Decision time approaching for Hector Bellerin

Hector Bellerin might be compelled to make a quick decision on his transfer away from North London this summer. by Michael

Arsenal’s right-back, Hector Bellerin, keeps on being connected with diverse options to secure a move away from the Emirates Stadium this summer.

A strong contender to get the player’s signature is, with no doubt, where he sent his loan spell and also helped the Spanish team win the Copa del Ray for the first time in 17 years. Real Betis.

Spanish media source ABC de Sevilla have revealed that Bellerin’s agents are in conversations with Arsenal to end his current contract, even at the cost of surrendering all wages left on the contract. The report proceeds to disclose that Betis could need to offload some players first if they intend to sign the right-back on a permanent move, however the Spaniards’ representative is likewise searching for other options before the end of this transfer window.

Bellerin has been a decent player for Arsenal since he signed his first professional contract with the club in 2013, despite diverse loan spells in his career so far.

The Spaniard would in any case be a significant choice for Mikel Arteta, however it appears to be like the two parties are set on his departure from the club.

A journalist of BeSoccer Betis previously revealed that the full-back might want to drop the last year of his Arsenal’s contract to join the Verdiblancos on a diminished pay. The Spaniard spent the aggregate of the 2021/2022 football season on loan with the La Liga club.

Notwithstanding Bellerin’s aims to join Betis, his representative in all actuality does likewise need to search somewhere else for another move. As per Spanish media source ElDesmarque, Atletico Madrid and Arsenal have likewise started contact about an expected transfer for the 27-year-old.

Towards the beginning of pre-season for Arsenal, it appeared to be that keeping Bellerin at the club could be in Arteta’s viewpoints. During Arsenal’s first pre-season match behind closed-door at home against Ipswich Town on the second day of July 2022, Bellerin was allocated as the club skipper. Surprisingly, considering the Spaniard had been away from the club for over a year and has been bound for an extremely likely move away.

Where do you think Hector will end up?

Michael Banigbe

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  1. Not just approaching,fast approaching.we need to get all our deals done and i think guys like him we have to offload are hindering it as they’ve gotta be sold to create funds for the new incomings.

  2. Betis want Bellerin.
    Bellerin want to move to Betis.
    Arsenal are willing to sell to Bellerin to Betis .

    Now why are Betis and Bellerin complicating the deal? Come on Bellerin and Betis, pull your fingers out and let’s conclude this circus. We are nearly giving you away for nothing but even that is too much to ask for?

    1. @Goonster,I think you got the wrong end of the stick.uf anything Hector is doing everything to make this move happen.on a similar note , Leicester/Rodgers said that Kasper had earned the right to chose his next move after 11 years at the club, considering their financial situation and reputation as hard negotiators,that says a lot about their club.

      1. But Siamois, you are thinking as a logical person – just as Brendan Rodgers is at Leicester.

        I do think, however, it’s Real Betis who can bring this to a swift conclusion, by accepting the cut price value The Arsenal are wanting and the player’s offer of accepting a much lower salary and forfeiting his contracted salary at our club.

        1. Thanks Ken.I have to agree,Betis could do more to make this transfer happen , despite having been called not a real supporter for saying that, we can’t blame RB for looking after their own interests and trying to save themselves some money or can we?but one thing,I will not change my mind about is that I don’t see how Hector can be blamed or do more.

      2. You guys are funny. The usual suspects as always.
        So we should act like Leicester and just give Bellerin away for free because he has been at Arsenal for about 10 years? Haven’t we been paying him more than £100,000 a week for seasons now.. Who has benefited more from this relationship? Arsenal or Bellerin?

        And what exactly is Bellerin doing to make Betis pay up? Is he pushing Betis to pay up? Why doesn’t he pay for half of the tiny transfer fee we are asking for? If he and Betis are so desperate and working hard to get this thing done then why not put their funds together and get this over and done with?
        Or we should just give him away for free to a club that is desperate have him? I heard we were asking for about £15 million to start with but have halfed that about £8 million and Betis are still crying Poverty..
        You guys, Bellerin and Betis just expect Arsenal to do what in this situation?

        The contradictions in you people is just unbelievable. You have been crying since 2021 about how the club (Arteta / Edu) are a joke for giving away our players for free or for peanuts.

        One of the people that has replied to this comment has been the biggest whiner about the whole “Giving players away for free or for peanuts. That’s not how to run a club blah blah”. But then when it comes to Bellerin he turns around and attacks the club for not letting Bellerin and Betis have their way with this whole saga..

        I just can’t anymore with some of you..

        1. Well said. You have spoken very wisely. Some so called gooners are so good at flip flopping. These clubs want to keep taking advantage of arsenal when it comes to signing our players but want to play hard ball when we bid for one of theirs. Do any of you really think that real Betis or any other club for that matter just hand us any of their players for free just bcos they have 12 months left on their contract. The answer is hell no, so why should they expect Arsenal to that.

        2. Goonster, Spot on and well written !

          Why should ANY fan who TRULY loves our club MORE THAN, AND ABOVE, any particular player(as I have consistently done for well over sixty years ands will do until I die), prefer BELLERINS WELFARE TO THAT OF OUR CLUB?

          That is not the action of someone who TRULY loves our club.
          I should point out to those who are foolish that we fans ARE THE CLUB. We will be here both before and after all players come and go!

          We pay to love our club ; players receive obscenely high wages for agreeing to play for us. WE ARE the club , NOT Bellerin , nor any other player, past or present .

