he is joining liverpool.

      1. ljgomez says:

        so truee about balo!!

  3. SirKnight says:

    Read somewhere at the tail end of last season Wenger was aiming for the Champions League… We have no doubt made some great signings but we need more if that is truly the aim which I really hope it is. I would love for Wenger to lift that trophy before he calls it quits…

  4. jonestown1 says:

    Why is the thread titled with something he didn’t actually say in the quotes given? I’m glad he didn’t say what the title suggests – I just simply hate the giving it large comments from players – sure-fire recipe for looking pretty f**king daft somewhere further down the line.

  5. angryblackman3 says:

    I really want us back to how we used to be, was standard to be getting 3 or 4 goals a game and just owning teams. I am not a Giroud hater, but completely understand the frustration. We seriously need a champion striker, there is no shame in it Arsene. Imagine if we had the likes of RVP now! Not many would care about a DM at this point. (To hell with RVP) It has been really annoying losing majority of players that “we as fans want”, always seems to be options to elevate, but rarely take them. Also this not being able to beat United thing really has to stop! haha. Last season showed a little improvement and I am thankful, I expect a big improvement this time round providing Wenger will bring in one or two players to fill gaps. This will be make or break for Giroud and a few others, if we can just start bossing it and not having the classic anxiety hanging over us then Giroud could bang in 30+, I don’t think we will have solid confidence, champions confidence, until we win a major trophy. Then the Glory days of Arsenal are right back on. Come on lads, play your hearts out! COYG

    1. angryblackman3 says:

      I meant transfer targets being lost to rivals when I mentioned losing players we want

    2. Jim A says:

      Some people think it is the strikers job to score all the goals. Especially as our club plays with a target man upfront, the need to have others score is at a premium.
      Our forwards on each side of the target should be getting 20-25 goals a year as well as the target.
      Our midfield especially as Ramsey has shown it is his job as well to score. I would expect Ozil as well to produce 10+ goals this year.

      1. rd_gunner says:

        Ozil has to step up this year. With the current set of strikers, 10+ goals should be the minimum target for him.

  6. john0711 says:

    Sign Welbeck and it’s all over he’s average at best, but don’t worry the board are making a profit !

  7. SirKnight says:

    I like Martinez but we really need to give Everton a reality check. It seems that’s the 3-0 loss is the only game people remember against them, so we need to reserve those big defeats against the teams we suffered them from last season away and it starts tomorrow…

    1. Darwin says:

      you think people will remember good results achieved by Arsenal? not a chance, we are still reminded about 8-2 defeat. dont think a win will change the stupid “analysts” and other peoples’s mind. but its a start 🙂

      1. SirKnight says:

        Ridiculous how so many people bash Arsenal and it’s players as soon as something goes wrong, but I never hear how Wigan defeated City twice winning the FA Cup then knocking them out the following season, Utd finishing 7th after winning the league the season before with the same players, Chelsea winning nothing in the so called Special Ones return and same for Liverpool witth Suarez. Can’t wrap my head around it at all…

        1. jonestown1 says:

          Sirknight: Agreed, but we do a good enough job of beating ourselves up without the help of the media.

  8. forever-Arsenal says:

    Haha lol lmao rofl. That Debuchy. He is a real comedian. You can always rely on him for a good larf.

    I have an even better joke:
    By 1st of September we will have signed Khedira, Reus, Cavani and Nastasic

    1. Darwin says:

      where has DEBUCHY said anything about brilliance? he has expressed his excitement and talks about the squad, the players, the facilities etc. THE TITLE OF THE ARTICLE is giving you a laugh, not Debuchy…

      1. no sanogo no party says:

        I can also see the title of the article doesn’t coincide with debuchy’s comment.

      2. jonestown1 says:

        Darwin – Spot on and well done there, you got a 14-2 thumbs up whilst I pointed out the same above and got a 5-6.

  9. kelisjech says:

    Its painful seeing that we are the only team with a reputable top striker. I won’t mind getting Destro from Roma Wenger pls do something

  10. Gigi2 says:

    “But beating Man City comfortably at Wembley, winning our opening Premier League game for five years and grinding out a draw in a tough night in Istanbul is not too bad for a team that is not quite firing on all cylinders.”
    Wenger out!!

  11. No10 says:

    Are any deals pending on the ECL qualification I wonder…both in terms of finances and players ambitions. Tomorrow is huge, next Wednesday is even bigger.

  12. sanmi.marvellous says:

    I don’t doubt this squad. we need just 2 or 3 players in CDM, Defence and a striker. Then, we can explode to another universe!!
    Everton will bite dust tomorrow! For, now, 3 points is the most important.

  13. Enygma says:

    This page is full of cry babies who never contribute anything to Arsenal apart from bashing players.They get obsessed with certain player names and want them at Arsenal even when they have never watched them play.And they have never kicked a ball themselves.And we call them fickle!

  14. Ronny331 says:

    Debuchy is pinching himself and is like a kid in a candy shop with his new team mates around him.
    I love his temperament and enthusiasm already he’s won me round completely. He loves being a goner and wearing the shirt!

