Declan Rice positive that Arsenal “can achieve anything this year”

Arsenal should be optimistic that they can win it all this season after their triumph over Man City yesterday.

Although Kai Havertz and Jurrien Timber are expected to excel, all eyes will be on Declan Rice, the £105 million midfielder. Many would pin Arsenal’s performance on the 24-year-old due to the club’s heavy investment in him, trusting he could change their fortunes.

The Community Shield was the first time he was evaluated,” and fortunately, he passed the test. The Gunners had it in them to win, equalising in the dying minutes of the game to force a penalty shootout, which they won 4-1.

After the clash, Rice spoke to ITV as per the Express, in which he was asked if the Wembley win helped ease the pressure put on him. In response to the question, he said it made him feel less pressured, and he went on to insinuate that the Community Shield is just the beginning of what Arsenal can achieve.

The Arsenal No. 41 said, “Definitely. I feel like I’ve grown so much in the first few weeks that I have been here. There’s a lot of information to take in on what the manager wants, but I am eager to learn. Like I keep saying, I am eager to keep improving, and I am sure with the team that we have got—the manager, the staff, everyone sewn together — we can achieve anything this year. We just need to stay focused, stay together, and enjoy today.”

Interestingly, in the match against Manchester City, Arteta used Declan Rice alongside Odegaard and Thomas Partey in midfield; might this be Arsenal’s regular midfield? We’ll just have to wait and see.

A great way to start the season for all of us!

Darren N

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  1. A deep laying midfield three with Partey, Odegaard and Rice is a dream formation in the land.

    It’s a deep laying midfield that could propel Arsenal to win many huge mugs, it will tick like a clock when Rice is fully integrated.

  2. I would agree with Dec, if we had a proper striker. A proper no9. We haven’t got a Levondoski, Aguero, Benzema, Mbappe, Ronaldo, Haarland or a Terry Henry. I just dont see us winning anything with Jesus or Haverz up top. You need a reliable striker.

  3. I love Karma. What goes around comes around. Westham are finding it hard to replace Rice. ///By westham blabbing on the bids and the eventual price of £105 million that they boasted Arsenal had to pay for Declan Rice, has now come full circle to bite them. //Every team in the world now knows that Westham overvalues the price of a defensive midfielder and has £105 million to burn. So teams are overvalueing their defensive midfield players that cash rich Westham are interested in purchasing. //It will now cost Westham £50 million plus for an ordinary defensive midfielder Dont you just love KARMA. In the words of Gorden Gekko “Greed is good, greed works”, but unfortunately not for Westham.

  4. Reggie, the great allround strkers are eithe unavailable, too old or overpriced.// it would be great to have one good striker that could evade ever oppositions defence, and i understand your point, but Arteta has a plan for this year to add more strengh up front and he will be implementing a more tactical approach to games this year as he has many more options to share the goals amongst different players rather than one great allround striker that we cannot afford//For example. Arsenal “now” have three different tactical options up front.//First of all, Tossard is better at supplying our wingers opportunity to score and scoring from distance as well as inviting the wingers to run outside the wall against park the bus sides. He did well with his opportunity ( although a little fortunate ) with his mid distant shot against Man City as they were defending in numbers to hold on to their lead, he will give Arsenal lots of goals.//Second, i would say that Nkeita and Jesus is another tactical option and will score more goals when closer to the goal with timed runs( fox in the box type strikers) getting on the end of low crosses and quick one two passing movements as well as close control nearer the goal area, their high energy and goal opportunities will prove vauable against lesser opposition.// Our third tactical option upfront is the Rotation between Kai or Balogun playing as a Tall Targetman, to give us that needed physical strength upfront against stronger opposition defences, like the Man City game. Although Kai did not score, he did win all of his aerial duels with his back against a strong Man City defence, which also gave an outlet for Ramsdale against a high pressing team and worked well for the counter attack. He was unlucky not to score. The first shot was on target when the ball was actually played behind him and he had to turn and shoot on the blindside. His second shot was also on target but had to go through a Man City wall of defenders close to goal. Unlucky with both shots on target. That is why Arteta will keep Balogun in the hope he can rotate with Kai in these important big games. A Tall Target Man would cost Arsenal over £60 million, so it looks like Balogun will be staying unless they receive a bid of at least £60 million. Anyone disagreeing with that is either foolish or they are pretending to be an Arsenal fan in the hope that Arsenal sell him on the cheap.

  5. Havertz should be used to rotate with Odegaard as our AM ahead of Rice and Partey.Odegaard cannot play for 90 mins every match and at some stage his form will almost certainly tail off.It’s up to Havertz to grab the opportunity to play in his best position where he excelled in the Bundesliga .With Jorginho and Zinchenko also available, we have strength in depth in the midfield area.

    1. I don’t disagree in principle. If we keep Partey, we will have plenty of options within the pool to rotate our midfield. With Rice, Partey and Jorginho we have CDM covered. Havertz for Odegaard is an option but so is Trossard, ESR and maybe even Viera, although I am not convinced by Viera in open play. He is great with a dead ball though.

    2. Zinchenko is our main left back ,why would Arteta want to put him in in midfield?
      Didn’t he excel last season there and was one of the reasons we pushed onto second place .

  6. I think we will see a rotation in midfield subject to who we are playing. For the stronger teams we may set up with Partey, Rice and Odegaard with Havertz coming in if we are chasing the game. For weaker teams we may set up with Odegaard, Havertz and Rice. All the above when Jesus is back of course. I think Havertz’ best game was against Barca when he played in midfield as a left 8.

  7. We’ve got too many central midfielders. In my opinion, having more than two players for one position is a waste of money

    Hopefully the fringe and squad rotation ones won’t ruin our dressing room harmony

    1. Gai, there shouldn’t be much issues .. Jorginho and Elneny are only for this season they have just a season/one year contract. Pathey I believe his contract won’t be renewed because of his age. With all the signings Arsenal salary scale still less than ManCity, ManU and Chelsea by stats And there will be more resources going into UCL. Some players could still leave before end of transfer.

    2. I actually think we’re one short in central midfield in regards to DM/CM role.

      Partey – main starter, but injury prone
      Rice – main starter
      Jorginho – quality backup
      Elneny – decent backup, but very injury prone
      Lokonga – dreadful, and will leave

      So we only really have 4 for those positions once Lokonga goes, with 2 of those being injury prone. I guess you could say 5 with Havertz, but I see him more of an CAM than a CM.

      Now we have more options in defence, Zinchenko could be used in midfield, but Arteta has yet try that, even when the opportunity arose to last season – so I get the impression that he’s not keen on it.

      1. We’ve got more than three midfielders for one central position:

        CDM: Partey, Rice, Jorginho, Elneny

        Right AM: Odegaard, Vieira, Smith-Rowe, Partey

        Left AM: Havertz, Smith-Rowe, Trossard, Vieira, Rice, Odegaard, Zinchenko

        It’s based on the games they played for Arsenal and their national teams

  8. Funny how Aubameyang said arsenal is the only true club in London upon his arrival at Marseille after slagging us just a year ago.good luck to him anyway.😉

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