Who Would Arsenal fans prefer this summer? Declan Rice Vs Moises Caicedo?

Who Would You Pick? Declan Rice Vs Moises Caicedo? by Aziz Senzia
The current bunch of Arsenal hierarchy is known for doing their homework earlier when it comes to new signings. Credit to them, they have done that brilliantly and the rewards are evident.
We have seen how smartly they went about their businesses last summer.  They went for Jesus instead of Richarlison. They didn’t waste time picking Alex Zinchenko when the price for their prime target Lisandro Martinez went over the roof after Manchester United’s intervention with “mind boggling” bid.
In January, another prime target Mudryk had all but sealed his most talked about move to Arsenal before Chelsea with their new owners put that “crazy” deal and money and blew Edu and co out of the water. But in Trossard, Arsenal has signed a very good player albeit short-term (compared to Mudryk).  However, as per current statistics, he has surpassed Mudryk on almost all fronts except speed.
The summer window is only a few months away. Arsenal’s link to both Rice and Caicedo isn’t fading away. They are both fantastic players. However, Arsenal can not have both on top of what they currently have in the DM department.
So, for all Gooners out there, if you have been given a choice to sign between Rice and Caicedo, who you could go for and why?
Aziz Senzia
A Gooner fan from Tanzania

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  1. Neither will want to warm the bench as they are both behind TP. So I think we will get neither unless we are prepared to offload either Xhaka or Jorginho.
    I do not think that is going to heppen.

  2. Never really paid attention to how Caicedo plays, but Rice can’t boss the midfield

    Better forget them, because we’ll have Partey, Jorginho and Elneny for the CDM position next season

    1. Gai, for Arteta to want to sign Canceido before going for Jorginho he must be better than Rice in his all-round play. My take.

      1. Makes sense. Unfortunately, Caicedo just extended his contract at Brighton up to 2027 and there is no release clause inserted in the contract, as Brighton CEO mentioned

        So Arsenal would likely look for a more affordable target

    2. Arsenal should only make a move for Moises ceicedo reason being,he still only 21 years a typical replacement for Thomas partey who is already clocking 30 years, he can also be patient waiting for for his opportunities from the bench, offload Jorghino and Elneny , that’s all.

      1. He just extended his contract at Brighton up to 2027 and no release clause is inserted in the contract, so Arsenal would likely look for a new target after next season or try one of their academy products to be Partey’s understudy

  3. Neither of them. I agree with Graeme Souness and Roy Keane, who both stated that a top class central midfielder should have three main attributes and that Rice only has one of them. In other words, he’s great at snuffing out the opposition but he’s not creative at all and his goal scoring contribution is virtually zero. Caicedo is not much better in that respect. I would much prefer to have a “box-to-box” midfielder who excels in all areas of the field, such as Sergej Milinkovic-Savic.

    1. Yep, second that. Onana would be the one I would go after, a better all around midfielder in my opinion, and probably cheaper than the two mentioned in the article.

    2. Agreed. He needs to stop rolling around on the floor pretending to be injured but otherwise I like him. Big, powerful, good touch, tough tackler, young. We will never see another Yaya or Kante, so we are all just looking for the next best thing.

  4. From what I’ve seen caicedo normally plays box to box in style similar to Kante, whereas rice is a pure holding midfielder, who can gain a few yards with the odd burst. For me, caicedo could immediately challenge xhaka for a place (whether he takes it or not, in unsure) and I could see him providing decent cover for partey, whereas rice only does the latter. If its just between those two, caicedo would be my bet, but there’s plenty other midfielders out there

  5. I was wondering if Kalvin Philips might be a less expensive alternative to both, and as a regular bench warmer this season could be a good fit and probably keen to move on.

  6. Lavia, 19, Southampton, proper baller. Plays exactly like Party. Helped destroy Tottenham last weekend

  7. With respect Jax, as Pep is finding out, Phillips is not good enough for Man City nor is he good enough for Arsenal.One player worth pursuing from Brighton is young Evan Ferguson who looks a top central striker in the making.His display against Grimsby was impressive for an 18 year old ,and while I appreciate the quality of the opposition was poor, he could well develop into a top player in future.Interesting to see how he performs for the Republic of Ireland against France and Latvia if indeed he is selected.The more I see of Rice and Caicedo the more my enthusiasm for either wanes.In any event Brighton and West Ham will be very difficult to deal with I suspect.

