Declan Rice has come to Arsenal to win trophies “I’m hungry, I’m ready”

Rice sends message to fans after joining the club

Declan Rice has expressed his enthusiasm and commitment to the club. The talented midfielder has delivered a message to the supporters, highlighting his privilege to be a part of Arsenal Football Club and his determination to help the team return to their winning ways.

The Englishman acknowledged the rich history of the club, stating, “It’s an absolute privilege to be a part of Arsenal Football Club. The history and the players that have played here speak for themselves.”

With new signings joining the team, the former West Ham man emphasized their collective ambition, saying, “And now I have joined, we’ve got some other signings as well, we are looking to get Arsenal back to the big time, back to winning stuff.” The midfielder’s words convey a strong desire to bring success back to the club and restore its position among the elite in football.

Rice also acknowledged the positive atmosphere within the squad and the impact of the manager, stating, “You’ve seen over the past few years how well this squad has been with the manager and there is a real feel-good factor around the place.”

Expressing his hunger and determination, the 24yo affirmed, “I’m hungry, I’m ready and I’m going to give everything for this club like I do week in, week out.”

Looking ahead to the exciting journey that lies ahead, the new man in the building added, “We’re going to be on some journey, so I’m looking forward to it.” This statement encapsulates the anticipation and optimism surrounding the club’s future, with Rice eager to be a key part of Arsenal’s resurgence.

In conclusion, Declan Rice’s message to the fans embodies his excitement, commitment, and ambition for Arsenal. With his desire to contribute to the club’s success and be part of their journey, the club’s faithful have every reason to be excited about the Englishman’s presence in the team.

He is very quickly going to become the face of the new Arsenal team. Fans can now feel good that at least the club has taken massive steps towards the direction where they want to see them going.

Writer – Yash Bisht

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  1. Yes 105 million is a lot of money, but do not underestimate what this boy brings.

    If you ever thought that Partey was an outstanding signing, Declan Rice will blow your mind.

    He has the capacity of being one of the greatest midfielders in the world if it isn’t cut short by injury, and feck me… he plays for the ARSENAL and possibly for 6 years.

    This team screamed for a player like Declan Rice and we finally got him, although it was pretty drawn out.

    I just hope he doesn’t get to a point where he thinks… what else can I win with this team because after a year of transition with the new players I see nothing but domestic and European glory.

  2. I was initially against buying Rice at that price. But his love and commitment for the Arsenal made me think otherwise.
    To have turned down ManCity, to insist on moving to Arsenal won me.

  3. This is certainly a statement signing, and one which I didn’t think the likes of City would let pass by. The guy is pure class, and what’s more looks to have a resilient body, as he seems to stay fit, unlike Partey and others. Also, he should be made vice-captain.

  4. Great signing by our team. Now can we get to sign a lethal, game changing No. 9..? We need goals if we are to challenge for the EPL and CL . The current forwards we have are not out and out strikers, except Nketiah. I hope Arteta is reading this. …..

  5. I personally accept Rice as a talented player who can transform the team awesomely. but at the same time you can’t expect one player to carry the the club to it’s destiny. Why want to sale partey who can partner rice in the mid to make that department solid. it will be a vast blunter arsenal will make perhaps.

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