December suggests Ramsey is right about Arsenal momentum

The Arsenal and Wales international star Aaron Ramsey was a key figure in the victory over AFC Bournemouth at the weekend, earning himself the Man of the Match award from the TV pundits with a performance full of energy, desire and ability and having a big hand in both goals which gave the Gunners a vital three points.

But Ramsey knows that this was just the start of the comeback trail for Arsenal and if we are to get back to the top of the table where we need to be then the win on Sunday needs to be the start of a good run of results. At least Ramsey, as reported by The Guardian, the midfielder was sounding upbeat about the chances of the Gunners doing just that, despite the fact that out next opponents are the league leaders Leicester City who are in fine form and are coming to north London having produced a great away display to put another title rival Man City to the sword.

The Welshman said, ““It was important to bounce back from the results we have had of late. So it was important to stay in touching distance of Leicester. What they have done this season is quite remarkable but we have got to be right on it to get all three points. It was important to win at Bournemouth. Hopefully now we can take away this momentum and come away with a victory against Leicester as well. We are in a good position now and hopefully we can maintain this.”

Ramsey is not just hoping either, as he and the rest of the Arsenal squad have good reasons to believe that we can keep on building momentum after ending a run of four games without a win. They only need to go back a couple of months to remember the last time we did it in fact.

The five games in November saw Arsenal win just once and that was in the Champions League. We only took two Premier League points and people were saying that our title challenge was faltering but then we stormed back with three wins in a row and five of the next six, including the big game against title rivals Man City.

So we can do it and if the Arsenal players look back at December and believe they can do it again, will Sunday see us keep up the momentum with a win over the Foxes?

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  1. Our destiny is in our own hands! It’s just how hungry we are to take the opportunity to grasp it! Coyg!

    1. Absolutely, must start Coquelin!
      Equally important is telling Ramsey to work with Coquelin to control the midfield rather than taking away Ozil’s role as the attacking midfield!!!

    1. Flamini. Should not be on the bench
      he should be in the stands lol
      We have Coquelin, Elneny and Chambs

    2. Wenger always been justifying lack of getting new players by saying we buy a player if better than what we have OK right then this January transfer window he got El Neny and we we should expect him to be better than the ones we have WRONG ! Still in his view he is not better than useless Flamini. He did not use Le Quoc due to match fitness but yet refuse stubbornly to field El Neny and Flamini got yellow card after only 8 minutes !!! Useless became even worse. Look at Spurs which allowed Dell Ali to play and he is a star already , MU gave a chance to Bothroyd Jackson and he is in his way to become one of the best. Yet Wenger refuses to give a chance veto Jeff Reine Adelaide to show case his talent. Even in the last match he did not give chance to Campbell who have played very good when he was called in. I still repeat with Wenger in charge we never EPL or ECL, we are at the level of FA Cup or league cup nothing more.

      1. You should spend a bit of time actually learning about your club instead of slagging it off. Coquelin wasn’t match fit as you say, and Elneny was in hospital with his wife who had just given birth.

        Campbell has had plenty of chances and has played well in most of them. The Ox was given another chance against a side we were expecting to beat. As he scored and we won the game, it was hardly a disaster not playing Campbell on this occasion.

        Adelaide is very young and plays primarily as an attacking midfielder. Wenger has played him a couple of times, but is hardly going to start dropping Ramsey or Ozil for a league game we need to win after a run of draws. Fans like you would have gone mental if he’d played a kid and we ended up losing the game. I am genuinely amazed that someone is criticising Wenger for not offering enough chances to young players, given that he’s often been criticised for doing it too much.

        1. And why does he want to see Adelaide who hasn’t proven himself at the highest level ? If there’s a new academy player I would like to see more of it’s Iwobi

      2. I would say even a person with half the brain of a six year old will make better comments. To start with Flamini was part of the starting line up that beat Bournemouth 0-2, so what is your complaint. Coquelin was yellow carded in his first touch when he was introduced as a sub in the Southampton game, so what is your point with Flamini getting a yellow in 18 minutes. He was part of the team that beat Leicester 2-5 at their home ground as well. You always complain about rotation, and the manager does that with positive results yet you complain.

        Arsene allowed Fabregas to play at 15, Wilshire to play at 19, and lately Bellerin, so if he does not play Jeff he knows he is not yet ready. In the match that he came on as a substitute it was clear that he was not yet ready. Deli Ali has played less than 26 league and you are telling us he is already a star. How remarkable! When Wilshire came on stage at 19 he took Xavi and company to the cleaners but we hear you are saying he is rubbish. Wait till your Deli becomes a star before making a fool of yourself.

        As to the Campbell issue, you need to realize that a team plays with 11 players at a time, and the 11 players that were called upon did their job to perfection, so job well done by the manager.

  2. I hate it when a pLayer becomes a Manager’s favourite

    and even when a player is under-performing …..instead of being disciplined, is still being made a favourite

    The player in question becomes proud, cocky does what ever he likes on the pitch and thinks he own’s the spot forever

      1. Wish haters could see the bigger picture for once. With a disciplined midfielder besides him he turns into a beast. ANY attacking minded midfielder would struggle playing alongside Flamini that’s a FACT, Aaron had to play roles that aren’t part of his strength because no other midfielder was available, blame the manager NOT the player.

        When he’s given the freedom to move up and down the pitch knowing another midfielder can take responsibility for shielding the defence and keeping possession then he plays at his best. It’s not a coincidence when we beat Bayern he was in the team, when Bayern humiliated us he was out injured. Rambo is not a deep playmaker like Cazorla nor is he a DM like Coquelin, he was forced to play those roles in addition to his own because Santi and Francis were out injured and we had NO adequate backup. So who is really to blame ??

  3. lol the one thumbing people down?
    Too bad we all want you gone even after being our player of the season and scoring
    important goals against monaco westham and sunderland.
    Some of us will just never appreciate you.

    Maybe if you had chosen manure the story
    would have been alot different.

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