    1. @Grandad you are a good observer sir. I thought I am the only one that recognizes his (Ferguson) talent. The young lad is a proper striker

  8. Declan Rice would make our team stronger there no doubt about that! Some of those careless goals we’ve given away. The defensive frailties we’ve had at times Rice would key in those situations. This has been a tremendous season for Granit Xhaka and I almost think that he should be Arsenals player of the season. Saka for me is the best player at Arsenal but the way xhaka has come back from a couple of season ago and his contributions on and I’m sure off the pitch has been nothing but remarkable! The point about xhaka is he maybe could play like this for another season or two. I think the idea for next season would be rotating between partey xhaka and another midfielder considering the games/competitions we’ll be playing in. We just witnessed not having enough depth to fight for epl and Europa.

  9. There are better CMs out there, I don’t think Rice has ever influenced westham’s game, Mitoma seems to influence Brighton far more than Caicedo, I really don’t see this guys in Arsenal, we need someone like Partey and I think Soton’s Romeo, Chelsea’s Chukwuemeka, even Toon’s Willock is on that path.

  10. Why does the writer assume we will want, or will buy,one or the other of these?

    He has no more knowledge of the intentions of MA and Edu than anyone else.

    I will not play a guessing game that makes assumptions that not a single one among us knows to be either true or false.

    1. It’s an article on a current Arsenal situation for us to read, debate, and give our opinions on jon. Quite simple really.

      1. There is a report in which Lee Dixon states Arsenal has zero interest in signing Declan Rice , but they are only using Rice as a Smoke screen, to really get Moises Caicedo.

        That’s a big shout out from the former Arsenal man and England international, have never herd of Dixon been accused of conspiracy theory.

        1. Gunsmoke, Forgive me for pointing out the obvious that you SAY “a report” exists , but you say nothing more about it, or where it is from , what outlet says it ,even provide any proof, other than your word that such “a report” exists at all.

          I doubt its existence!

          And even if such an unlikely report does exist, it is stretching credulity to believe that LEE DIXON knows anything about Arsenals transfer policy, other than his mere GUESS.

          1. The Mirror carries the story on 16th of March published by Josh O Brien.

            It was again carried by Football.london on the 17th of March, this time published by Sam Hill.

            Jon, Lee Dixon represented Arsenal for four years and was an England international for number of years nothing wrong with his opinion.
            Happen to share his honest opinion on the matter.

        2. I believe that this regime does put extra irons in the fire to purposely distract from certain targets. I would hazard a guess that this is Mikels idea after us missing out on targets over the years. Now I find it more difficult to predict a top/genuine target/rumor than I found it under Wenger’s regime. Dixon may have a valid point even if he’s wrong on this occassion

      2. Yes Jax. Would you believe me if I said I already knew that!

        My point was WHY do presumably intelligent people prefer to give opinions on a mere guessing game(which Aziz has acknowledged in his answering post)!

        We could just as well, and as fatuously, give our opinion on whether the stock market wil rise or fall tomorrow.

        THAT is no less related to Arsenal reality than Aziz’s article is!

        1. He’s just asking fans if they have a preference for either of the two most rumored targets of late. I have no idea why that would trigger anyone who has no such preferences, simple question. Jon, you are too preoccupied with other people’s opinions and less so with the actual football topics, you are very personally orientated

    2. Thank you for your comments. However, nowhere in the article, I mentioned for certain that Edu and co are going both or either of these players come summer. Though, it can still happen….transfer windows never shy of surprises!

      It was just a question…a simple and polite question to Arsenal fans, “IF”, it happens, what would be your preference between these two fantastic players…IMO.

      Nothing personal or certain here!

      1. Aziz If that is indeed the case , then pray do tell me WHAT exactly is the point of asking we fans entirely hypothetical questions?

        And why do you expect intelligent fans to take part in a hypothetical guessing game? I am keen to know your answer please!

        My point of view is INFLUENCED by my inability to understand why a few fans are interested in writing “what if” articles,whilst the rest of us, who prefer reality to fantasy conjecture, are concerned with what WILL BE or at least what is LIKELY TO BE.

      2. Nice read Aziz, ignore anyone that tries to put you down. They are not forced to read or comment on your article if they don’t want to.

        If they do, well maybe they are just like any other fan reading and commenting.

    3. I wish you would refuse to participate more silently. Your constant negative posts pollute this section.

      1. So lets get this right. You want me to REFUSE to participate more silently?
        I see! Duly noted and agreed!

  11. i am positive a new player/s will be brought in this coming summer but it is anyone’s guess who?
    one factor that remains still open is that Party, who has been a monster for us this season still has a criminal case pending against him so that will be interesting to see what happens on how it may or may not effect what is needed.
    Xhaka which i will eat humble pie and say he has been been immense for us this season will be a year older and slower….
    this is for the future but for now I am living the dream and seeing what the next 10 games bring us
    onwards and upwards

  12. Zubimendi or Milinkovic-Savic for me. Or Onana from Everton if we can’t get either of the first two. Rice is overhyped and Caicedo is too expensive for his current level. With Milinkovic-Savic you get a 6’4″ box-to-box international midfielder that’s half the price of Rice. I don’t know much about Zubi but he seems very popular.