    In time though, (after we’ve played the top teams) even he will realise that a DM player and a better striker are needed. Hopefully they’ll be in place by then.

  15. rkw says:

    Jesus the number of people on this site downing the wenger kool aid is amazing…. According to forbes arsenal are the fifth wealthiest club on the planet but unlike other top teams we have one trophy to our name in last 9 years and a board and manager who pretend we are more like hull or Wigan when it comes to spending power….we are a football club and job of manager is to win shit and use the resources at his disposal to that end and we obviously have a lot…and the sad truth is most fans have not been hankering after wholesale changes just that if we sell quality players we should replace with equal or better and we need 3 quality players now to fill gaps that have been created by wenger by selling some of our best players

    1. jonestown1 says:

      Bit cocksure for such an ignorant statement. You need a bit of basic economic and business schooling there mate before spouting off. Learn the difference between “value” and “wealth” for starters then it should all click in to place for you. The Forbes list is an assessment of worth not wealth or cash or liquid assets etc. Try looking at the revenue figures as well. We have value in the business, the likes of Chelsea and Man City have less value but have massive wealth. These values are partly calculated by how low the investment risk is; Arsenal is seen as a good sustainable investment ie: a well run business. The total value of the Arsenal business is a very small percent of the loose change the Mansours and Abramovichs of this world carry in their back pockets. What is the single biggest reason for Arsenal being such a valuable business – in a word “Wenger” – see where we were 20 years ago. Another clue why Wenger has never been, or likely to be sacked.

  16. Ks-Gunner says:

    Some other dude said why so negative? I watched that other day that movie, Fever Pitch and that dude in the movie was almost exactly as some dudes i know of, he reminded even my self. Some things cant be changed, we can moan and betch around as much as we want but if there is no desire from the club then we fans cant do much about it. All i want from Arsenal is to try, i dont demand instant success but i want to see them try. I know we can do better, Coyg.

  17. rd_gunner says:

    He is still an upgrade on Giroud- works hard and tracks back, has pace to counter attack and can score goals. At 15 million in the current market, this is more than good. If we want better, we should be prepared to spend 50 million which we know wenger will never do!

    1. jonestown1 says:

      Jeez, the anti-Giroud thing has just hit a new low. Welbeck the scoring machine – goal every 5 league games and a best of 9 in a season.

  18. CraigZWE says:

    let’s take it easy tomorrow.

    Rather lose tomorrow than Wednesday night.

    1. SirKnight says:

      I rather win both and go on a winning run early in the league. 7 points off the top last season and every point counts…

  19. frazier says:

    Reus, manolis and bender!

      1. SirKnight says:

        Are you hoping or saying that’s who we’re getting?

  20. LoCkAy says:

    It is not about the number of games so far, but you look at the squad and you realise that if someone like Ramsey (for example) does not roll on for 50 to 60 games, we are f*cked…!!

    Liverpool is about to sign Balotelli and Eto…!! (smelling the hammering when we go there!!)

    What the f*ck is Wenger doing????

    Our squad is screaming for a DM and a CB…!!!

    It is not being negative, but we know what will happen again and again… We have been there before and it looks like we are going there again.

    We are obviously not aiming for the league (that is just clear and easy to see), so it would be nice to get some kind of statement from the “deluded one” regarding the objectives of the club.

    I know we need to qualify for the CL, so we won’t miss the rewarding cash (crucial) and we don’t have the squad, the players or the quality to even go further than the group stage.

    League wise, I guess we are looking to grab the “holy” fourth spot because, as far as winning the league is concerned, we have no chance, none…!!

    I was looking at the pictures of the squad training before the Everton game… And they all look like little boys… I mean there is no power no physical strength in the group (and it is full of injury prone players).

    I mean you remember the players we had before… Destructive, skilled and lethal at the front… Right now we have none of that, not even near…

    Right now, our anchorman is Jack “where is the ball” Wilshere… Lol (I don’t want to cry so I rather laugh). I mean it is a f*cking joke !!

    10 days left… I just cannot see Wenger bringing 2 players… But I hope he will have the decency to bring a CB (forget about the DM… He is convinced, in his deluded and arrogant mind, he does not need one).

    He is the only manager who does not scout the opponent… We are so great, that’s why…

    1. jonestown1 says:

      Gotta hand it to you Lockay – takes big, big balls to label someone “deluded” and “arrogant” after a rant like that.

  21. theMan says:

    I still have strong hopes that AW will make some proper signings so lets give him sometime and see what he does between now and the end of this transfer season

  22. Moreno says:

    Di maria is about to go to united
    Balotelli to liverpool

    city/chelsea are already top notch and these two are about to rival us once these deals go through…. who do we have?? Giroud? lol what a joke!!!

    Why didn’t he sign khedira a long time ago instead of going after carvalho? why not pay 50 mil for cavani before ibra got injured?? this old man is smoking the pipe again. oh well 4th place again in may

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