          As such ,it is the club WE love which most matters and Bellerin, decent human though he undoubtedly is , is surely a multi millionaire and then some! He will not starve whatever happens.
          OF COURSE he should pay us for agreeing to cancel his remaining contract, so that he can receive, no doubt, a high signing on fee for joining ANY club which refuses or is unable to pay OUR beloved club the fee we ask for Bellerin.

          Bellerin owes AFC far more than we owe him. We have paid him all his contract demands but his performances have left a lot to be desired. As also does his attitude to thinking he should be released for free.

          My sympathy and care is for those who have no house to live, in no bed to sleep in , no safe country to live in AND THOSE IN EXTREME POVERTY.

          And NOT EVER for self reliant multi millionaire footballers who are all spoiled rotten and ALL vastly overpaid!

          1. And right on cue, up pop the usual suspects who can’t, or won’t read other people’s viewpoints properly – but instead throw insults and try to SHOUT their loudest, as if that does anything!!!

            Try to read posts and digest what is being said, before ranting and raving.

            The Arsenal have every right to ask what they feel is the right transfer fee and if another club can’t or won’t agree with that fee, then that is their right to say no deal.
            Giving players away for zilch doesn’t come in to this scenario, but muddy the waters as you will!!

            Bellerin has every right to say where he wants to go next and if he has to honour his contract in order to do that, he ALSO has every right to do just that.
            What he earns has nothing to do with the situation regarding Arsenal and Betis, but muddy the waters as you will!!!

            Both parties will then carry on with the decade old relation ship, until next season, when they will part, I believe, on amicable terms.

            I stand behind both parties and believe that it will show our club has, finally, every intention to playing hardball and other players will see that their contracts will be honoured – a win win situation for all concerned… Well done Mikel and Hector.

            Contracts are given and agreed in irder to be benefit both parties, so please stop giving out this drivel about how much one loves the club and trying to say how much one loves the club more than other fans – it is pathetic and immature.

            1. This is what happens when one gets too dug in on their personal non objective narratives. They end up constantly contradicting themselves and when their contradictions are constantly highlighted they then spin and twist themselves into knots..

              Statements like this regarding Leicester letting Kasper leave on a free; “But Siamois, you are thinking as a logical person – just as Brendan Rodgers is at Leicester.”

              But when contradictory nonsense like that is exposed the same people get very defensive, sensitive, emotional and feely..

              You people. 👍

              1. I smile at the way you people enjoy spending other people’s money.
                Kronkie is expected to let any player leave, at a loss, because they no longer fit into the managers plans.

                Meanwhile, players are expected to give up their salaries, just so they can leave and the club save on said salaries.

                Such blustering and postering about how they love the club and are the only real supporters is so childish, it’s pathetic.

                You guys are fun to read 📖😂😂

                1. @Ken
                  Your contradictions will keep being highlighted.

                  “But Siamois, you are thinking as a logical person – just as Brendan Rodgers is at Leicester.”
                  All because Leicester released Kasper for free. You lot insinuating that Bellerin should be afforded the same treatment as Kasper.. smh

                  Then in the next paragraph you are agreeing with me..

                  “I do think, however, it’s Real Betis who can bring this to a swift conclusion, by accepting the cut price value The Arsenal are wanting and the player’s offer of accepting a much lower salary and forfeiting his contracted salary at our club.”

                  But it’s the same whiner that has been crying about how our club has become a joke for continually giving our players away for free or for next to nothing..
                  But then on every Bellerin Article it’s the same person arguing that Bellerin deserves to be afforded the liberty to move to his preferred club (Betis) even if they don’t want to pay up..

                  Cognitive dissonance?

                  I just don’t even see what you were arguing about in the first place. You just love to have your typical never ending negative digs at Arteta, Edu etc.. Even if your brain want to be somewhat objective you fight it and try to throw in your daily anti Arteta / Edu jab.

                  1. The only inconsistencies you highlight my friend, is your own.

                    Expecting a player to pay to be released and / or then take a pay cut to join the club he wants.

                    You live in a fairy tale world – unless, of course, you would be prepared to do that yourself?

                    Honoured to know you are reading my opinions with such veracity, shame you cannot digest what I’m saying though.

                    1. @Ken
                      The problem is that I am just allergic to contradictory nonsensical BS..

                      The same guy with a personal grudge against Arteta and Edu. The same guy that keeps exposing himself to be very dishonest and slippery..

                      You have been crying since 2021 about how you are not happy with Arteta / Edu giving away players for free / For next to nothing. “But but that’s not how to run a business. But but Arteta / Edu are turning us into a a laughingstock for giving away our players for next to nothing blah blah”.

                      But then the same agenda driven guy turns around and starts attacking the club, manager and Edu for not letting Bellerin and Betis have their own way.. Have a word with yourself mate..

                      The lack of self awareness. The irony in your Arteta / Edu ridden grudge ridden agenda is a sight to behold.. Contradicting yourself but then try to deflect / pivot instead of being man enough to acknowledge your contradictions..


  3. Arsenal should in anyway consider terminating @hectorbellerin contract and should take something from his ouster from @arsenal. No matter how poor Betis is, we must squeeze something out of them or we let him play for the reserves for the season and he can jeopardized his little chances of making the world cup.

  4. Betis are trying to avoid paying any fee. Can’t blame them based on the club’s (Edu?) Canceling player contracts and losing fees.

    Let Betis pay the fee over 2 years, anything but stop the cancelation of contracts.

      1. Durand, well said once again.
        But be careful, others will say you don’t love the club as much as they do.

    1. @Durand exactly, well said. Let them spread payment over 2 seasons if they are really that desperate to have him. Football is a business of money and not hand outs. They are beginning to take the piss.

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