  13. It’s very easy to know the gaffer targets and singings if one has a clear understanding of the modern game.

    1) We knows the gaffer like young talents with very high ceilings.

    2) Highly technical players, that sport huge work ethics.

    When one looks at the players below, they are clearly a few stand out in my opinion.

    Declan Rice

    The top two are versions of powerful midfielders.
    The latter three are ball playing midfielders who are superior on a technical level.

    Is in that latter three lays the gaffer choices of midfielders in my opinion.

    But I do like the Onana kid he’s the fastest developing midfielders have seen playing just now.

    1. GUNSMOKE You claim “it is easy to KNOW the gaffers targets and signings”!

      I say it is almost impossible to know those and that your admitted mere “opinion” (twice stated) is simply your guess. No more than that, at all. Either you know OR you guess.


  14. Jon Fox, as intelligent as you are, you seem to forget that football has so many hypothetical examples or situations. It’s entirely your choice to be in or not in.

    For example, no one can police Arsenal fans discussing the possibility of being champions after 19 years of trying come end of the season (it’s hypothetical, isn’t it?)

    However, I am very thankful to those who participated in this discussion, including yourself, Jon Fox

    1. Aziz we here are Canadian Arsenal fans. Will be travelling to TZ in April. Is there a club or pub in Dar where Arsenal fans gather? Please let me know. Thanks…

    2. Hello Wiggy,
      Welcome to Tanzania! Definitely, Dar es Salaam is going to be warmer than any city in Canada…😁 and I hope you gonna enjoy your trip here.

      Gooners here ain’t well “organised” to have our own venues/pubs to enjoy watching the boys/girls playing…however, there are venues/pubs to watch Arsenal games.

      Let’s get in touch,

    3. No Aziz, I do not forget. That is merely your own and incorrect opinion, not truth at all.

      I do however wonder why presumably intelligent people wish to indulge in matters which are hypothetical and have no real evidential basis in truth.

      That point of view is, is it not, my own legitimate point, which I am allowed to put forward for others to consider?

      Or would YOU deny ME the choice of free speech? Do tell!

      1. You tell Aziz he is wasting his time writing. But you then cry — Free Speech for me!
        Why not defend his right to write what he feels like?

        1. Sigh! Another false claim about me.

          I did NOT claim nor did I say, nor even think, that Aziaz is wasting his time writing. What I did say PRECISELY , in my original post, was to ask him why he gave us a mere hypothetical choice among his two listed players.
          That is how our debate started, Then he replied, as did I, and so on etc.

          I may be wrong, but I have been under perhaps a false impression, that true, honest and to the point fan debate, in not a snowflake language type of speak but honest plain speech, is the WHOILE POINT of JA?

          IF THAT IS NOT TRUE, I will leave this moment never to return.

          I will never be part of a “woke” site, where illiberal refusal to tolerate free speech reigns unopposed.
          Your decision, sir!

          1. Okay Jon you can accuse me of whatever you like. This site is here for fans around the world to discuss their opinions about Arsenal freely.But this free speech does not give you the right to continually insult my writers and other readers because you dont like the subject or their grammar.. And if you don’t stop it I will ban you. If you can’t says nothing nice then don’t say nothing, my mother taught me……

    4. Aziz If you are seriously trying to give an analogy of another hypothetical case, then your choice of Arsenal as being a “hypothetical” discussion as champions, given that we are eight points clear(albeit with City having a game in hand) and us being odds on bookies favourites ,is a very POOR choice as your intended “hypothetical” analogy!
      I reckon that , albeit privately, you will agree with that comment!

  15. Aurélien Tchouaméni has fallen in the packing order at Madrid so we can be cheeky and might get him or should go for youssouf fofana. Both are way better then over hyped and over rated Declan Rice.

    1. I really don’t rate either tbh and definitely not for what I would imagine their fees to be.

      I think we will get better value out there.

      Is there anyone coming out the academy of note for these positions?

  16. The time to start thinking and agitate for Arsenal to sign a new top quality holding midfielder hasn’t come. But will come after this season’s campaign has ended. And Arsenal have switched ON to next summer transfer window made to sign some few new top quality players to revamp. But for which they are currently in the switch OFF mode. As they are still campaigning to win this’ season’s Epl title unfailingly.
    But at season”s end, when they switch ON to next summer transfer market window to sign some new top quality players. They could revisit the Caicedo signing again. To see if Brighton who owns him will agree to sell him to them this time around. But not refuse again as they did when they refused to sell him to Arsenal last January transfer window.
    As for Declan Rice, he’s a good midfielder alright. But is he a true Arsenal quality? As he looks to be over .hyped. Look at his West Ham team. They are deep in relegation dog fight to avoid the drop to the Championship next season. So, what is Declan Rice protecting for West Ham as a top quality holding midfielder that it is claimed he is?
    As for me, James Maddison at Leicester who is a goals scoring and assists provider kind of holding midfielder will best suit Aesenal’s purpose than Rice in my own opinion.

  17. Typical of this site. You ask a simple question regarding who you would choose between two very good players and then another ten names are dropped. Thankfully no one will listen to them so it’s all hypothetical. Me, I think we need someone with experience, is professional, level headed and still young enough to fit into a new system. Easy decision… R.I.C.E.

    1. Don’t get so uptight Joe, it’s just people giving their opinions, even if they go a little off-topic.😃

  18. I do not believe Arsenal will fork out the estimated price (100 mil?) for Rice and Brighton will not let Caicedo leave, especially if they are in the Europa League. I think , and foremost, Arsenal need Saka and White backups. Olise and perhaps Fresneda, although the latter is too young. Then think about Partey back-up.

    1. You are right about the two players I have been thinking like you.fresneda even though young will have time to learn while White and tomiyasu keep playing in right back. Olise is a top young talent and cheaper less than £50 unlike today’s market where players are hyped. Failure we go for asensio available for free or cut price

  19. Caicedo, the back-up we really need for Partey!!!!!!

    Fulham’s Palhinha could work, but he gets a lot of yellow cards for his tackling!!

    Rice, would be nice, but I see him as a back-up for Xhaka, and we might be able to use Jorginho for that!!!!

    I would really like both of them, but I doubt “Kroenke Cash” stretches that far.

    So Caicedo would be my choice!!!

    However, WE SHOULD NOT SELL Tierney in the summer!!!!!!! In my view, that would be a real BIG mistake!!

    One other worry I have is, the lack of goals from Jesus and Eddie.

    I have not seen Balogun play in France, but was certainly scoring regularly. However, I keep reading he will sold in the summer.

    I must say I really like Troussard, but he is NOT a regular number 9, he is much more of a false 9, albeit one who scores.

    Do we really need a center forward like Osimhen, or his ilk?

    I guess Only Arteta knows that.

  20. Going forward, the likes of Jorginho, Xhaka and Trossard have a short use by date. The first two are easily replaceable. I doubt if any of those three will be able to contribute much beyond the 23-24 season. Any additions should be in the 22 to 25 age group so that they can blend in with the young talent already at the club.

    1. Jorginho and xhaka use their football intelligent to play the game and never known by their pace.. At their age and style of play plus nutrition +medical+lifestyle +injury history i think they can play until 35 plus.. Maybe another 3 or 4 years for arsenal. Sport science are soo advanced this day. That why messi, ronaldo, benzema peak at 35,modric and many more.. Another sport federer retired at 41. Djokovick still going strong(tennis is one of the most demanding sport physically)..

      1. Nonsense, Ok if you want Arsenal to slip out of top four but only time will tell. Xhaka is no Pirlo and Jorginho is no Federer type freak of nature.

  21. Defensive midfield players are well stocked with Partey, Elneny and Jorginho. I would prefer creative players from midfield with speed and power.

  22. Arsenal should not pay beyond £65 For any of the two . still there are better cheaper options. At the same time Arsenal FC can sign the two at less than £135 because elneny, jorgihno and xhaka have short furtures at arsenal FC

    1. Ander, did you miss a “million” or two in your post above? I don’t see many £65 or £135 players of note around, let alone that amount for two players.

  23. I think with the current style of play and adaptation, I better go for caicedo , because of his speech of play. And distribution

  24. Jorginho has 1 year left on his contract at the end of the season, he was bought for the here and now and is 31.Partey is 29 and is yet to go through a season without being out for at least a month. Eleneny is a domestic cup player and 31 in the summer & Xhaka is 30 and won’t be able to play Champions League & Premiership week on week. Rice would be an ideal signing as he’s 24 and Arteta has a record of improving players. There is no way we’ll be this lucky next season with midfield injuries. One final point, we have to keep Tierney and sell Nuno.

  25. Declan had a really good game against Italy yesterday, not so much so for Phillips, but he was quite rusty due to a lack of playing time. Let’s see how they go on Sunday.

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